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BOGEN Magnetics GmbH has promoted these products / services:

BOGEN Magnetics GmbH - What exactly do encoders in motorcycles do?

In this text, we deal with the following sensors: wheel speed, crankshaft-throttle-gear-canschaft position, ABS, and steering angle. (read more)

BOGEN Magnetics GmbH - BOGEN Linear Magnetic Scales aka Magnetic tapes

BOGEN's patented magnetization process ensures high-precision coding and accuracy, performed in-house. (read more)

BOGEN Magnetics GmbH - Ever heard of BOGEN's encoders?

Encoders are crucial in translating motion into a readable format and understanding them shouldn't be rocket science! (read more)

BOGEN Magnetics GmbH - How are Magnetic Encoders used in Drones?

Drones primarily use rotary magnetic encoders. These are essential for applications that involve precise angular position and motion control, which are critical for the operation of drone motors and gimbal systems. (read more)

BOGEN Magnetics GmbH - Proven precision: Nonius improves robotics&control

The RMSN absolute rotary scale 51685 stands out as a tried and tested solution, particularly in the field of robotics. This reliable scale has been utilized in various customer applications, proving its effectiveness and durability over time. (read more)

BOGEN Magnetics GmbH - 1st sensor choice for robotic&automation apps

PCB versions of BOGEN magnetic sensors are extremely compact and fit even the smallest installation spaces. (read more)

BOGEN Magnetics GmbH - Advantages of Magnetic Scales in Grippers & Joints

Linear magnetic scales and rotary magnetic scales are crucial for efficient and reliable operations, with linear magnetic scales used in grippers and rotary magnetic scales in joints. (read more)

BOGEN Magnetics GmbH - Are banknotes you receive genuine & secure?

The BOGEN "Magnetic Sensor Bank Note Recognition" stands out for its exceptional ability to detect genuine banknotes through magnetic sensing. (read more)

BOGEN Magnetics GmbH - High-speed incremental encoders for linear motors

IKS9 and IKS15 high-speed incremental magnetic encoders from BOGEN Magnetics are perfect for motion control needs in linear motors and various motion-control applications. (read more)

BOGEN Magnetics GmbH - Absolute Sensing Head ALS26

The absolute magnetic sensing head ALS26 combined with BOGEN‘s magnetic scales offer cost-efficient magnetic measurement solutions for many industrial applications where movements or positions have to be measured. (read more)

BOGEN Magnetics GmbH - RMSI/RMSN Rotary Magnetic Scale Standard Programme

- incremental rotary scales (reference mark available on request)
- absolute rotary scales for use with existing Nonius sensors
- axial and radial magnetization
- high quality materials and precisely machined hubs
- high resistance to dust, cooling lubricants, oil, etc.
- easy installation by gluing or press-fitting (read more)

BOGEN Magnetics GmbH - AKS16 Absolute Magnetic Sensing Head

Linear encoder for magnetic tapes and rotary encoder for magnetic rings
Miniature sensing head with dual orientation
Magnetic sensing up to 20 bit (1048576 cpr)
Absolute BiSS-C, SSI or incremental AB0+UVW output

Applications: robotics and handling systems, automation , medical technology (read more)

BOGEN Magnetics GmbH - Magnetic Heads

Single and multi-track magnetic heads write and read magnetic information that can be further processed for many purposes and identify different objects. (read more)

BOGEN Magnetics GmbH - Magnetic Measurement

Magnetic measuring offers numerous advantages over other positioning and measuring methods: it allows measuring at a distance, in dirty environments with high accuracy. (read more)