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ArKco Sales, Inc. - ebm-papst: Seat Ventilation

Compact and effective solutions from ebm-papst.

YES! We have the fan for that.

ebm-papst drives comfort in mobile environments! (read more)

ArKco Sales, Inc. - Lithium Bluetooth Series Batteries

Utilizing an intelligent Battery Management System (BMS) and Bluetooth® communication, the Power Sonic Lithium Bluetooth® series ensures you can monitor your battery status and localize any potential issues from a smart phone or tablet. (read more)

ArKco Sales, Inc. - Cosel: DIN - Rail Mount Power Supplies


One of the smallest case size in the world. The same has the Full Function Series, KH Series.

5-YEAR WARRANTY (read more)

ArKco Sales, Inc. - Techflex: Tubing

Industry Specialized Tubing for Medical, Dairy, Welding, and More! (read more)

ArKco Sales, Inc. - Switchcraft-Conxall: Sealed Data Connectors


Data-Con-X® Sealed Data Connectors will meet your harsh environment needs. All connectors in the Data-Con-X® line are IP67 rated or better. The Data-Con-X® line of connectors includes the following: HDMI, RJ45, Micro-USB, USB Type A & B, Mini-USB, and D-Sub. (read more)

ArKco Sales, Inc. - Noritake's: GT Products - LCD Touch Screen Modules

Compared to existing ITO touch panels, Noritake FLETAS® Metallized Projective Capacitive Touch technology achieves superior sensitivity. Noritake's FLETAS® Touch Panel has a greater signal to noise ratio than that of ordinary touch panels. This allows for the ability to operate with thicker cover glass and gloves. (read more)

ArKco Sales, Inc. - Bivar: Board Mount LED Assemblies

Bivar, Inc is a leading specialty manufacturer of Enclosure Hardware, LED Indication, and LED Lighting products and solutions that enhance the value of high technology. Bivar's products display practicality and are designed to meet the increased demand for new technology across a growing range of applications. (read more)

ArKco Sales, Inc. - Switchcraft-Conxall: Dura-Pull and Dura-Twist

Dura-Pull™ and Dura-Twist™ are extremely durable connectors made of nickel plated brass. Both connectors are IP66 or higher rating making these perfect for harsh environment conditions. Both connectors have a 360° EMI protection. Made in the USA. (read more)

ArKco Sales, Inc. - Laird: New Thermal Gap Filler

Laird Tflex™ HD80000 is the latest product in the High Deflection gap filler series. Tflex™ HD80000 combines 6 W/mK thermal conductivity with superior pressure versus deflection characteristics. The combination will allow minimal stress on components while also yielding low thermal resistance. As a result, less mechanical and thermal stresses will be experienced within your d... (read more)

ArKco Sales, Inc. - CTS: Frequency Control Products

As the first company to commercialize quartz crystals for use in electronics (1932), CTS has a long history of providing reliability, quality, and stability, low jitter and low phase noise performance in frequency control products. We have innovations in high-performance Jitter Attenuators, Frequency Translators, tight-stability and low-power OCXOs, and high frequency reference clocks. (read more)