ATS Automation has promoted these products/services:

ATS Automation - Birkman Unique Turnkey Feeder Unit

Our feeder technology delivers tried and tested, one-stop solutions—of the highest quality, on time, and precisely tailored to meet your unique requirements. (read more)

ATS Automation - ATS SmartVision™ Software

ATS SmartVision software represents a significant breakthrough in cost-effectiveness, connectivity, and customization in vision systems. ATS SmartVision software is a highly scalable PC-based vision system that combines a high-performance, platform-independent vision engine with an easy-to-use standard interface. (read more)

ATS Automation - sortimat Workliner™ Tray Handling

The sortimat Workliner system is a next generation tray handler with an affordable price tag. It is ideal for feeding large quantities of fragile or delicate parts, at high rates, in a smooth way, and with high accuracy. (read more)

ATS Automation - ATS Cortex Vision™

An Integrated Hardware/Software Vision System. Complete Vision Solution; Camera, Lighting, I/O, and PLC Interface; Designed for Manufacturing. (read more)

ATS Automation - SuperTrak™ Pallet Conveyor

The ATS SuperTrak conveyor system is a revolution in high-speed pallet transport that delivers greater capability and flexibility, optimum performance, and overall higher return on your automation investment. (read more)

ATS Automation - Pioneers In Solar Automation

As one of the pioneers in solar automation, our capabilities in thin film and crystalline solar automation were key enablers allowing our customers to optimize cost per watt and boost efficiencies. We offer our customers complete capability from individual process modules to turnkey thin film or crystalline module lines. (read more)

ATS Automation - sortimat Clearliner™ Clean Room Handling

The sortimat Clearliner™ tray handler was designed to meet the most stringent clean room requirements in the industry. Whether in medical or electronic manufacturing applications, the Clearliner tray handler feeds delicate parts rapidly, smoothly and precisely to the production process. The tray handler can also operate in reverse offering the possibility of using the same machine. (read more)

ATS Automation - ATS Automation Vision Inspection Technology

Advanced vision solutions enable manufacturers in the technology sector to reconcile both competitive and regulatory concerns—the need for tighter fault detection and quality assurance (read more)

ATS Automation - sortimat Step Feeders

Less wear and tear on parts. Less noise. Guaranteed. The sortimat step feeder is used for correctly orienting and transporting small and large parts to a production system. The individual components are separated as they progress up a series of steps, then oriented. (read more)

ATS Automation - Conveyor-based Production System Case Study

ABS Brake System Success Story

Anti-lock brake systems are of indisputable importance for vehicle safety. They can be found in modern cars (read more)

ATS Automation - An integrated Hardware/software Laser Solution

The ATS Flexsys laser system is a cost-effective laser solution for high quality, reproducible laser processing in automated assembly lines. (read more)

ATS Automation - Specialized Knowledge in Automation Platforms

Our solutions are derived from extensive development of several different automation platforms. Whether rotary dial indexer or in-line palletized fixture transport, each machine type has its place in drafting a lowest cost solution to best meet our customers’ manufacturing requirements (read more)

ATS Automation - sortimat Jetwing™ Indexing Chassis

The sortimat Jetwing linear assembly system lets you switch to a new product virtually overnight. This offers significant advantages to the sector.The sortimat Jetwing™ chassis can be used to launch a new product on an accelerated schedule (read more)

News articles and press releases for ATS Automation:


ATS Automation Tooling Systems Inc. (TSX:ATA) ("ATS" or the "Company") is very pleased to announce that Andrew Hider has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of ATS.


ATS Automation Tooling Systems Inc. today reported financial results for the three and nine months ended January 1, 2017.


Bruce Power has signed a multi-year master tooling agreement with ATS Automation Tooling Systems Inc.(TSX: ATA) for the supply of automated tooling systems and related services for Bruce Power’s Life-Extension Program.


ATS will apply its innovative manufacturing methodologies and knowledge of the nuclear industry to assist Bruce Power. ATS’s relationship with Bruce Power has included co-development of The Bruce Reactor Inspection and Maintenance System (BRIMS) system.


ATS Automation Tooling Systems Inc. today reported its financial results for the three and six months ended October 2, 2016.


ATS Automation Tooling Systems Inc. today announced it has received an enterprise Order Booking from an industry leading North American-based medical device company for the highly automated manufacturing of their innovative drug delivery device.


ATS Automation Tooling Systems Inc. today reported its financial results for the three months ended July 3, 2016.


ATS Automation Tooling Systems Inc. today reported its financial results for the three and twelve months ended March 31, 2016.