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Automation24, Inc. - Radar level transmitters from VEGA

Having reliable instrumentation is essential for a successful brewing application. (read more)

Automation24, Inc. - Compressed air meters for air monitoring

at Automation24 you will find many products for secondary processes in food processing such as compressed air meters for compressed air monitoring and vibration sensors for vibration monitoring of your pumps. (read more)

Automation24, Inc. - Automation technology for the food industry

In food production, we need automation solutions that meet precise quality standards. But what qualities and standards matter most? And which of our products are perfect for your industry? Find out right here! (read more)

Automation24, Inc. - Need help selecting the right surface mount light 

These innovative LED lights offer exceptional illumination, energy efficiency, durability, and versatility, making them an ideal lighting solution for CNC machines. By enhancing visibility, reducing downtime, and improving overall productivity, the TUBELED-40 lights contribute to the optimization of CNC operations. (read more)

Automation24, Inc. - Surface mount lights for CNC applications

Investing in LED2WORK TUBELED 40 lights offers long-term cost savings for CNC applications. Their energy efficiency significantly reduces electricity consumption, leading to lower operational expenses. The extended lifespan of LEDs minimizes the need for frequent replacements, reducing maintenance costs. (read more)

Automation24, Inc. - High-Quality control cabinets from Allied Moulded

At Automation24, you can find high-quality control cabinets from Allied Moulded in stock now! (read more)

Automation24, Inc. - Photoelectric sensors built for every application

Automation24 offers you photoelectric sensors built for every application from the experienced manufacturer Leuze. (read more)

Automation24, Inc. - Stack lights for control and safety

Stack lights are extremely useful for monitoring current machine condition and alerting operators to current operating status. (read more)

Automation24, Inc. - Tight protection with EVF M12 sensor cables!

EVF M12 sensor cables from IFM offer quick and easy commissioning, rugged construction and water and dust ingress protection. This is crucial when it comes to food and beverage application! The permanent and reliable sealing makes the EVF M12 cables perfect for use in sanitary and wet areas in the food industry. (read more)

Automation24, Inc. - Capacitive sensors- your key to reliable detection

Capacitive sensors from ifm are a reliable source for detection of different media throughout your application. (read more)

Automation24, Inc. - Label printing on-the-go from Brother!

Handheld label printers from Brother offer a USB interface to communicate with the P-touch editor software, as well as shortcut keys on the device itself, a full qwerty keyboard and LCD display. Creating labels in an on-the-go work environment makes a clean and organized look easier than ever! (read more)

Automation24, Inc. - Application protection with key operated switches

Key operated switches offer application protection by only allowing authorized persons with a respective key access to starting/stopping operations. (read more)

Automation24, Inc. - Flow measurement made easy with Picomag!

The Picomag electromagnetic flow meter from Endress+Hauser is an electromagnetic flow meter suitable for many applications in the measurement and monitoring of conductive liquids, often used in auxiliary and utilities circuits. The space-saving Picomag enables quick and easy commissioning via the SmartBlue app using any Bluetooth-capable smartphone or tablet. (read more)

Automation24, Inc. - Powerful protection for your power supply

Surge protectors are essential for power supply protection. These units can shunt the damaging excess voltage to your machine and keep your devices up and running without interference. (read more)

Automation24, Inc. - Ultrasonic sensors for contact-free detection

Are you looking for a contact-free way to detect object position or substance levels? Automation24 has the solution for you with our catalog of ultrasonic sensors. (read more)

Automation24, Inc. - Data loggers for secure recording from E+H!

The data loggers from Endress+Hauser are used to securely record and visualize all process sequences. With data management from Endress+Hauser, every measured value counts! (read more)

Automation24, Inc. - Safeguarding hazardous areas with light curtains

Find out why safety light curtains are the ideal solution, which important selection criteria and installation instructions you should take into account and why you should choose the Datalogic SG4 BASE series for your safety application. (read more)

Automation24, Inc. - Superior control with temperature transmitters

Temperature transmitters with a variety of probe lengths, temperature ranges, process connections and display styles available now at Automation24. (read more)

Automation24, Inc. - Timer relays: ultimate function control

Timer relays are essential for applications in automation technology, control technology and building automation technology. Timer relays allow you to delay actions on or off, extend sensor signals and execute switching commands at offset times. (read more)

Automation24, Inc. - Solution for liquid and gas pressure measurement

Pressure gauges are vital for detecting the physical pressure of liquids or gases in a variety of applications. (read more)

Automation24, Inc. - Magnetic must-have for sanitary applications

Magnetic sensors offer magnet detection through a variety of materials. All metal housing and extremely long sensing range makes these sensors perfect for most applications, especially in the food and beverage industry. (read more)

Automation24, Inc. - Point level detection for bulk solids from E+H!

The Minicap capacitance point level detectors from Endress+Hauser are a simple cable probe solution for point level detection in bulk solids (read more)

Automation24, Inc. - Industrial Connector- key to connection technology

Connectors are important by which electrical cables can be connected or disconnected or sensors connected. When connectors are used in industry, the application conditions have to be observed for them just like for sensor and connection cables. (read more)

Automation24, Inc. - Mission critical: Application Safety

Implementing modern safety technology can save your application from safety events that lead to unplanned downtime or even serious injury. Automation24’s catalog of safety technology helps you to create a safe and productive work environment. (read more)

Automation24, Inc. - Introducing Beijer Electronics at Automation24!

Introducing Beijer Electronics to the Automation24 catalog. Beijer has been helping the automation industry for over 40 years to meet all challenges though leading-edge solutions! (read more)

Automation24, Inc. - Coupling relays for switching high power circuits

Coupling relays, used for indirect separation of the control and main circuits, allow switching and input signals to be coupled despite different voltages. (read more)

Automation24, Inc. - Gas and liquid monitoring technology built to last

Flow sensors, also known as flow monitors or flow switches, are useful monitoring devices. The different measurement principles ensure precise monitoring for both liquids and gases, making them essential for: monitoring in ventilation systems and/or suction operations, flow presence in cooling circuits on machine tools, and run dry protection for pumps in compressors and heat exchangers. (read more)

Automation24, Inc. - Cylinder sensors- indispensable little helpers

Cylinder sensors rest in the T-slot of a cylinder and are mechanically fixed to detect the end positions of the piston in the cylinder. Their high switching frequencies, mechanical robustness, and easy handling makes them indispensable to control production for a variety of industries. (read more)

Automation24, Inc. - Temperature monitors- vital for process automation

From the food industry to automotive manufacturing, temperature monitors play an integral role in process automation. (read more)

Automation24, Inc. - Compact machine lighting solutions from LED2WORK

Discover the compact machine lights from LED2WORK to overcome tight mounting constraints. (read more)

Automation24, Inc. - Compact Motor Starters- vital motor protection

Motor protection is a vital component of machine automation, as all work accomplished by your machine is done by outputs. Not only do motors often require a contactor to switch higher levels of current, but they also need protection to ensure overloading does not occur. (read more)

Automation24, Inc. - Advanced position and speed detection

Unlike simple position sensors that can only provide feedback on instantaneous position, motion sensors can provide more in-depth signals, like average speed and direction traveled. (read more)

Automation24, Inc. - Monitoring relays - Protection for every plant

Monitoring relays are used for current-dependent overload protection in the main circuit, and thus for the protection of any kind of machine or installation. (read more)

Automation24, Inc. - The Ideal Drive Solution for Motion Applications

SINAMICS V20 variable frequency drives with Web server module from Siemens. (read more)

Automation24, Inc. - Precise work area with industrial lighting!

Create a comfortable and precise work area with industrial lighting! Exceptionally high-quality industrial lights with LEDs should meet various requirements, among them long life, energy efficiency, powerful light output, and sufficient protection. (read more)

Automation24, Inc. - Operating principle of photoelectric sensors

Photoelectric sensors function as position sensors, detecting objects by interrupting or reflecting their own light beams. (read more)

Automation24, Inc. - Siemens SIRIUS ACT pushbuttons

Reliable, stylish, high-performance: from pushbuttons to indicator lights. (read more)

Automation24, Inc. - Laser sensors: superior optical performance

Laser sensors implement time-of-flight technology to make extremely long sensing ranges with reliable background suppression possible. (read more)

Automation24, Inc. - Transformers from Acme Electric

Industrial and buck-boost transformers provide low and safe control voltage for operation of your internal cabinet. (read more)

Automation24, Inc. - Non-contact, low wear incremental encoders!

Incremental encoders can be used in most any application where rotary position, speed, or linear measurement needs to be tracked. The non-contact, low wear nature of the internal sensing element ensures an impressively long service life! (read more)

Automation24, Inc. - SIMATIC HMI Basic Panels - monitoring made easy

SIMATIC HMI Basic Panels save both time and money by allowing not only comprehensive monitoring but also user-friendly controlling of installations and machinery. (read more)

Automation24, Inc. - New flow solutions from SIKA at Automation24

For over 45 years, Sika has developed and manufactured flow measurement sensing technology. From mechanical to vortex, they have the flow sensor solution needed for any application. We are now proudly offering SIKA flow measurement technology at Automation24. (read more)