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ABB Process Automation Division | Network Switches
*The RuggedSwitch® RS900 is a 9-port industrially hardened, fully managed, Ethernet switch specifically designed to operate reliably in electrically harsh and climatically demanding environments. The RS900 provides a high level of immunity to electromagnetic interference and heavy
CCE | Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Services
CCE's strategic Engineering Design services (EDS) model is designed to maximize the benefits from offshore engineering, while mitigating risk. CCE creates dedicated teams for companies to focus exclusively on their tasks. Your offshore team works ONLY for you! A dedicated team alleviates
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Studies of the Design of Steel Castings and Steel Weldments as Related to Methods of Their Manufacture (Castings vs. Weldments)
01/01/1959 | Active
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Switch, Door Type IC/DM-1-( )
03/05/2021 | Active
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03/05/2021 | Active
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SECO | Computer-on-Module (COM)
COMe-C42-BT7 is a COM Express™ Rel.3.0 Basic Type 7 module with the AMD EPYC™ Embedded 3000 Series of SoCs. Networking and connectivity are
Inproheat Industries Ltd. | Evaporators
solutions for evaporative systems offer proven success in a variety of applications and industries. With thermal efficiency levels at close to 100%, Inproheat’s SubCom®-based evaporative systems can provide quick payback over traditional fluid
Acromag, Inc. | Computer-on-Module (COM)
Acromag’s XCOM-6400 COM Express Module provides a high-performance processor in a package that is small, light, and very power-efficient. Designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA, the XCOM-6400 is a Type 6
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Standard Test Methods for Polyurethane Raw Materials: Determination of Viscosity of Crude or Modified Isocyanates
1-15-2021 | Active

1.1Â These test methods (A and B) determine the viscosity of crude or modified isocyanates. They are applicable to products derived from toluene diisocyanate, methylene di(phenylisocyanate), and polymeric (methylene phenylisocyanate) (see Note 1). Note 1:Â Test method A...

Standard Test Method for Determining Aerobic Biodegradation of Plastic Materials Under Controlled Composting Conditions, Incorporating Thermophilic Temperatures
1-15-2021 | Active

5.1Â Biodegradation of a plastic within a composting unit is an important phenomenon because it may affect the decomposition of other materials enclosed by the plastic and the resulting quality and appearance of the composted material. Biodegradation of plastics will also allow the...

Standard Test Method for Determination of the Linear Coefficient of Thermal Expansion of Plastic Lumber and Plastic Lumber Shapes Between –30 and 140°F (–34.4 and 60°C)
1-15-2021 | Active

1.1Â This test method covers the determination of the coefficient of linear thermal expansion for plastic lumber and plastic lumber shapes to two significant figures. The determination is made by taking measurements with a caliper at three discrete temperatures. At the test temperatures and...