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Valve Type
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   Ball Valves       Ball valves provide tight shut-off and characterizable control. They have high rangeability due to the design of the regulating element, without the complications of side loads typical of butterfly or globe valves. Advantages include ease of operation and high flow, high pressure, and high temperature capabilities. Disadvantages include low cleanliness and an inability to handle slurries. 
   Butterfly Valves       Butterfly valves control the flow of gas or liquid with a disk which turns on a diametrical axis inside a pipe, or by two semicircular plates hinged on a common spindle, permitting flow in only one direction. They are used as throttling valves to control flow. Butterfly valves offer a rotary stem movement of 90 degrees or less in a compact design. Unlike ball valves, butterfly valves do not have pockets in which fluids may become trapped when the valve is closed. Advantages include suitability for chemical services, small dimensions, and high coefficient of flow. Disadvantages include low cleanliness and the inability to handle slurries. 
   Clamshell / Bin Gate       Clamshell or bin gate valves are used to cutoff, restrict, or control the flow of solids with a disc or gate that swings across the flow path. Some solids valves use inflatable sealing elements to reduce wear while maintaining a good seal. These valves are referred to by a number of names, including swing gate valves, rolling blade gate valves spherical disc valves, and double or single clamshell valves. 
   Control Valves       Control valves or proportional valves are power-operated devices used to modify fluid flow or pressure rate in a process system. 
   Double Flap Airlock / Flap       Double flap airlocks, flap valves, louver-type dampers, two-way flap valves, double butterfly valves are used to shut-off the flow of bulk material. The flaps can open sequentially to maintain the airlock between the hopper and conveyor or process unit. 
   Iris Valves       Iris valves function like the iris mechanism in a camera. As the valve closes, the material is pushed out of the way. On some iris valves, the mechanical components are enclosed in a flexible sleeve to protect against the ingress of particles. 
   Mixing Valves       Mixing valves combine the flows of two or more inlets into a single outlet for applications such as temperature or concentration control. 
   Pinch Valves       Pinch valves include any valve with a flexible elastomer body that can be pinched closed, cutting off flow, using a mechanism or fluid pressure. Pinch valves are full bore, linear action valves so they can be used in both an off/on manner or in a variable position or throttling service. Some typical applications for pinch valves are medical, pharmaceutical, wastewater, slurries, pulp, powder and pellets. They can effectively control the flow of both abrasives and corrosives, as there is no contact between metal parts and the transport media. Advantages: Streamlined flow, high coefficient of flow. Disadvantages: limited materials, low shut-off capabilities, low pressure limits. 
   Diverter Valves       Diverter valves change the direction of the flow of a medium to two or more different directions. 
   Dome Valves       Dome valves have a dome-shaped mechanism to stop the flow of media. They are used in abrasive and toxic applications. Dome valves also feature an inflatable seal to ensure tight sealing action. These industrial valves require little maintenance because they have few parts that wear. 
   Gate / Knife Valves       Gate or knife valves are linear motion valves in which a flat closure element slides into the flow stream to provide shut-off. Gate valves are usually divided into two types: parallel and wedge-shaped. The parallel gate valve uses a flat disc gate between two parallel seats, upstream and downstream. Knife valves are of this type, but with a sharp edge on the bottom of the gate to shear entrained solids or separate slurries. Advantages include the ability to cut through slurries. Large sizes are commonly available. Disadvantages include pressure limitations, lack of cleanliness, and low shut-off. 
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   Valve Size       Valve size is the designated size of the valve by manufacturer.  This typically represents the size of the passage opening. 
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Actuation Method
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   Manual / Hand       The valve is actuated (opened or closed) via a hand operated wheel or crank. 
   Mechanical Device       A mechanical device such as a float or cam activates the valve. This does not include powered actuators. 
   Electric       An electric actuator activates the valve. 
   Electro-hydraulic       A servo valve that produces hydraulic control in response to an electrical signal input. 
   Electro-pneumatic       A servo valve that produces pneumatic control in response to an electrical signal input. 
   Pilot Operated       A pilot valve activates the valve. 
   Pneumatic       The valve is activated by a pneumatic actuator or cylinder to open and close valve.  
   Thermally Actuated       The valve is activated by a change in temperature in the handled media. Typically, temperature and pressure relief occurs once a preset temperature is reached. 
   Other       Other unlisted, specialized, or proprietary actuation method. 
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