Custom Products

KNF Neuberger, Inc. offers custom manufacturing for these products:

Diaphragm Pumps

KNF diaphragm mini pumps and compressors introduce highly customized "built-to-suit" pump solutions benefiting OEMs with a wide range of available features and options that can be specified to satisfy virtually any application demand. These mini pumps can reliably handle gases, take samples (even liquids in a vacuum), or evacuate vessels. (read more)

KNF Neuberger, Inc. manufactures standard and custom pumps. We are willing to modify a pump to exactly match your requirements, enhancing your design and possibly saving you money. Standard diaphragm pumps have been modified to meet a customer's design specification include logic-controlled BLDC motors, mixing of pump types, and many available accessories. (read more)

KNF micro diaphragm vacuum/compressor pumps are extremely compact with patented technology that guarantees high performance. Providing installation flexibility to design engineers, KNF micro gas pumps offer miniature yet durable and efficient solutions to transfer, evacuate, or compress media in the smallest of spaces. (read more)

KNF introduces it's latest innovation in dry oil-free vacuum pumping. This deep vacuum diaphragm pump reaches 375 micron (.375 Torr / 0.5 mbar) without using messy pump oil. These new KNF pumps combine a structured diaphragm and high-speed valve technologies with speed-control DC (BLDC) motors to provide a remarkably small package. KNF vacuum pumps are available from .25 LPM to 300 LPM (... (read more)

Liquid Handling Pumps

This custom pump is an example of KNF's capability to provide just what the OEM designer needs for his project. Powered by a dc motor with a custom connector, this pump provides pneumatic air supply and liquid detergent pumping for a portable floor cleaner.

NSF certified models available. (read more)

KNF USA diaphragm pumps, liquid pumps and compressors are offered to USA, Canada and Mexico visitors, and available within specific performance ranges. Visitors from other countries please visit (read more)

Vacuum Pumps and Vacuum Generators

Pictured is one of KNF's special vacuum pumps. Using 4-stages, it features high flow at deep vacuum, a versatile BLDC motor, speed control and other options. KNF supplies pumps to provide rugged, durable pumping performance in a wide variety of vacuum applications. For over 50 years, these heavy-duty pumps excel where other pumps fail and handle even the most difficult corrosive applicat... (read more)

This unique, corrosion-resistant, oil-free diaphragm sampling pump uses a speed controlled, brushless dc motor. Featuring solid PVDF heads, FFPM valves and PTFE coated diaphragms, it can handle the most aggressive gases without damage. It's two heads can be configured in series, parallel, or independent functions. (read more)

This oil-free pump is designed to provide a high flowrate for OEM aspirator and other applications using a compact package that generates over 100 LPM of free flow and vacuum to 27 in. Hg. (read more)

Where independent functions are needed, KNF will match a variety of pumps together on a common motor to save cost and size. Driven by an electronically commutated DC (BLDC) motor, this custom pump provides our customer with a vacuum and pressure source in a remarkably small package for their instrument testing assembly. (read more)

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