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Boyd Corporation - Vibration Damping Gaskets

Boyd offers a wide array of custom converted NVH (Noise Vibration and Harshness) solutions utilizing highly engineered materials that are tailored to the specific application. The treatment design and material selections are made with a detailed understanding of the structure itself, the governing dynamics driving the NVH issue, and the environmental requirements to be met. (read more)

Boyd Corporation - Hi-Contact™ Tube Liquid Cold Plates

Boyd Hi-Contact™ Tube Liquid Cold Plate

Liquid Cold Plates with Optimized Surface Contact (read more)

Boyd Corporation - New Cold Plate Selection Tool!

Liquid Cooling offers highly efficient thermal management for high heat loads. Try Boyd's quick and easy tool for determining the best cold plate for your application requirements. (read more)

Boyd Corporation - Compact, Low Thermal Resistance Liquid Cold Plates

Flat Tube Liquid Cold Plates

Low thermal resistance liquid cold plates in a compact, low profile form factor. (read more)

Boyd Corporation - Extended Surface Liquid Cold Plates

Extended Surface Liquid Cold Plates

Drastically increase heat transfer with additional surface area within the flow path of a liquid cold plate. (read more)

Boyd Corporation - Liquid Cold Plates

Liquid cold plates are a critical component of a liquid cooled system. Aavid has the broadest range of design and manufacturing liquid cold plate technologies in the industry (read more)

Boyd Corporation - Microfluidic Diagnostic Laminates

Boyd’s material expertise includes medical and skin contact approved adhesives, medical grade woven and non-woven fabrics, thin film plastics, metal foils, foams, and more. (read more)

Boyd Corporation - Sterile products that help reduce infection

Mitigate the transmission of communicable infections, diseases, viruses, and bacteria with protective products designed for medical provider and patient comfort and safety, optimized to balance weight, size, longevity of wear, application or use efficiency, and cost. (read more)

Boyd Corporation - Wearable medical devices

Leverage Boyd’s expertise in fabricating and assembling medical wearables using streamlined manufacturing know-how and strategic material partnerships to efficiently support you from product inception to launch with design and material selection support. (read more)

Boyd Corporation - Lightweight, rugged liquid cooling systems

Lightweight, low profile, rugged liquid cooling systems, cold plates, heat exchangers, and high efficiency encapsulated spreaders enable smaller, quieter, lighter imaging thermal systems for better performance in a compact format capable of withstanding exceptional gravitation force. (read more)

Boyd Corporation - Adhesive Bonding Systems

Boyd Corporation is an adhesives expert with decades of experience designing custom solutions that feature adhesives and tape for quick and easy assembly. Learn more about our adhesive bonding systems. (read more)

Boyd Corporation - Thermal Grease

Thermally conductive compounds that are easy to use and rework while lowering your solutions' thermal resistance. (read more)

Boyd Corporation - Thermally Conductive Gap Fillers

Thermally Conductive Gap Fillers are soft, malleable interface materials with high thermal conductivity. Gap fillers are ideal for applications with significant distances between the heat source and cooling surface, varying component heights, high tolerance stack up variability, and uneven or rough surfaces. (read more)

Boyd Corporation - Adhesives and Epoxies

Epoxies and adhesives that provide both thermal conductivity and strong adhesion and can be used where no mounting holes are available. (read more)

Boyd Corporation - Noise, Vibration & Harshness/ Buzz Rattle & Squeak

Noise, Vibration, and Harshness - often referred to as Buzz Rattle and Squeak - can cause shorter lifetimes, lower reliability, and other major issues in your applications. (read more)

Boyd Corporation - What are Zipper Fins?

Zipper fins heat sinks are a great heat transfer solution. While Genie uses them in the simplest form, zipper fins have a wide range of application and design flexibility. Contact Boyd Design Engineers for assistance with your zipper fin heat sink design. (read more)

Boyd Corporation - Understanding Rubber Bloom

Ever see a white dusting on rubber parts, even brand new components? You're seeing Rubber Bloom!... (read more)

Boyd Corporation - Precise Temperature Control and Subambient Cooling

Our recirculating chillers are designed for flexibility by implementing a wide variety of pumps, controllers, and additional safety and monitoring features enable you to tailor your chiller to your specific application. (read more)

Boyd Corporation - Ruggedized impact-absorbing seals.

Enhance product performance, maintain environmental purity, extend intended efficiency & prolong life cycles with Boyd’s gasket & sealing solutions. (read more)

Boyd Corporation - Thermal Interface Materials 101

Consumer demand is hot for more compact, more powerful electronics. But the denser circuits required for smaller devices generate more heat, making higher performing thermal management materials a necessity. In this webinar, Boyd Corporation and 3M™ will focus on thermal management materials that quickly and efficiently dissipate heat, even within tight spaces. (read more)

Boyd Corporation - EMI/RFI Shielding

Boyd’s LectroShield fabric-over-foam, conductive foam, elastomers, adhesives, and metal foils are designed to manage interference, and improve reliability and efficiency in device performance. (read more)

Boyd Corporation - Display Bonding & Seals

Boyd’s Integrated Display Gasket Solutions are multifunctional components that cushion sensitive components, seal out moisture and dust, and reduce shock or vibration impact. (read more)

Boyd Corporation - Display Bonding & Seals Solutions

Boyd’s display seals and bonding solutions protect the display assembly over the lifetime of the end device with ultra-tight tolerances that can often achieve “zero gap” tolerances, offering unbeatable ingress protection against dust and liquids. (read more)

Boyd Corporation - Display & Optically Clear Adhesives

Boyd Corporation is skilled in display technologies and optically clear adhesives that leverage our relationships with and knowledge of expert raw material manufacturers and our in-house precision converting expertise to manufacture cost effective, tight tolerance, registration controlled, high performance display solutions. (read more)

Boyd Corporation - Optimize Your Display Performance

As a global leader in protection, sealing and thermal management solutions for display systems, Boyd enables the next generation of innovation. (read more)

Boyd Corporation - Display Enhancement & Protection Solutions

Maximize display vivacity & ability to withstand varying use environments. (read more)

Boyd Corporation - Display & Optically Clear Adhesives Solutions

Improve display quality through nearly 100% light transmission with OCA’s designed to enhance display module robustness with high and reliable bond strength while still minimizing thickness. (read more)

Boyd Corporation - Solution to Face Shield and Face Mask Shortages

Quick Design Support, New Product Development and Precision Converted Manufacturing

Implementation for more PPE Production through Boyd Corporation’s Medical Precision Converting Expertise (read more)

Boyd Corporation - Sealing, Thermal, and Protection Solutions

Boyd's Essential Sealing, Thermal, and Protection Solutions in the Fight Against COVID-19 (read more)

Boyd Corporation -  Boyd Develops Cooling Solution for the Mars Rover

Overcoming harsh environments when exploring another planet challenges even the best engineering teams to ensure electronics can and continually operate in varying and unfamiliar conditions. Preparing to explore the Martian surface required creativity, determination, innovation, and perseverance. (read more)

Boyd Corporation - Boyd’s precision extrusion technology

Helping you seal & protect with custom profiles of dense & sponge rubber & plastic. (read more)

Boyd Corporation - Precision Die-Cutting

Boyd is a die cutter well prepared with a wide variety of time-honored fabrication techniques to accommodate critical requirements spanning various dimensions, configurations, durometers, cleanliness and complex material combination needs. (read more)

Boyd Corporation - Fully integrated, in-house precision converting

Boyd Corporation's fully integrated, in-house precision converting capabilities are available across multiple facilities with expertise to provide competitive solutions to virtually any industry. (read more)

Boyd Corporation - Prototyping

Our ATOM, die-less prototype table (3050mm x 1550mm) with Flashnesting software allows us to quickly convert drawings to prototype parts of up to 20mm in thickness without the need of tooling. (read more)

Boyd Corporation - Aavid Genie - Online Thermal Design

Aavid’s new Virtual Thermal Engineer, Aavid Genie, allows engineers to design manufacturable cooling solutions in minutes! (read more)

Boyd Corporation - Forming

Boyd Corporation has decades of experience in polymer science. We utilize our vast knowledge of rubber and plastic compounds and chemical formulations to design three-dimensional solutions customized for your specific applications. (read more)

Boyd Corporation - Metal Fabrication & Thermal Management

Boyd Corporation offers a vast metallurgic knowledge combined with diverse metalworking capabilities that enable the design and manufacture of superior thermal management and general industrial components and assemblies. We produce streamlined standard options as well as custom engineered solutions for prototype or production. (read more)