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Armakleen Company (The) - Trucking & Transportation Case Study

A customer in the trucking & transportation industry was in search of a new cleaning process for their engine remanufacturing jobs. They sent us a water pump in dire need for a good cleaning. Our cleaning trial team used ArmaKleen 4 in 1 cleaner for this case study, and eight hours in an agitating immersion parts washer effectively removed all the soils. (read more)

Armakleen Company (The) - ArmaKleen Bio 24 Cleaning Trial

A manufacturing company sent us aluminum process components for a cleaning trial. The parts they sent were coated with adhesive, glue, liquid urethane paint, and urethane. A sticky situation to tackle, for sure! 5% by volume of ArmaKleen Bio 24 in a Spray Under Immersion Washer removed the soils effectively. (read more)

Armakleen Company (The) - ArmaKleen Aqueous Cleaners - Before & After

ArmaKleen aqueous cleaners are an environmentally responsible option to clean parts for your business. Check out these before and after images to see how well our products perform! (read more)

Armakleen Company (The) - Case Study: Losing Your Cool

Case Study: Losing Your Cool. A truck dealership needed to clean some EGR coolers caked with tough-to-remove soils. To clean them the cleaning trial team used 5% by volume of ArmaKleen 4 in 1 aqueous cleaner in an ultrasonic parts washer. (read more)

Armakleen Company (The) - #Marketsweserve Trucking &Transportation industry

Your business doesn’t make money while your fleet of trucks is parked. Our parent company, Safety-Kleen, understands this. They help over 10,000 Trucking & Transportation maintenance and repair facilities keep their trucks out on the road. We partner with Safety-Kleen to deliver aqueous cleaners this industry sector and provide environmentally responsible solutions to their cle... (read more)

Armakleen Company (The) - Free Cleaning Trials!

Are you confident your company’s cleaning process is solid? If you have questions, or would like to explore environmentally responsible parts cleaning options, please apply for a FREE cleaning trial today. Our experts at ArmaKleen will give you helpful suggestions to build an environmentally responsible cleaning program for your business that will also save time and money. (read more)

Armakleen Company (The) - #Marketsweserve Automotive

ArmaKleen’s aqueous cleaners meet some of the strictest standards in the industry. On our automotive specifications page, we have specification information for General Motors, Chrysler, and Ford. Safety-Kleen aqueous parts washers combined with ArmaKleen aqueous cleaners are the only aqueous parts washers to earn NASCAR PERFORMANCE designation. (read more)

Armakleen Company (The) - #Marketsweserve Machine Manufacturing

Machine manufacturing businesses need cleaning programs that provide a safe working environment for their employees, so they can operate at their highest performance & complete each job in a timely manner. We work with Safety-Kleen to help over 8,700 machine manufacturing customers with environmental services, including aqueous cleaning parts washers and chemistries. Would you like t... (read more)

Armakleen Company (The) - The Importance of NSF Certification

One of the most critical elements, and challenges, for the food and beverage industry is creating and maintaining a clean, safe, and sanitary environment for producing consumable products. Check out the Aqueous Cleaning Blog post titled The Importance of NSF Certification for Food Processing to learn more. (read more)

Armakleen Company (The) - #Marketsweserve Motorsports Environmental Services

Safety-Kleen, one of our parent companies, works hard to keep motorsports competitive. They are the official trackside environmental service provider for the biggest races in the world, and we are honored to be a part of the service they provide. (read more)

Armakleen Company (The) - #Marketsweserve Industrial MRO

ArmaKleen’s Aqueous Cleaners can improve Preventive Maintenance while providing a safer workplace environment for your employees. We have prepared multiple case studies to highlight best practices for using aqueous cleaners when cleaning parts for mechanical and equipment service facilities. (read more)

Armakleen Company (The) - #Marketsweserve Food & Beverage Industry

For over 50 years one of our parent companies, Safety-Kleen, has been partnering with companies within the Food & Beverage industry. They provide a variety of essential services, including aqueous partswashers and ArmaKleen chemistries. Today, over 3,000 Food & Beverage businesses take advantage of the expertise and value Safety-Kleen offers. (read more)

Armakleen Company (The) - Process Change for Effective Cleaning

Are your current cleaning processes meeting your Preventive Maintenance goals? If your answer is no, it may be time to reexamine your cleaning protocol. Take a look at the blog post, Process Change for Effective Parts Cleaning. In this tech article we delve into the key questions that need to be examined when evaluating your current cleaning program. (read more)

Armakleen Company (The) - Product Spotlight: M-100 BCR

ArmaKleen M-100 BCR (Baked on Carbon Remover) is a specially formulated low pH cleaner that performs like a caustic cleaner without the use of free caustics. It’s a safer aqueous cleaner designed to attack and remove baked on carbon, along with other heavy soils, from steel and soft metals like cast aluminum engine blocks and other aluminum alloy components. (read more)

Armakleen Company (The) - Case Study: Reman Used in Preventive Maintenance

As part of a reman process baked-on carbon, grime, and oil needed to be removed from the surface of aluminum forklift engine components. During a cleaning trial we found that a 10% by volume solution of ArmaKleen™ M-100 BCR at 160°F in a Spray-Under Immersion Washer removed the soils and brightened the surface of the aluminum parts. (read more)

Armakleen Company (The) - Addressing Parts Staining in Aqueous Bath Cleaning

Are you familiar with the term staining, as it pertains to aqueous cleaning? It’s when parts still have soils or oily residue on parts that have gone through the complete cleaning cycle. Learn how to address this pesky problem in our blog post, “Addressing parts staining in aqueous bath cleaning.” (read more)

Armakleen Company (The) - Product Spotlight: Rust Remover

ArmaKleen Rust Remover is a liquid phosphoric acid based cleaner designed to simultaneously clean and remove rust from steel and iron parts. In addition, it’s effective in removing flux, heat scale, and other oxides from steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, and aluminum. It can be used for hand wipe applications. For use in stainless steel equipment only. (read more)

Armakleen Company (The) - Case Study: Need New Paint? No Problem!

An automotive industry company needed a viable solution to remove oil-based paint from plastic parts. 100% by volume ArmaKleen Paint & Ink Remover used in an Agitating Immersion Washer removed the paint in about 15 minutes! (read more)

Armakleen Company (The) - …Helping the Auto Racing Industry Go Green

ArmaKleen aqueous cleaners are helping Safety-Kleen and NASCAR to achieve their sustainability goals. By using environmentally responsible aqueous cleaning solutions in the trackside parts washers, car parts are effectively cleaned without negatively impacting the environment. (read more)

Armakleen Company (The) - Product Spotlight: Paint and Ink Remover

ArmaKleen™ Paint and Ink Remover is a non-hazardous, low VOC and low vapor pressure cleaner designed to remove a variety of paints, inks, varnishes, adhesives and other coatings from many types of surfaces. It can be used in most types of cleaning equipment, including agitated immersion, spray-under immersion, ultrasonic, and enclosed spray cabinets. (read more)

Armakleen Company (The) - Case Study: Remanufacturing Ready!

Case Study: Remanufacturing Ready! A transmission remanufacturing company needed to remove oil & carbon build up from an assortment of stainless-steel conductors with plastic connectors and rubber gaskets. Due to the various substrates and the residue on the parts, this can be a time consuming and frustrating parts cleaning task. (read more)

Armakleen Company (The) - Blog post: M-100 BCR Tackles Baked-On Carbon…

Ultrasonic washing, abrasive blasting & other techniques that remove baked-on carbon from parts composed of steel alloys are not applicable typically to aluminum parts because of the possibility of damage. The best option is water with ARMAKLEEN™ M-100 BCR, an alkaline aqueous cleaner. It removes baked-on carbon without the large mechanical energy cost incurred by ultrasonic wa... (read more)

Armakleen Company (The) - Case Study: Baked on carbon be gone!

Does your company have to clean parts covered with baked on carbon? ArmaKleen’s M-100 BCR (Baked on Carbon Remover) tackles this soil with ease. Our team conducted a cleaning trial for a compression technology company who sent us stainless steel disks covered in baked on carbon & other soils. Using 10% by volume solution of M-100BCR in an Ultrasonic Washer for 30-60 minutes did... (read more)

Armakleen Company (The) - #Marketsweserve Cleaning Trials by Industry

ArmaKleen: Helping customers get their parts clean. Our team have prepared several case studies to show best practices on parts cleaning. You can search the cleaning trials by type, industry segment, substrate, or soil. Take a look today to see what ArmaKleen product, parts washer, and cleaning protocol may be a good fit for your current cleaning needs. (read more)

Armakleen Company (The) - Product Spotlight: ArmaKleen 4 in 1 Cleaner

ArmaKleen 4-in-1 cleaner is a concentrated, multi-application, multi-machine cleaning product. It was designed to work in manual parts washers, ultrasonic washers, spray washers and immersion washers. It can be used from 65°F to 180°F. (read more)

Armakleen Company (The) - Case Study: Removing Oils

Case Study: An edible oil manufacturing company sent us gears and injectors, made from mixed metals and coated with olive oil. They were looking for a better process to remove this greasy oil efficiently and quickly. Our cleaning trial team determined that 5% by volume of ArmaKleen 4 in 1 cleaner would whisk away the oil in under an hour in a Spray Under Immersion parts washer. (read more)

Armakleen Company (The) - Product Spotlight: ArmaKleen Bio24

ArmaKleen™ Bio24 is a bio-based, super concentrated, aqueous industrial parts washing cleaner/degreaser designed to be used in the automotive, industrial, military & government cleaning applications. Bio24 is formulated to work in a variety of parts washing equipment to remove soils such as grease, lubricating oils, dirt & other soils from steel, copper, aluminum & othe... (read more)

Armakleen Company (The) - Case Study: Clean & Environmentally Responsible

Case Study: a machine manufacturing company was looking to improve their cleaning processes while switching to environmentally responsible cleaners. They sent our team at the ArmaKleen Technical Center plastic connectors coated with cutting fluids for a cleaning trial. Our team discovered that ArmaKleen Bio24, used in an agitating immersion washer, cleaned the parts in 15-30 minutes! (read more)

Armakleen Company (The) - Want A Greener Way to Get Your Parts Clean?

Bio24 Offers a Greener Way to Get Your Parts Clean

As trichloroethylene and other solvents come under increased scrutiny for their health and environmental impacts, solvent users are left seeking more sustainable operating alternatives. In response, the use of toxic solvents to clean contaminants from metal parts has given way to aqueous-based options (read more)

Armakleen Company (The) - Automated Aqueous Cleaning Process

When attempting to answer questions about what cleaning solutions work best for certain applications and which are most cost effective, it’s important to also consider what type of parts washer (read more)

Armakleen Company (The) -  VOC Emission Enforcement Information

Ask Andy: Use of Aqueous Cleaners and VOC Emission Enforcement

Ask Andy: Even though I’m cleaning with an aqueous cleaner, I’ve heard that regulators can come after me for VOC emission enforcement. How can this be? (read more)

Armakleen Company (The) - Get your parts cleaned for free

Rocky Hill Cleaning Trials

Learn how to get some parts cleaned for free.

In support of our aqueous parts cleaning chemistry program, ArmaKleen offers free parts cleaning trials for our customers at our premier Rocky Hill Tech Center (read more)

Armakleen Company (The) - Foaming in Aqueous Cleaning: A Growing Problem

t’s not a new problem, but it’s one that is becoming more and more prevalent: foaming in aqueous bath-based cleaning. Foam can be caused by a number of factors, including the basics: not getting the bath up to temperature before turning on the machine; (read more)

Armakleen Company (The) - "Green Cleaning" and Higher Ed

Higher Ed Moves Sustainability to the Head of the Class

As more manufacturers are embracing sustainable manufacturing methods, technical colleges and universities are experiencing an increase in demand for graduates that can implement processes that incorporate methods of "pollution prevention", or P2 (read more)

Armakleen Company (The) - How Often Do I Need to Change My Cleaner?

If we asked you how long you’d like your aqueous cleaning product to last, you’d probably say something like “forever,” and you wouldn’t be joking.

In a perfect world, our cleaning solutions would last infinite lengths of time. (read more)

Armakleen Company (The) - How Exactly Do Aqueous Cleaners Work?

Earlier on in The Aqueous Cleaning Blog we took a general look at the different aqueous cleaning chemistriesthat are out there today, as well as the types of soils they can remove.

Now let’s take an inside look at how aqueous cleaners remove (read more)

Armakleen Company (The) - A Deeper Look at Aqueous Cleaning Techniques

A Deeper Look at Aqueous Cleaning Techniques

A few months ago we talked about the different kinds of parts washing techniques that are available, and when they should be used. Aside from basic manual washing (read more)

Armakleen Company (The) - What’s Titration and Why Should I Care?

When dealing with aqueous parts cleaning, it’s important to control the concentration of your aqueous solution in order to achieve ideal cleaning status and extend your bath life (read more)

Armakleen Company (The) - VOC's and Aqueous Cleaning Products

Getting Around Volatile Organic Compounds with Aqueous Cleaning Products

Before we look at ways to avoid or eliminate Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s), we should take a minute and define what VOC’s are. VOCs are basically chemicals that contain carbon and evaporate at room temperature (read more)

Armakleen Company (The) - Read This Before Cleaning Your Parts!

Which cleaning technique should I be using to clean my parts?

Before you can select the right parts washer, you’ll need to think about which cleaning technique is right for your parts.

To start you off, here are the most common cleaning techniques and when you should use them (read more)

Armakleen Company (The) - Aqueous Cleaners and the Soils They Remove

Parts cleaning is important – and necessary – to organizations that manufacture, repair, and maintain parts and equipment. So, it’s equally as important that the right products and processes are chosen. (read more)

Armakleen Company (The) - Is Aqueous Cleaning Right For You?

Armakleen has developed a broad range of information to help you find the best aqueous parts cleaning solution for your business. Every year we conduct hundreds of Free Cleaning Trials at our World Class Facility in Rocky Hill New Jersey. (read more)

Armakleen Company (The) - How Does Aqueous Cleaning Work?

How Does Aqueous Cleaning Work?

TACT – the essentials for aqueous cleaning

  • Temperature - Some cleaning agents in specific chemistries are designed to work in a temperature range, so if it’s too hot or too cold, it won’t clean well. Defoamers are also designed to work at a certain temperature, so if it’s too cold, the defoamer may...
(read more)
Armakleen Company (The) - Rust Inhibitor for Aerospace Applications


Silicated non-corrosive alkaline cleaner/rust inhibitor designed for aerospace applications. This is the product of choice when cleaning sensitive alloys like aluminum and magnesium. (read more)

Armakleen Company (The) - Why Aqueous Cleaners?

Armakleen has developed a broad range of information to help you find the best aqueous parts cleaning solution for your business. Every year we conduct hundreds of Free Cleaning Trials at our World Class Facility in Rocky Hill New Jersey (read more)

Armakleen Company (The) - ARMAKLEEN™ M-HP-2

Liquid cleaner/rust inhibitor designed for high-pressure spray applications. This versatile cleaner is very low foaming, oil splitting and suitable for all metals. M-HP-2 also meets a variety of specifications including MIL-C-29602. (read more)

Armakleen Company (The) - ARMAKLEEN™ M-RP- Rust Inhibitor

Patented aqueous rust preventative designed to provide additional temporary rust protection on most metals. Can be used in all aqueous cleaning equipment applications. (read more)

Armakleen Company (The) - ARMAKLEEN™ M-Defoamer HD

A truly effective defoamer additive for suppressing foam in aqueous cleaning baths. (read more)