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Advanced Poly-Packaging, Inc. - Huge deals on Poly Bags and Poly Baggers!

We have Poly Baggers in stock and ready to ship. Bag customers get 50% OFF parts, service and labor costs! (read more)

Advanced Poly-Packaging, Inc. - Quick Ship Packaging Equipment for Bagging Needs!

Advanced Poly-Packaging, Inc. has launched our Quick Ship program! We have machines in stock, crated and ready to ship! We offer many types of configurations and options for these machines. Login and start browsing prices and options today! We truly do have a system to meet ALL of your bagging needs and goals. (read more)

Advanced Poly-Packaging, Inc. - Reduce your packaging costs simply and reliably!

The T-1000 Advanced Poly-Bagger™ just got better! It's now available with our patented "Next Bag Out" printing capabilities. The bag that's being printed is the next one to be filled - takes out the guesswork and virtually eliminates mislabeled bags! (read more)

Advanced Poly-Packaging, Inc. - Highest Labeling Accuracy in a Small Footprint!

Virtually eliminate mislabeled bags with the T-375 Tabletop Bagger/Printer. (read more)

Advanced Poly-Packaging, Inc. - Advanced Poly Is Your Green Packaging Partner!

Advanced Poly-Bags™ are designed for the high-quality demands of packagers and consumers. We specialize in custom bags with a variety of features, color printing or barrier qualities but also have dozens of stock bag sizes ready for shipment. Ask us how blanket orders will save your money!

We're helping our customer... (read more)

Advanced Poly-Packaging, Inc. - Thermal Transfer Printer for T1000 Poly Bagger!

The latest print head technology with Zebra's Higher Performance series print engine. It's perfectly integrated into the bagging operation with touchscreen control over the entire bagging and printing system. Print barcodes, text, lines, logos & other custom graphics directly on the poly bag. (read more)

Advanced Poly-Packaging, Inc. - Horizontal Bagging at its Finest!

The T-1000 horizontal bagger perfect for shirts, gloves, hoses, ball caps, some foods or anything else that is difficult to package through a vertical bagger. Let Advanced Poly-Packaging show you how to let gravity do more of the work! (read more)

Advanced Poly-Packaging, Inc. - UC-2400 Vibratory Parts Counter

The UC-2400 Vibratory Parts Counter is the ideal solution for bagging fasteners, hardware, electronics or other components. The UC-2400 can count and package individual pieces or kits with the speed, accuracy and flexibility needed to get the job done and lower your costs. (read more)

Advanced Poly-Packaging, Inc. - Net-Weigh & Counting Scale - US-5500

The US-5500 Net-Weigh/Counting Scale uses cutting-edge technology for weigh-count verification of up to six numbered components (up to 10,000 pcs. per part number) all packaged in one bag. (read more)

Advanced Poly-Packaging, Inc. - UF-2000 Incline Conveyor

This flat-to-Incline conveyor transports loose or packaged product to table height, to check-weigh scales or to other downstream equipment. You specify the conveyor width and length along with cleat specifications to match your application. (read more)

Advanced Poly-Packaging, Inc. - Model US-5000 Netweigh-Counting Scale

Fast changeover is sometimes more important than automation, Advanced Poly-Packaging's US-5000 "Flip" Scale is the solution. Automatic scales typically require longer setups and are designed for longer runs. But the US-5000 sets up in seconds. (read more)

Advanced Poly-Packaging, Inc. - US-9000 = Fastener Packaging!

What are you bagging? Machine screws, threaded rods or hanger bolts? How about U-bolts, eye lags or kits? We specialize in engineering solutions for fastener packaging. Try our bagging machines for small and super-size quantities that will automatically and accurately weigh or count your components to prevent loss. (read more)

Advanced Poly-Packaging, Inc. - 3-in-1 Parts Counter/Scale

Never before available in a single machine, this 3-in-1 system includes a Vibratory Parts Counter, a Check-Weigh Scale and a Net-Weigh Counting Scale! Check out this system if you are bagging hardware, fasteners electronics or other components. (read more)

Advanced Poly-Packaging, Inc. - Towel Inspection and Packaging System

If you are packaging shop towels, bar mops, gloves, mop heads, microfiber towels, napkins, washcloths - virtually any small textile - Advanced Poly-Packaging can save you money!

Use the ST-1000 Towel Inspection and Packaging System to package 8,500 towels per hour ... with only ONE operator! (read more)

Advanced Poly-Packaging, Inc. - US-6000 Check-Weigh System

The US-6000 Check-Weigh System is designed to make sure your filled, sealed bag meets the specified weight that you choose. This exit system is essential for applications where accurate post-seal weight is critical. (read more)

Advanced Poly-Packaging, Inc. - UF-3060 Metal Bucket Hopper/Conveyor

The newest addition to Advanced Poly-Packaging's Ultra-Feed Series conveyors is designed for heavy duty lifting! We had fasteners, auto parts or other heavy products in mind when conceptualizing this machine. (read more)

Advanced Poly-Packaging, Inc. - Light Safety Curtain

The Light Safety Curtain is an important safety component for many bagging systems. (read more)

Advanced Poly-Packaging, Inc. - Self-Training Eye for Superb Count Accuracy

Manufacturers of fasteners and other products rely on the accuracy of product counts to please customers as well as avoid losses. While electronic counting devices are more reliable than the human eye, costly errors can still be made because most of them are still moderately dependent on human involvement. (read more)

Advanced Poly-Packaging, Inc. - Medical Packaging Bagger

The T-1000 Medical bagger incorporates all the features of the T-1000 standard bagger, including Touch Screen operation with "pop-up" windows, components saver, job save features, production graphs and troubleshooting technical support messages. The T-1000 Medical Advanced Poly-Bagger™ also includes options and features required for medical validation for seal integrity

Othe... (read more)

Advanced Poly-Packaging, Inc. - T-1000M/Preopened Tyvek® Bags on Rolls

Advanced Poly-Packaging gives you a better way to package medical products - with the T-1000M (Medical) Advanced Poly-Bagger™ and Pre-opened Tyvek® bags on rolls. (read more)