Custom Products

Kooltronic, Inc. offers custom manufacturing for these products:

Enclosure Air Conditioners

With sophisticated modeling software, comprehensive R&D services, a specialized testing lab, and dedicated engineering design teams, Kooltronic has extensive product development capabilities! (read more)

Maintaining an ideal temperature range is critical to the performance of battery energy storage systems (BESS). Kooltronic manufactures custom cooling systems designed to boost power storage capacities and increase battery lifespan for BESS. (read more)

From controlling test reagent temperature in blood analyzers to ventilating patient isolation tents and cooling MRI machines, Kooltronic delivers custom-tailored solutions for the equipment that supports global healthcare. (read more)

Unique specifications require custom designs. The experts at Kooltronic can support specialized requirements – from concept to production – to deliver a tailored cooling solution for nearly any application. (read more)

Fans and Blowers (industrial)

Kooltronic is uniquely qualified to manage all phases of enclosure cooling system development and manufacturing -- from fans and blowers to closed-loop, compressor-based refrigeration systems. (read more)