Custom Products

New York Blower Company (The) offers custom manufacturing for these products:

Fans and Blowers (industrial)

Our public webinar series will focus on helping attendees understand industrial fan basics. We will cover a variety of topics, ranging from introductory, intermediary and advanced levels based off attendee feedback. Each webinar is worth one PDH (professional development hour). An expert panel will be conducting a Q&A session at the conclusion of each webinar. If you have suggestions... (read more)

New York Blower's custom-engineered products are designed to exacting specifications. Designs meet specific flow, pressure, temperature, leak integrity, and configuration requirements. Specialty areas include: (read more)

Our field service technicians are trained and knowledgable on how to use our portable 3D scanner to model components in the field to within 0.0012” accuracy. This tool allows us to design & build replacement/upgraded components for any manufacturers' products. (read more)

Our engineering experience plus newly renovated laboratory combine for a theoretical and practical analysis of problems and solutions. We assist our customers with bearing analysis, stress analysis, shaft critical speed, resonant speed, thermal effect and other factors that can cause problems. (read more)

We can rebalance any manufacturer’s wheel/shaft assemblies either in the field or in one of our facilities. Every fan is dynamically balanced before it is shipped, from the smallest wheel to sizes up to 150" diameter and 20,000 lbs, using two in-house balancing machines. We are currently in production of a new facility which will increase our balancing capabilities. (read more)

In 2014, our laboratory in La Porte, Indiana was completely renovated to allow for expanded testing capabilities. It allows us to test any manufacturer’s fan assembly for a variety of needs and requirements. Tests following AMCA guidelines are routinely done on new designs or specific jobs for performance sound and vibration verification. (read more)

Customers can enter a shop number to access fan information such as drawings, specifications, curves and more. Other features include buying replacement parts online, using the Fan Law Calculator to see the affects of the changes in operating conditions, and finding your local sales representative. (read more)

NYB realizes that in the heavy industrial market, every job is unique, and each requires its own specifications and attention. For this reason, NYB offers a comprehensive range of customizable options to create the perfect heavy-duty fan for your job. (read more)

Starting January 2, 2019, New York Blower Company offers replacement parts and components for both centrifugal and axial fans to be purchased online. Benefits to online ordering include:

• Estimated ship date
• Easy payment via credit card
• Expedited shipping available
• Ship anywhere in US and Canada
• Simple reorder with an account (read more)