Custom Products

Custom-Pak, Inc. offers custom manufacturing for these products:

Industrial Containers

Blow molded fuel tanks from Custom-Pak meet EPA and CARB requirements. Our tanks are purpose-built to exacting tolerances, provide low vapor permeability and are extremely durable. Custom-Pak is the leading producer of small blow-molded fuel tanks with experience producing nearly every configuration, technique and application. (read more)

Packaging Containers

Blow molded food trays, freezer cases, chests, coolers and containers are found in many food processing companies and restaurant franchises. Our bottles, cans, pouches and displays are a common sight at the supermarket. Custom blow molded food containers from Custom-Pak give both processors and consumers the best value. (read more)


Custom-Pak provides blow-molded plastic wheels that are lightweight, economical and extremely durable. They are used on carts, tool chests, toys, refuse containers, lawn and garden products and in sports, recreational, marine and industrial applications. Custom-Pak can build the perfect wheels for your application. For smaller quantities, you can select from standard sizes (read more)