Mentoring and Diversity: An International Perspective

The Pakistani Mentoring Partnership, an Excellence in Cities Learning Mentor in Birmingham UK

Asif Mukhtar [11]

Pakistanis in Birmingham

Pakistanis are now an integral part of a multiethnic Britain. They are the third largest ethnic minority group in this country and their number is estimated at 609,543. The estimated number of Pakistanis in Birmingham is 66,085, which makes 6.9 per cent of the total number of residents in the city.

Fifty-one per cent of the Pakistani population in Birmingham was born in the UK , and many more that came here from Pakistan as small children and have grown up in the city.

The Pakistani communities current socioeconomic position has largely been determined by its history of early settlement in this country. Pakistanis have largely settled in areas where there was a high demand for a migrant labour force prepared to accept low-waged, and low-status jobs. Due to the advancement in technology the Pakistani community has experienced mass unemployment.

The Pakistani community is one of the poorest communities in Britain. They have the highest unemployment, low educational achievement, and live in economically and socially deprived conditions. In order to improve this, Pakistanis need to work closely together to overcome some of these problems.

It is well documented that in Birmingham Local Education Authority (LEA) maintained schools on the whole, with the exception of Afro-Caribbean boys, Pakistani-background pupils performance was not good compared particularly to whites and Indians. Further work needs to be undertaken to find out whether these poor...


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