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Abrisa Technologies - AR Glass - Display Enhancement - Coatings & Fab

Total Solutions by Abrisa Technologies are ready-to-install enhancement glass solutions for the Display, Scanner and Sensors markets. Total Solutions can be made from cut-to-order anti-reflection (AR) coated or non-glare (NG) glass, or damage resistant HIE™ aluminosilicate to exact specifications, have screen printed graphics, oleophobic or optical coatings applied, and film. (read more)

Abrisa Technologies - SCHOTT ROBAX Heat Resistant Glass

SCHOTT ROBAX® is a highly transparent glass-ceramic with virtually zero thermal expansion. IR heat-reflective coatings can be applied to ROBAX® panels, providing excellent infrared (IR) transmission while blocking harmful Ultra-violet (UV) light. Additionally, ROBAX® panels possess a high degree of resistance against thermal stress and chemical surface attacks. (read more)

Abrisa Technologies - Thin Glass (Alkali-Free Fabrication & Coating

Abrisa Technologies offers EN-A1, a highly transmissive, alkali-free thin boro-aluminosilicate glass that is ideal for highly sensitive bio-photo detection applications, high through­put sensor applications and as enhancement glass for thin displays and cover glass for micro arrays. (read more)

Abrisa Technologies - Ultra-Thin Glass Fabrication & Coating

Abrisa Technologies offers ultra-thin (≤0.4mm) technology glass for next generation devices needing miniaturization, slim formats, flexible glass, lightweight components, or bio or chemical compatibility (read more)

Abrisa Technologies - Bus Bars/Screen Printed Display Cover Glass

Abrisa Technologies is an industry leader in Bus Bar and display printing. Typical applications include printing gauges and instrumentation, display and touch panels, icons, borders, logos, lettering, and more. The screen printing department at Abrisa Technologies has recently been upgraded and now has the capability to large format screen printed optics. (read more)

Abrisa Technologies - Borofloat Durable Sight Glass Windows

Durable sight/port glass observation windows are available in either borosilicate (SCHOTT BOROFLOAT) or soda lime glass. Borofloat is an optically clear, very versatile glass that has excellent light transmission, thermal and chemical properties. Sizes up to 8" in diameter and 3/4" thick, can provide up to 25" in diameter and 1" thick in beveled rounds or rectangles. (read more)

Abrisa Technologies - EMI Filtering for Display Cover Glass

Abrisa Technologies is a vertically integrated manufacturer of heater elements and advanced display cover glass with EMI filtering. Value-add capabilities now include ultrasonic soldering of wire leads to screen printed and thin film deposited bus bars on index-matched indium tin oxide (IMITO) and anti-reflective (AR) coated glass. (read more)

Abrisa Technologies - Sensor & Scanner Window Coatings

Optical and image sensor use is on the rise with growing applications in industrial 3D metrology, machine vision, automotive obstacle avoidance, security and surveillance, document and 3D scanning, gesture recognition and other digital imaging applications. (read more)

Abrisa Technologies - Semi-Transparent Mirrors for Hidden Dispalys

The semi-transparent mirror coating is available on low iron soda lime glass for low absorption and on grey glass when a more opaque look is needed; as when hiding TVs, security, and surveillance equipment. (read more)

Abrisa Technologies - Wide Angle, VIS to SWIR Sensor/Scanner Windows

Abrisa Technologies, now offers high throughput efficiency Wide Angle, Broad Spectrum Sensor and Laser Scanning Window solutions for the visible 425-675nm (VIS), visible to near infra-red 425-1050nm (VIS-NIR), short wave infrared 700-1800nm (SWIR) and popular laser and LED wavelengths from 405 to 1550nm. (read more)

Abrisa Technologies - Hot Mirrors & Short Wave Pass Filters
  • High transmission for the visible light range
  • High reflection of infrared
  • Heat resistant borosilicate glass substrates – SCHOTT Borofloat®
  • Thin film dielectric multi-layer coating
  • Standard angles of incidence are 0 and 45 degrees
(read more)
Abrisa Technologies - Anti-Reflection (AR) & Non-Glare (NG) Glass

Abrisa Technologies offers an expanded range of standard stock non-glare (NG), anti-reflection (AR) and anti-reflection coated non-glare (NG/AR) glass and custom solutions, ready to be fabricated to your exact specifications (read more)

Abrisa Technologies - Non-Glare Aluminosilicate Glass
  • Extra-Thin & Lightweight
  • HIE™ Ultra-Strong & Scratch Resistant
  • Wide-Angle Non-Glare
  • Excellent Resolution
  • Reduced Fingerprint Visibility
(read more)
Abrisa Technologies - BOROFLOAT® UV-NIR Transparent Glass
  • Optical Quality Borosilicate Glass
  • High Transparency/Color Neutral
  • Broad Spectral Range UV-VIS-NIR
  • High Thermal Resistance (Shock & Gradient)
  • Crack Resistant to Sharp Impact
  • Low Thermal Expansion for Tight Seals
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Abrisa Technologies - Indium Tin Oxide & Index-Matched Indium Tin Oxide

Transparent conductive coatings are very often used in electro-magnetic shielding, electrical heating, and cutting edge display applications. ZC&R uses the coating material indium tin oxide (ITO) which provides for high durable coatings. (read more)

Abrisa Technologies - Color Correction & Temperature Filters

Color correction filters alter the overall color of light to achieve a specific color and sometimes to obtain a specific color temperature. Unlike plastic color gels which age and breakdown quickly during use, dichroic filters and color correction filters are designed to stand up to the heat and UV energy in high energy light sources. (read more)

Abrisa Technologies - UV Blocking Filters

Managing ultraviolet (UV) light exposure is critical in a wide variety of applications including some necessary to life. ZC&R has several standard coatings designed to manage UV light for a wide variety of applications. (read more)

Abrisa Technologies - Restrict/Reduce Light Transmission, Grey Glass

Increased privacy due to darker tint, may provide cooler indoor temperature if used as a window, may reduce glare, has a reduced opacity. Grey glass can be specified in various transmission ranges depending upon the amount of visible light desired to be passed or restricted. (read more)

Abrisa Technologies - Up to 6X Stronger than Soda Lime Glass PRO-NG

Abrisa Technologies’ PRO-NG™ 120, High-Ion Exchange (HIE™) non-glare aluminosilicate provides 120 gloss level glare reduction in an extra-thin, lightweight format with up to 6x the strength of standard soda lime float. (read more)

Abrisa Technologies -  UV-NIR Transparent Borosilicate - BOROFLOAT® 33

BOROFLOAT® 33 is a UV-NIR transparent borosilicate float glass with excellent optical properties and smooth low scatter surfaces straight off the float process. (read more)

Abrisa Technologies - Dead Front Display Panels - Backlit Glass

Abrisa Technologies provides Dead Front Panels for Backlit Display and User Interface applications, affording equipment designers greater flexibility in achieving the overall clean lines and sleek uncluttered aesthetics they seek. When backlit, the Dead Front Panel illuminates and draws attention to icons and alpha-numeric indicators as required. (read more)

Abrisa Technologies - AS 87Ultra-Thin Glass Fab & Coating Experts

SCHOTT AS 87 eco is an ultra-thin aluminosilicate glass with extremely high levels of bending and impact strength and superior scratch resistance. It is an excellent choice for use as cover or enhancement glass on low profile displays, touch sensors and other applications here thickness and weight are a concern. (read more)

Abrisa Technologies - Neutral Density Filters & Dark Mirrors

There are some applications for which the light used is too intense. In those cases a filter is often needed to apply a reduction in the intensity of the light without influencing the spectral profile. Standard neutral density filter designs are available for the UV, Visible, and IR bands and for a variety of optical density values. (read more)

Abrisa Technologies - Ultra-Thin Glass SCHOTT D 263® T eco
  • Lightweight Windows and Mirrors for Mobility
  • Wafer-Based Micro-Optics for AR,VR, Telecom
  • Optical Caps for Sensors and Diodes
  • Ultra-Thin ITO Heaters and Bus Bars
  • Biotech Sample and Slide Surfaces
  • Sunlight and Heat Resistant In-Cabin Displays
  • Low Profile Displays/Human Interface
(read more)
Abrisa Technologies -  HIE Strengthened Glass is Damage Resistant

High Ion-Exchange (HIE™) aluminosilicate glass is a strong, lightweight, colorless and flexible glass that achieves high levels of damage resistance for scratch, break, impact and shock combined with good optical clarity. (read more)

Abrisa Technologies - BOROFLOAT® Glass 0.7- 25.4mm in Stock

Abrisa Technologies maintains a large in-stock inventory of Borofloat® borosilicate glass in sheet sizes of up to 90” x 67” and thicknesses from 0.7mm to 25.4 mm ready to custom fabricate and coat. (read more)

Abrisa Technologies - Soda Lime Glass Custom Fab & Coating

Abrisa Technologies provides custom fabrication and thin film coating of soda-lime float glass. Soda-lime glass can be chemically strengthened to increase mechanical strength or heat strengthened/tempered to increase thermal shock resistance and mechanical strength. Can be machined, optically coated, chemically etched, sandblasted, colored, or laminated. (read more)

Abrisa Technologies - Flat Glass Custom Cutting & Machining

Abrisa Technologies provides precision custom machined flat glass components from prototype to high volume and OEM production. We can apply a variety of precision processes, individually or in combination, to any glass substrate. Cutting, edging, machining, grinding, polishing as thin as 0.1mm. (read more)

Abrisa Technologies - ITO/IMITO High Transmittance Coatings for EMI

Abrisa Technologies offers Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) and Index-Matched Indium Tin Oxide (IMITO) transparent, high transmittance conductive coatings which are extremely useful in EMI shielded windows for sensors and displays, heated outdoor camera windows, liquid crystal based polarization devices, and photovoltaic cells. Coatings done at ZC&R Facility. (read more)

Abrisa Technologies - Durable Optical Coatings on Flat Glass

Custom anti-reflection, mirror and filter coatings for use in medical and dental environments where demanding optical performance and harsh sterilization processes are often employed to prevent contamination of instrumentation. (read more)

Abrisa Technologies - P-Plane or S-Plane Polarization - AR Coatings

Very wide angle anti-reflection (AR) coatings for p-plane and s-plane polarization. These coatings support high throughput efficiency for broad angle polarization sensitive applications such as switchable Bragg gratings and spatial light modulators (SLM) used in laser beam steering, image enhancement, near-to-eye displays, telecommunications, and other low-loss wide-angle applications. (read more)

Abrisa Technologies - Precision Machined Optical Components

90% of Glass Fabrication requirements are unique, consequently when you require a specific transmission, size, edge, polish, or cleanliness standard or more for your product, turn to Abrisa Technologies to produce your glass fabrication components. (read more)

Abrisa Technologies - Flat Glass Screen Printing

Screen Printing at Abrisa Technologies’ Santa Paula facility is performed on either a semi-automatic printer or automated printer within a Class 1000 or 10,000 cleanroom. (read more)

Abrisa Technologies - Oleo/Hydro Coated Glass Resista Abrasion

Abrisa Technologies' CleanVue PRO™ is a severe abrasion resistant oleo/hydrophobic protective coating that repels dirt, dust, water, grease and oil, enhancing display glass performance and longevity. The (AR) coated cover glass is for displays used in high contrast, heavy use and/or harsh environments. (read more)

Abrisa Technologies - Precision Machining of Flat Glass Substrates

Abrisa Technologies can provide high precision machining of a broad array of flat glass substrates such as soda lime, borosilicate (Borofloat®), fused silica and quartz, Pyran®, Robax®, HIE glass such as AGC Xensation, Corning® Gorilla® Glass, SCHOTT Xensation®, and more. (read more)

Abrisa Technologies - High Precision Custom GLASS Fab & Coatings

Expertise in Coatings & Specialty Glass, and Custom Glass Fabrication. Float & specialty Strengthened glass, thin and ultra-thin, fabrication for shape & custom features, coatings for filtering, throughput, reflection, conductivity, screen printing aand value added films, and laser marking.
(read more)

Abrisa Technologies - Flat Glass Precision CNC Machining

Abrisa Technologies provides multiple technologies/processes to support your glass/optics shapes, surfaces, edging, and hole drilling requirements. Depending on glass types, thicknesses, hole diameter & edge quality; Abrisa Technologies can choose between CNC machining, opposed edge drilling, abrasive material removal or sandblasting to meet your specific glass fabrication. (read more)

Abrisa Technologies - Flat Glass Fabrication & Optical Coatings

Abrisa Technologies Provides custom thin film, coated & fabricated/machined flat technology glass & ready-to-install assemblies to meet application-specific requirements for fitness-of-use, performance & volume manufacturing. (read more)

Abrisa Technologies -  Glass Fab & CNC Machining Capabilities (Q&A)

A quick Q & A session about Abrisa Technologies custom machining capabilities for glass & optics. CNC processing & other glass fabrication equipment allows us to manufacture glass parts ranging from simple to the most complex. Notching, slotting, grooving, edge grinding, stepped surfaces, hole drilling, chamfers, circle grinding, surface lapping/polishing, edge polishing etc. (read more)

Abrisa Technologies - Flat Glass Components Gaskets, Tapes, Films

Abrisa Technologies offers convenient total solution services for the application of mounting tapes and gaskets to coated, screen printed and fabricated optical commponents. Well-suited for when parts need to be mounted, installed into brackets or require an environemtal seal. (read more)

Abrisa Technologies - Ultra-Thin Damage Resistant Glass Fab

SCHOTT AS 87 Ultra-thin aluminosilicate glass has extremely high levels of bending and impact strength and superior scratch resistance. Excellent choice for use as cover or enhancement glass on low profile displays, touch sensors and other applications where thickness and weight are a concern. (read more)

Abrisa Technologies - Screen Printed Graphics - Flat Glass Components

Screen printed graphic solutions for flat glass and optics components. Includes color matching, branding good feature resolutions, scratch resistance, adhesion and temperature, chemical and corrosion resistance. (read more)

Abrisa Technologies - Flat Glass Laser Marking

Laser engraving directly onto select coated or uncoated glass creates human readable, non-removeable identification and LOT tracking information for traceability without any added profile or chemistry constraints or concerns. (read more)

Abrisa Technologies - Thin & Ultra-Thin Glass Fabrication & Coating

Abrisa Technologies offers ultra-thin (≤0.4mm) technology glass for next generation devices needing miniaturization, slim formats, flexible glass, lightweight components, or bio or chemical compatibility. Glass solutions have optical properties well suited for imaging, LiDAR, scanning, control panels, displays and windows. (read more)

Abrisa Technologies - CleanVue PRO AR, Oleo/Hydro Glass Coatings

CleanVue™ PRO - Series of anti-reflection (AR) coatings combine improved handling, cleaning, water shedding, and robust performance with excellent anti-reflective properties making them ideal for displays and optical windows intended for use in "tough" outdoor, high traffic, or other challenging use environments. (read more)

Abrisa Technologies - High Performance Thin Film Optical Coatings

We provide coatings and components from 200nm to 20 microns, from the ultraviolet (UV) to the far infrared (IR). Additional thin film optical coating products include front and back surface mirrors, dichroic filters, band pass color filters, Anti-Reflective (AR), beam splitters, metal coatings, precision hot mirrors, cold mirrors, neutral density filters, and IR and UV filters. (read more)

Abrisa Technologies - Abrisa Technologies New Mobile-Friendly Website

brisa Technologies, a member of HEF Photonics, is pleased to announce the launch of their new mobile friendly Total Solution Partner website where users have access to the company’s expertise in Optical Thin Film Coatings, Custom Glass Fabrication and Specialty Glass. (read more)

Abrisa Technologies - Laser Marked Display Graphics on Flat Glass

Laser engraving directly onto select coated or uncoated glass creates human readable, non-removeable identification and LOT tracking information for traceability without any added profile or chemistry constraints or concerns. (read more)