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EAM 580/360 series magnetic encoders


Baumer is pleased to announce that Michael France of Gem Air Controls, Dayton, Ohio has earned the Baumer Premier Technology Distributor Salesperson of the Year Award for 2015.


Both the LX VisualApplets cameras with integrated image preprocessing and VeriSens vision sensors with Color FEX 3D color assistant won inVISION Top Innovations 2016 awards.


Baumer announces a line of optical incremental encoders designed to solve operational challenges in the Ports industry.


Baumer Group has earned recognition as a Partner-level supplier for 2015 in the John Deere Achieving Excellence Program.


Mr. Greg Matherly has joined Baumer Ltd. as Western Region Sales Manager for industrial cameras and vision sensors.


Baumer Ltd. announced today that Mr. Christopher Gostebski has joined the company to lead from a financial perspective.


Baumer has expanded its VeriSens XC series vision sensor portfolio to include models capable of color identification and inspection. Setup is remarkably simple and reliable with the new Color FEX assistant.


The innovative optical edge sensor PosCon 3D by Baumer is the most powerful in its class. It will reliably master tasks which previously required complex laser measuring systems.


Baumer’s highly successful VisiLine series industrial cameras are now available with USB 3.0 interface.


Baumer announces the new LX series expanding our portfolio with cameras including high-resolution CMOSIS sensors and Dual GigE interface.


All Baumer GigE and USB3 Vision cameras are now available with the newly released version 2.2 of the Baumer GAPI software development kit (SDK).


Baumer further develops the MX camera series by adding the fast USB 3.0 interface and additional performance features, increasing added value for users in industrial image processing installations or medical and laboratory technology.


Ultrasonic sensor rounds out the existing NextGen family which also includes the O500 and O300 photoelectric sensors.


OptopPulse EIL580 Programmable encoders simplify installation through programmable interface.


A new line of inductive Factor 1 sensors from Baumer provides the industry’s largest sensing distance for high switching frequency sensors...


New HDMag flex magnetic encoders from Baumer allow great flexibility in mounting and accurate measuring under harsh conditions on large shafts.


The HS35 series through hollow shaft and OptoPulse EIL580 series solid and hollow shaft incremental encoders from Baumer are ideally suited for applications in drive technology.


Baumer has expanded its range of NextGen sensors. Following the O500 is the new O300 Series.


The new Series 70 ultrasonic sensor family from Baumer adds new features to proven technology to solve very demanding applications in the Food & Beverage, Logistics, Packaging, and Printing & Graphics markets.


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Baumer presents an innovative solution for long-distance transmission of generator feedback: the Incremental Heavy Duty encoder HOG 86 L with fiber optic interface (FOI).


With the expansion of its inductive sensor series IFRM04/05, Baumer has achieved a perfect balance between functionality and compactness.


Baumer expands its GigE camera series with ten new IP protected models that have been specifically developed for particularly demanding industrial environments.


Humanoid Robot Moves and Responds Like a Child


To meet the demanding requirements associated with processing and packaging food products, Baumer offers a broad portfolio of photoelectric, liquid level, inductive, and ultrasonic hygienic sensors designed to withstand chemicals.


Baumer introduces the HS35S (Sin/Cos) into the broad range of incremental hollow shaft encoders, including a fully-programmable version HS35P and fixed pulse count version HS35F in Motor and Drive applications.


New Output Variant Simplifies System Integration and Diagnostics


Southington, Conn. -- February 4, 2013... Baumer has introduced qTeach, an easy-to-use, wear-free teach procedure initiated by touching the housing of O500 series photoelectric sensors.


Southington, Conn. -- January 31, 2012... To simplify quality inspection processes, Baumer has redesigned its VeriSens® web-based user interface software to enable users of vision sensors to efficiently reconfigure and adjust settings.


The new O500 series sensors from Baumer incorporate a new, innovative teaching procedure using a technology which prevents wear to sensors by preventing any mechanical adjustment during setup.


For high-precision sensing applications where absolute accuracy and signal quality are critical, Baumer Ltd. has introduced the OptoPulse EIL580 family of 58 mm optical incremental encoders.


Baumer has introduced the high performance HS35S Sin/Cos Encoder to its family of incremental hollow shaft encoders.


For industrial automation applications, Baumer offers a family of Ethernet-ready encoders designed to interface seamlessly with EtherCAT, Profinet, PowerLink and Ethernet/IP controllers.


By perfecting image quality, simplifying camera integration and delivering reliable long-term stability, the new VisiLine® SD series of GigE cameras...


Baumer has redesigned its contact-free IPRM 12 inductive sensor to offer a significantly improved measuring resolution of up to 4 nm.


The new MA20 measuring wheel encoder from Baumer provides simple, flexible and dependable position and speed feedback for conveyor systems.


New MFxM magnetic proximity switches from Baumer detect magnetic fields over large distances up to 60 mm.


Baumer has introduced the new LBFS multi-purpose level sensor, designed to recognize and monitor all types of liquids stored in containers and tanks in the beverage industry.


The HS35F family of incremental hollow shaft encoders from Baumer are now available with an integrated enhanced monitoring system (EMS) that signals potential failure of the encoder.


Baumer has introduced a new highly sensitive version of its SmartReflectT Light Barrier.


To reduce costs and improve the quality of vision systems, Baumer has introduced the new VeriSens® XC Series vision sensors.


A new low-profile capacitive sensor from Baumer reliably detects objects in confined spaces such as low rise conveyors, automated handling equipment or industrial machinery.


For applications where reliable motor/generator feedback and speed and position control are essential, Baumer has introduced the HOG 86 family of redundant optical incremental encoders.


Baumer has introduced SmartReflect™, the first photoelectric light barrier to operate without a separate reflector or receiver.


For applications where every cubic millimeter of space counts, Baumer has introduced MXG board level cameras designed for individual integration into almost any small installation space.


As of October 1, 2011, Swedish sensor manufacturer DENEX Systems Technology transferred their product rights to The Baumer Group.


Designed to meet the strict standards of the food and beverage processing industry, new GE404 optical absolute encoders from Baumer deliver precise positioning data and easily withstand aggressive cleaning processes.


For fast and efficient automated optical inspection of solar modules, Baumer introduces its new HXC20NIR and HXC40NIR CMOS cameras that measure electroluminescence and deliver high sensitivity in the near-infrared (NIR) light spectrum.


Baumer launches the new CFDK 25 capacitive sensor for the reliable detection of liquid levels in confined spaces.


For speed and position monitoring on large diameter shafts, Baumer introduces their HDMag line of high-precision, bearing-less and contact-free magnetic tape encoders.


Bill Nolan has joined Baumer Ltd. as a Field Sales Engineer.


Baumer introduces photoelectric sensors with the new SmartReflect principle for absolutely reliable object detection.


Michael Cannata has joined Baumer Ltd. as a Field Sales Engineer.


Based on the Sony ICX618 CCD sensor, the new TXG02 from Baumer is one of the fastest industrial digital cameras with VGA resolution on the market.


Rick Argo has joined Baumer Ltd. as a Regional Sales Manager.


To speed and automate repetitive processes, Baumer has introduced the compact FlexiDrive MSBA actuator.


Particularly for applications in the food and beverage industry, Baumer launches photoelectric and inductive sensors in hygienic and washdown design.


Baumer’s new FKDK 14 contrast sensors for print mark detection are fast and accurate, making them the ideal, economical solution for print mark detection in packaging and printing machines.


Baumer has introduced its new HS35 family of incremental hollow shaft encoders, including a fully-programmable version, for heavy-duty positioning and speed control applications.


Kirk Mikulec has joined Baumer as the company's Industry Segment Sales Manager for the oil & gas industry. Jan. 14, 2011.


For limited space distance measurement and positioning applications involving metal targets, Baumer introduces the IWFM 08 Series of Inductive Sensors.


Southington, Conn. - November 3, 2010... Baumer’s innovative TXG14NIR cameras enable better inline process and quality control, helping optimize solar cell wafer fabrication.


Designed to detect both the rotational direction and rpm speed of gear wheels in gearboxes and engines at up to 20,000 pulses, the new Baumer MTRM 16 magnetic hall sensor is IP68-rated to operate reliably in harsh environments.


Sean C. Conboy has joined Baumer Ltd. as the company’s Midwest Regional Sales Manager with responsibility for territorial sales, management and oversight of the technical sales team, and supervision of the company’s distribution network.


For machine vision systems that integrate GigE cameras, network components, sensors and encoders, Baumer’s revolutionary GigE Trigger Device can now be used to control most functions of GigE cameras including triggering, power and acquisition of images.


For machine vision applications requiring high speed and high resolutions, Baumer has introduced its new SXG Dual GigE Cameras that are capable of transferring data as fast as 240 MB/s at distances up to 100 meters.


Specifically designed for use in large-scale printing operations, Baumer has developed a new SCATEC sensor that accurately counts newspapers transported via conveyor clamps or grippers.


For wind turbines, Baumer offers a full line of sensors that reliably provide critical speed, position and presence data, monitoring conditions in the nacelle, blade, tower and foundation.


Baumer has introduced the OADM 250, an optical laser distance sensor specifically designed to accurately detect target objects, regardless of surface properties or color, at distances from 0.2 meters to 4 meters away.


On wind turbines, encoders provide critical speed, position and presence data, and must perform reliably - without interruption - for decades. To fulfill the needs of the wind industry, Baumer provides an extensive line of highly robust encoders.


For critical industrial positioning applications, Baumer My-Com Mechanical Limit Switches deliver precise, repeatable, consistent results over millions of switching operations.


Baumer has introduced a revolutionary new line of ultra-precise magnetic hollow-shaft encoders designed for direct mounting onto large size shafts up to 740 mm in diameter.


For automated industrial inspection machines and vision systems, Baumer has introduced the revolutionary GigE Trigger device designed to control single-camera or multi-camera setups, eliminating the need for hardware triggers.


Baumer has introduced a new line of MAGRES Redundant Encoders that provide highly reliable speed, rotation and position monitoring for applications where the malfunction of automated equipment might result in personal injury or property damage.


With a maximum switching frequency of 20 kHz, the new magnetic Hall Sensors from Baumer perform up to five times (5x) faster than inductive sensors, and are designed for detecting moving ferromagnetic objects such as toothed wheels, gears or racks.


For sensing applications exposed to temperatures from -25°C to +180°C, Baumer has introduced the new IFRH Series of Inductive High Temperature Sensors.


For use in harsh applications subjected to washdown or caustic compounds, Baumer has introduced new IP69K-rated laser distance sensors featuring corrosion resistant stainless steel housings.


For industrial vision applications requiring 1 to 2 megapixel resolutions at frame rates up to 120 fps, Baumer has introduced the new SX Cameras that feature Kodak’s progressive scan, interline CCD image sensors with Quad-Tap technology.


A new line of Baumer MagRes BMIV Magnetic Incremental Encoders has been specifically designed to endure the operating extremes found on railway vehicles.


To eliminate the problems associated with fluid leaking from tanks, pumps, vessels, trays and other containers, Baumer has introduced the FODK 23 Optical Sensor for Leak Monitoring.


As a cost effective alternative to 3CCD camera technology, Baumer has introduced the first in a line of High Quality Color Technology GigE Cameras.


For speed and position control on electric motors, drives, gearboxes and conveyors, Baumer has introduced the revolutionary new MOR 90 and MOR 105 magnetic incremental encoders.


To increase the flexibility of machine vision systems and allow control over custom-designed LED illumination, Baumer has introduced advanced GigE cameras outfitted with 4 independent I/O ports located adjacent to the trigger and flash connection.


For high speed distance and position measuring, Baumer has introduced the new FADK 14 Pulsed Red LED Sensor that offers resolutions of 0.1 mm to 1mm at a sensing range of 50 to 400 mm.


Baumer, a Swiss-based manufacturer of high performance sensors and digital cameras, has become a member of the Cognex Acquisition Alliance.


The Baumer Group ( has named Mark Barber as President of Baumer Ltd., the company’s U.S. division. Baumer Ltd. is based in Southington, Connecticut.


Baumer Ltd. introduces its VeriSens family of Smart Vision sensors.


The new load cells from Baumer are ideally suited for injection force measurement in injection molding machines, weight measurement in machine construction and force monitoring during force fitting processes.


The range of My-Com precision switches was developed to perform monitoring and adjusting tasks with the highest demands on accuracy. Reference points can be set and tolerances monitored quickly and reliably with these.


Baumer has added several powerful new models to its existing line of TX Series digital cameras. The new cameras are equipped with a 5-megapixel progressive scan CCD sensor and FireWire™ or Gigabit Ethernet interfaces.


The VeriSens vision sensors product family is expanding. The VeriSens range provides the most user-friendly vision sensors on the market, together with powerful tools for the inspection of part completeness, presence, location and correct positioning.


New Line of Baumer Heavy Duty Encoders Thrive in Harsh Environments


Baumer's already famous Series 10 background suppressions sensors now have more options. Seven different photodiode configurations allow more flexibility in various applications.


SONUS, currently the most compact ultrasonic sensors on the market, excel with their tiny housing of just 10 x 14 x 27 mm. These small dimensions enable the sensor to fit into areas previously inaccessible to ultrasonic sensors.


Baumer Ltd. Expands Product Offering to Include Motion Control, Vision Systems, Broader Range of Sensors


For highly precise positioning applications, Baumer Electric has introduced two new high-resolution optical encoders that offer exceptional repeat accuracy.