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Belimo Americas - New Compact Performance Solution to Manage Flow

Belimo Americas extends its Electronic Pressure Independent Valve (ePIV) range from 6" down to ½". The ePIV is a 2-way pressure independent characterized control valve with an integrated electronic flow meter and a powerful control algorithm. The ePIV maintains flow set point regardless of differential pressure variations. (read more)

Belimo Americas - ZIP Economizer

Fast Route to Reliable Energy Savings. The ZIP Economizer solves the issue of non-functioning energy wasting economizers by offering reliable energy saving airside economizing with fault messages, alarms, and superior troubleshooting capability. ZIP Economizer offers:

ZIP Code Patented Technology. By simply entering your US zip code, or Canadian postal code, the syste... (read more)


New ZIP Packs, a packaged solution designed for a specific economizing strategy; providing what you need to retrofit current economizer systems backed with 5 year warranty. Each retrofit kit meets utility incentive programs and is conveniently packaged in one box and can be ordered with a single part number. (read more)

Belimo Americas - ZoneTight Zone Valves

Designed for maximum efficiency in tight spaces, Belimo's ZoneTight™ valve offering sets
new design and performance standards for both pressure dependent and
pressure independent zoning applications.

Learn more (read more)

Belimo Americas - Damper Actuator Energy Savings Estimator Tool

Just Released: Damper Actuator Energy Savings Estimator Tool
Belimo Damper Actuator Energy Savings Estimator is now available online. The Damper Actuator Energy Savings Estimator Toolwas developed to help quantify the cost savings verses other brands. Belimo damper actuators provide significant energy savings from their low power consumption. These savings are made... (read more)


Belimo Americas announces the release of a technologically advanced butterfly valve designed specifically for the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning industry. The newly designed butterfly valve and actuator assembly is the most intelligent, energy efficient, and reliable high flow solution in the HVAC market. With a focus on ease of installation, application flexibility, and long... (read more)

Belimo Americas - Seamlessly Integrated New Sensor Range from Belimo

Belimo sensors seamlessly integrate into major building automation systems (BAS) with the same quality, reliability and value that define Belimo. (read more)

Belimo Americas - Introduction to Belimo Sensors Training Course

Belimo University releases HVAC sensor training. Take this free online training and gain an understanding of Belimo Sensors and how they seamlessly integrate into major automation systems (BAS) to ensure optimal system performance. Start learning now at (read more)

Belimo Americas - Energy Valve™ Solving Low Delta T Leveraging IoT

The Belimo Energy Valve that is now an IoT device utilizing advanced cloud-based analytics to leverage captured system data to the full potential providing savings and the most efficient operation. (read more)

Belimo Americas - Belimo Energy Valve™ is Now Offered in ½” to 2".

Energy Valvefrom ½” to 6" is a two-way pressure independent control valve that optimizes, documents and proves water coil performance. Using its Delta T Manager the valve solves low Delta T by monitoring the differential temperature across the coil and adjusting the flow to maintain design delta T set-point keeping the heat transfer of the coil optimized while maintaining co... (read more)

Belimo Americas - PT Ports on PICCV Assemblies

Pressure Independent Characterized Control Valves (PICCV) are now offered with optional Pressure Temperature (PT) ports.

PICCV's with PT ports are designated with a -P suffix in the valve body part number. (read more)

Belimo Americas - PICCV Valve & Actuator Combinations

New KRB and LRB24-SA actuators are now available on PICCV full flow ½"-1" [DN 15 - DN 25] models and the TFRX24 MFT offering is expanded to all ¾" [DN 20] PICCV models.

The PICCV expanding product offering with new KR24-3 and LRB24-SA actuators offers increased cost competitiveness and functionality. Expanding the TFRX24-MFT to the ¾" size offers a lower cost... (read more)

Belimo Americas - 6-way Characterized Control Valve

6-Way CCV Reduces Installation Cost by Using Only One Coil for Heating and Cooling. (read more)

Belimo Americas - New Generation Globe Valve Actuators

Globe Valve Solutions Made Simple.

The New Generation Globe Valve Actuators incorporate not only strength, but flexibility too. Engineered to suit a broad range of HVAC applications, the new actuators and retrofit linkages are highly adaptable making selection, installation and service hassle-free. (read more)


New Generation globe valves and retrofit linkages Promise easy installation with more power and flexibility

Danbury, CT, January 28, 2013– Belimo Americas is pleased to announce the release of their New Generation Globe Valve Actuator and Retrofit Linkage solution. The new generation actuator gives globe valves the “extra muscle” they need for applications where... (read more)

Belimo Americas - Energy Valve™ - Control Valve

Belimo Energy Valve™ - Knowledge Is Power

The Belimo Energy Valve is the only two-way pressure independent control valve that optimizes, documents and proves water coil performance. By maintaining coil delta T and eliminating system overflow the Energy Valve dramatically improves chiller and boiler plant performance - saving energy where it matters most! (read more)

Belimo Americas - SelectPro™ for Control Valve Sizing and Selection

Using detailed valve specification information, such as application medium, flow rate, differential pressure, and other options in its database, SelectPro™ provides contractors and specifying engineers with the tool to choose valves for their projects. SelectPro™ accurately sizes and selects control valves for hydronic and steam applications in HVAC systems. (read more)

Belimo Americas - Energy Valve for simplifying project commissioning

The Belimo Energy Valve is a two-way pressure independent control valve that optimizes, documents and proves water coil performance. The Energy Valve uses the Belimo Delta T ManagerTM algorithm to directly control coil performance. It also monitors the coil performance characteristic curve and resulting energy/power output. (read more)

Belimo Americas - EF Damper Actuators

When One is Enough.

The new EF spring return actuator- the most powerful of its kind.

The EF actuator utilizes rugged components in a pressure cast aluminum housing for added strength and reliability. It offers a high torque output of 270 in-lbs and a NEMA 4 option to meet tough environmental conditions found in many HVAC applications.

The E... (read more)

Belimo Americas - ZG-JSL (Jackshaft Bearings) Linkage for Actuators

ZG-JSL linkage offering the quickest install designed with ease in mind.

The ZG-JSL linkage is designed to facilitate the attachment of select Belimo actuators to a damper's jackshaft. The unique open ended design allows the linkage to clamp on to any part of a jackshaft measuring from 1/2" to 1.05" in diameter.

Saves time and cost

The ZG-JSL linkage simplifi... (read more)

Belimo Americas - Retrofit Valves and Actuators for HVAC Systems

Retrofitting for Energy Efficient and

Reliability Building Environments (read more)

Belimo Americas - Flanged Globe Valves for single mounting

Belimo is proud to announce the additional product offering of the GK Series, electronic fail-safe actuators being offered on the

G6 and G7 flanged globe vales. Belimo electronic fail-safe actuators were developed for the HVAC market using several patented technologies to provide reliable operation and selectable fail-safe positioning. Unique electronics, software and super capaci... (read more)

Belimo Americas - New Electronic Pressure Independent Valve

ePIV offers a constant flow regardless of pressure variations in the system. The ePIV is a two-way valve which is unaffected by pressure variations in a system. (read more)

Belimo Americas - NEMA 4 Damper Actuator Housing

New NEMA 4 Housing for AFB and NFB Damper Actuators.

Versatile, Rugged, Weather Tight, Long Lasting.

Ideal for extreme conditions. (read more)

Belimo Americas - HVAC Pipe Package

The Belimo Pipe Package is a simple way of piping HVAC terminal units that reduces the time, space and cost required to make the connection from the distribution piping in the building to the coil. To efficiently accomplish this, Belimo is offering combination valves and unions created to interface with an HVAC terminal unit. (read more)

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The Fast Route to Reliable Energy Savings. The ZIP Economizer was been developed to allow for easy user interaction when setting up or troubleshooting Economizer systems and RTUs.


New generation actuators give globe valves the “extra muscle” they need for applications where higher close-off pressures are required.