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Groschopp, Inc. offers custom manufacturing for these products:

DC Motors

Customers can work with our engineering department to create a blank-sheet motor design for their application. This is ideal for high-volume applications with specific motor requirements not covered by a standard motor design. For some situations it can be more cost effective to start from scratch than to make modifications. Custom motor projects may require the customer to provide or pu... (read more)

When it comes to providing a reliable and cost effective product, Groschopp's quality ensured fractional HP motors can provide the best of both worlds. That's why when an OEM of automated smoke curtains designed to prevent smoke from traveling elevators shafts during a fire required a compact, right angle gearmotor, creating a reliable motor was Groschopp's top concern. (read more)


For design engineers in the process of selecting components for an application, the motor or gearmotor can be one of the more difficult components to source.

Groschopp uses 4 simple steps to lead designers to the best motor/gearmotor choice for a particular application. Download our White Paper (read more)

Automated prison door application challenged Groschopp engineers to develop a customized Right Angle DC Gearmotor that would stand up to testing at 1.6 million operations, and can produce a high starting torque to smoothly operate doors weighting from 200-1200 pounds. (read more)

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