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ArKco Sales, Inc. - ebm-papst: New Generation of Compact Fans

Our new compact fans may purr like a kitten, but they really roar into action when it comes to cooling. This is why we call them S-Panther. The combination of highly efficient GreenTech EC motors and new aero acoustic design achieves a significant increase in efficiency and lowers noise levels by up to 9dB(A). (read more)

ArKco Sales, Inc. - Lithium Bluetooth Series Batteries

Utilizing an intelligent Battery Management System (BMS) and Bluetooth® communication, the Power Sonic Lithium Bluetooth® series ensures you can monitor your battery status and localize any potential issues from a smart phone or tablet. (read more)

ArKco Sales, Inc. - Cosel: PCA Series 600 W AC/DC

Cosel announced the release of the 600-watt PCA series of isolated AC/DC power supplies. These new PCA products are general purpose AC/DC power supplies which are 60% smaller than the Cosel PBA series. The new PCA series has digital communication via UART or PMBus. By using this function, CV/CC operation is easily available. (read more)

ArKco Sales, Inc. - Switchcraft-Conxall: Harsh Environment Connectors

Switchcraft-Conxall offers a large variety of sealed, watertight and waterproof connectors to meet your harsh environment connector needs. Our circular plastic connectors (CPC) are made in the USA to the highest quality standards. (read more)

ArKco Sales, Inc. - Cosel: DIN - Rail Mount Power Supplies


One of the smallest case size in the world. The same has the Full Function Series, KH Series.

5-YEAR WARRANTY (read more)

ArKco Sales, Inc. - Techflex: Tubing

Industry Specialized Tubing for Medical, Dairy, Welding, and More! (read more)

ArKco Sales, Inc. - Switchcraft-Conxall: Sealed Data Connectors


Data-Con-X® Sealed Data Connectors will meet your harsh environment needs. All connectors in the Data-Con-X® line are IP67 rated or better. The Data-Con-X® line of connectors includes the following: HDMI, RJ45, Micro-USB, USB Type A & B, Mini-USB, and D-Sub. (read more)

ArKco Sales, Inc. - Noritake's: GT Products - LCD Touch Screen Modules

Compared to existing ITO touch panels, Noritake FLETAS® Metallized Projective Capacitive Touch technology achieves superior sensitivity. Noritake's FLETAS® Touch Panel has a greater signal to noise ratio than that of ordinary touch panels. This allows for the ability to operate with thicker cover glass and gloves. (read more)

ArKco Sales, Inc. - Switchcraft-Conxall: Dura-Pull and Dura-Twist

Dura-Pull™ and Dura-Twist™ are extremely durable connectors made of nickel plated brass. Both connectors are IP66 or higher rating making these perfect for harsh environment conditions. Both connectors have a 360° EMI protection. Made in the USA. (read more)

ArKco Sales, Inc. - Bivar: IP67 Rated Rigid Light Pipes

Bivar has one of the widest selections of Rigid Light Pipes in the industry and has a reputation for providing high-quality, dependable products. Bivar's IP67 rated Rigid Light Pipes protect your system from harmful dust and moisture. With different color options available the PLTR series will have your systems looking spectacular while protecting your system from the elements. (read more)