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A-J Manufacturing Co., Inc. - Portable FFUs for COVID-19 Patient Isolation Rooms

To meet the growing need for patient isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic, AJ
Manufacturing has introduced a portable reverse flow fan-powered HEPA filter diffuser to quickly creative negative-pressure isolation rooms in any permanent or temporary hospital environment. The unit comes on wheels for easy movement, connects to existing ductwork and plugs into a standard electrica... (read more)

A-J Manufacturing Co., Inc. - Hyper Accurate CFM Monitoring

New Built-In Probe Measures and Reports Real-Time CFM with Unmatched Accuracy (read more)

A-J Manufacturing Co., Inc. - Criti-Clean Ultra Fan Filter Unit

Introducing Criti-Clean Ultra: the new, more intelligent choice in FFUs, for easier clean room design and construction – with industry-leading output up to 1200 CFM! (read more)

A-J Manufacturing Co., Inc. - Laminar flow HEPA/ULPA filter diffuser

High-output fan-powered laminar flow HEPA/ULPA filter diffuser
The Criti-Clean Ultra FFU offers up to 1200 CFM output, low energy use, quiet operation, low 13.7” plenum height and constant flow/constant torque field adjustment. Available with built-in LED lighting. (read more)

A-J Manufacturing Co., Inc. - Stainless Steel Return Grille

The Series 550 Return Air Grille is styled to match the 150 and 250 Supply Grilles. The face bars are non-adjustable and available in either a horzontal position (H) or vertical position (V), factory set at either 0° or 45° degrees, spaced on .750″ centers. (read more)

A-J Manufacturing Co., Inc. - Flat Radial Pattern Air Diffusers

The FRD Model Flat Face Radial Pattern Diffusers have been designed to provide low aspiration at high ventilation rates, especially for clean room applications such as research laboratories, animal labs, food processing, hospital rooms and computer rooms. (read more)

A-J Manufacturing Co., Inc. - High Volume Opposed Blade Dampers

The S-44 Heavy Duty Opposed Blade Damper is used for high volume air applications. Nylon fittings are used to securely hold the blades in place and to keep them from rattling. The damper is of all welded construction and typically welded to the back of one of our supply grilles. (read more)

A-J Manufacturing Co., Inc. - Stainless Steel Long Throw Drum Louvers

The SSDRL Series Drum Louver Supply Grille is ideal for applications requiring long throws and also the durability and resistance of stainless steel. The louvers are pivoted about the rear of the blade and provide addtional directional control for the air stream. (read more)

A-J Manufacturing Co., Inc. - Maximum Security Supply or Return Grille

The SEC-3 1/8″ Maximum Security Grille is constructed with a 14-gauge steel frame and 1/8″ x 1/2″ blades on 1/2″ centerse supported by 14-gauge vertical bars on 6″ centers. Blades can be fixed at 0º, 15º, and 40º deflection. A 14-gauge sleeve, 1 1/2″ long for floor grilles, is welded to the face plate. (read more)