Custom Products

Artus Corporation offers custom manufacturing for these products:

Gaskets and Gasketing

Have a steel part you want cut? Simply send over the print, and we will program our CNC Laser to you specifications. It's really the simple! (read more)

Artus Corp. is a recognized leader in the precision manufacture of custom gaskets for every possible application, in any size and shape, and in whatever quantity is desired, large or small. (read more)

Shims and Shim Stock

For your custom shims, we create a tool to be used for your exclusive requirements. We are able to make these to the specifications dictated by you, the customer. We use relatively low cost steel rule dies, reducing lead time. Any shape, any size, we can make your specifics a reality. (read more)

Slitters and Slitting Equipment

Made from the finest quality alloy steel, Artus slitter knives are custom made to your design specifications to fit any model and make of machine for a wide variety of slitting operations. Precision manufactured to close tolerances to ensure razor sharp edges; Artus slitter knives offer you accurate repeatability and long-lasting wearability. (read more)