Custom Products

Deposition Sciences, Inc. offers custom manufacturing for these products:

Long Pass Filters and Short Pass Filters


DSI delivers the optimum combination of customized performance, reliability and cost to enable a variety of diagnostic medical imaging systems, as well as gas sensing applications. (read more)

DSI custom manufactures a wide selection of edge filters for use at wavelengths ranging from the ultraviolet through the long-wave infrared. The designs can be optimized for various performance characteristics, including high in-band transmission, strong out-of-band blocking, polarization insensitivity, and sharp transitions between the passband and blocking region. (read more)

Plate Beamsplitters

DSI custom manufactures a wide variety of plate type beamsplitters, including polarizing and non-polarizing designs, for use in the ultraviolet, visible, and infrared spectral regions. We can deliver beamsplitters for use at non-zero angles of incidence which are largely insensitive to polarization, as well as polarizing beamsplitters with high extinction ratios.  (read more)