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Cable & Supplies, Inc. - Seismometer - not just for quakes and volcanoes

This seismomter is a valuable tool in engineering pulse measurement and vibration analysis. The low frequency 1 Hz geophone has no external power supply. Available in vertical and horizontal formats (read more)

Cable & Supplies, Inc. - Geophone string for downhole applications

Designed for well logging and seismic exploration. Featuring wide frequency band, high sensitivity, good signal-noise ratio and strong environment adaptability, the VS series geophone string is ideal for deep high resolution exploration (read more)

Cable & Supplies, Inc. - Hydrophone Arrays - Overview & Applications

Just as microphones collect sound in the air, underwater hydrophones detect acoustic signals in the ocean. Most hydrophones are based on a special property (piezoelecticity) of certain ceramics that produce a small electrical current when subjected to pressure changes. (read more)

Cable & Supplies, Inc. - High efficiency LED Lighting VIDEO

Designed with built in sensors and beam angles from 10° to 120° this innovative range of LED Highbay light fixtures are ideal for a large range of applications. From 100W to 480W, find them in garages, manufacturing environments, warehouses, indoor sports facilities. (read more)

Cable & Supplies, Inc. - Vibration analysis in mining exploration

Our 10X Geophone/Velocity Sensor is valuable in oil & coal exploration, in engineering applications and hydrological vibration analysis (read more)

Cable & Supplies, Inc. - High Temperature Geophone

The HT series is high temperature resistant geophone. It has precision engineered components and state of the art testing indicates a very stable signal, great disturbance resistance, high spurious frequency and reliable parameters (read more)

Cable & Supplies, Inc. - Underwater Acoustic Measurement and Recording System

This series of Underwater Acoustic Measurement and Recording system are in self-contained underwater acoustic signal collection, information process and record Equipment. It can carry submerged buoy, buoy and ARGO buoy to do the ocean profile acoustic environment measurement. (read more)

Cable & Supplies, Inc. - Acoustic Release Transponder

Acoustic Release Transponder is a key equipment of put, position, recycle the anchor system for ocean observation, also can use the control unit on boat deck to send order to long distance control the complex underwater system. (read more)

Cable & Supplies, Inc. - DHP8501 Digital Hydrophone

Digital Hydrophone is a new kind of acoustic single collection equipment,which join hydrophone with amplification modulation circuit, collection, storage and digital data transfer. Digital cable can be 70 meters, standard USD interface, easy to connect with computer system. (read more)

Cable & Supplies, Inc. - SF-2C02 Dual Sensor

SF-2C02 Dual Sensor is mainly used for oil exploration in marine and transition zone. It can make up the receiving P wave in marine  The dual Sensor contains two super geophones and one hydrophone. (read more)

Cable & Supplies, Inc. - PS-10B Seismic Geophone

The B series seismic geophones are mainly used in petroleum exploration. The series have a wide frequency band and high spurious frequency. The tolerance of all parameters is controlled within ±5%.

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