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ArKco Sales, Inc. - ebm-papst: New Generation of Compact Fans

Our new compact fans may purr like a kitten, but they really roar into action when it comes to cooling. This is why we call them S-Panther. The combination of highly efficient GreenTech EC motors and new aero acoustic design achieves a significant increase in efficiency and lowers noise levels by up to 9dB(A). (read more)

ArKco Sales, Inc. - Switchcraft-Conxall: DC Power Jack/Plug Series

Switchcraft has the widest range of DC power jacks and DC power plugs in the industry. We offer waterproof, high amperage and standard connectors in a familiar, barrel connector design. Locking options are available. These products are made in the USA and are suitable for harsh environment applications. (read more)

ArKco Sales, Inc. - Quell: EESeal EMI Filterseals

EESeals® are a permanent, effective solution as an EMI Filter, Transient & ESD Protection and Grounding Planes.

Quell specializes in FREE quick-turn prototypes - call us before 10am MDT and you could be installing your custom filter into your connector tomorrow. EESeals® save money, save time, and are a proven solution! (read more)

ArKco Sales, Inc. - Bivar: Enclosure Hardware

An extensive selection of high quality products designed to provide precise alignment and component placement in all types of technology. Bivar offers: PCB standoffs/board supports, electrical component mounts/spacers/insulators, PCB card guides, ejectors/handles/inserters/extractors, and VME/compact PCI subrack accessories. (read more)

ArKco Sales, Inc. - Techflex: Heatshrink Tubing

2:1 Polyolefin

  • When economy is the driving force, Shrinkflex 2:1 heatshrink tubing is the answer. Not as versatile as a high shrink ratio product, 2:1 will still slide easily over small plugs and connectors and provide a tight seal in many applications.
  • RoHS compliant
  • Shrink Temp. 194°F
  • Flame Retardant
  • Versatile<.../li>
(read more)
ArKco Sales, Inc. - Cosel: MG Series DC/DC Converters

Cosel's MG series is a line of small DC/DC converters with high efficiency available in 1.5W to 30W. The 1.5W to 3W product available in a SIP-6, the 6W to 10W in a SIP-8 package, the 15W in a 1" x 1", and the 30W in 1" x 2" package. This small footprint reduces board space requirements. MGs are available in output voltages of 3.3V, 5V, 12V, 15V, ±12(24)V, ±15(30)V. (read more)

ArKco Sales, Inc. - Laird: Wireless Charging

Wireless charging coil modules and customized ferrite products deliver superior signal integrity and EMI filtering solutions. (read more)

ArKco Sales, Inc. - CTS: Specialty Resistors

Resistor Networks & RC Terminations:

CTS Resistor networks and RC terminations are low-cost resistor solutions for standard and custom circuit topologies including isolated and various bussed configurations. Our chip resistor arrays help save space and assembly cost, with fewer placements than discrete components. These leadless surface-mount resistor arrays feat... (read more)

ArKco Sales, Inc. - Cosel: GMA Series

AC-DC Medical Type Power Supply (read more)

ArKco Sales, Inc. - Power-Sonic: Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries


  • Compact and only 40% of the weight of comparable capacity SLA batteries. Making it much easier to handle and transport.
  • Extraordinary cycle life ~ 2,500
  • 2 1/2 hours recharge time with 12A current charge.
  • Safe and stable chemistry. The use of lithium iron phosphate greatly reduces the risk of comb...
(read more)