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Can-Do National Tape -  Automotive Solutions with Adhesive Tape

Can-Do National tape has earned worldwide recognition as a leading fabricator and converter for the automotive industry. From concept design to finished product, Can-Do has worked aggressively to answer the challenges companies encounter from initial design to final production requirements. (read more)

Can-Do National Tape - Double Sided Automotive Tapes

Automotive Double Sided Foam Tapes offer great solutions to typical applications for attaching trim parts and bonding seals throughout the car body, for example:

  • Door and window seals
  • Door cladding and inlay
  • Roof rails
  • Spoiler
  • Rocker panel moulding
  • Parking sensor retainers
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Can-Do National Tape - Automotive Thermal Bond Tapes
  • Resistance to solvents
  • High bonding strength
  • Heat resistance for high temperature applications
  • Low bonding temperatures
  • Precise positioning
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Can-Do National Tape - Acrylic Foam Tape

Introducting 3M's new high-performance acrylic foam tape, a 1.14 mm thick, dark gray, double-coated acrylic foam tape designed for the attachment of automotive exterior trim parts – without the use of adhesion promoter. (read more)

Can-Do National Tape - Aerospace Manufacturing Challenges?

Can-Do National Tape, a converter and fabricator of pressure sensitive adhesives tape and related materials, offers a full breadth of aerospace industry products for OEM, Military, MRO and Plasma Spray applications. With our state of the art converting, Can-Do can custom design products to meet your manufacturing process and in most cases supply initial prototype samples within 24 hours. (read more)

Can-Do National Tape - Protect, Mask, Stencil, Pack and Bundle

Masking Tapes are crepe paper surfaced with adhesive systems that vary depending on temperature and other application issues. Masking tape is an adhesive tape that has many general purpose uses, but masking tape can also be highly engineered to perform specific masking functions. (read more)

Can-Do National Tape - Tape Dispensers
  • ATG Dispensers – allow application of transfer tape with simultaneous take-up of the liner paper.
  • Hand Dispensers – are available in various sizes, metal and plastic.
  • Desk Top Dispensers – may hold various widths and more than one roll of tape.
  • Label Protection Dispensers – allow application of tape over labels.
  • Pla...
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Can-Do National Tape - High-performance attachment tapes

3M Automotive Acrylic Foam Tapes are high-performance attachment tapes for bonding automotive accessory and trim parts. These double-coated tapes combine acrylic adhesives with viscoelastic foam cores. (read more)

Can-Do National Tape - Automotive Manufacturing Challenges?

Our vast capabilities, which include the ability to convert adhesive tapes and related materials, rotary and flat bed die cutting, laminating and heat sealing of various substrates, allows our customer a diverse selection of equipment and processes to give the best, most cost effective results for the application requirements. (read more)

Can-Do National Tape - Where impact cushioning is a must
  • Best in applications where impact cushioning is a must and long-term outdoor exposure is expected

PVC Vinyl closed cell foam comes in several densities of Black or Gray and in numerous thicknesses. PVC Foam can be supplied with or without adhesive.

Typical applications for PVC foams are seals and gaskets used to seal out air, dust and light moisture.

PVC... (read more)

Can-Do National Tape - For marking lanes, indicating safety hazards

Vinyl Tapes with a rubber adhesive makes an ideal tape for marking lanes, indicating safety hazards and color coding in factories, warehouses, parking lots, joint sealing, pipe wrapping, decorating, and light bundling. Vinyl tape resists wear, weathering and abrasion making for a tough and long-lasting tape. Vinyl Tape is faster and easier than paint for marking lanes and their ru... (read more)

Can-Do National Tape - The tape you can't do without

CDNT offers competitive prices and the largest selection of matte-finish Gaffer tapes for use in the arts and entertainment, photography and bookbinding industries. With excellent temperature resistance, adhesion, and clean removal these tapes meet the high standards required for industrial use. (read more)

Can-Do National Tape - Non-Skid Tapes

Non-skid tapes range from embossed vinyl to sandpaper type surfaced materials. These materials provide safety and sure footing on steps and stairways that are heavily trafficked, such as slick concrete floors and tiled areas. These products generally come in roll form, from 1″ to 6″ widths, and in 60-foot rolls; but the material may be die-cut or cut into strips. (read more)

Can-Do National Tape - Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Film

UHMW Film, 36 yd
UHMW-PE Film. Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Film. 36yd 5mil UHMW Film. Custom slit to width. (read more)

Can-Do National Tape - Aluminum Foil Tapes

Aluminum foil tapes are used on seams and joints of fiberglass and aluminum backed duct board. Coated with a rubber based pressure sensitive adhesive, they provide an excellent barrier to vapor and conform to irregular surfaces. Aluminum foil tape may be used for shielding and covering thermal insulation. (read more)

Can-Do National Tape - Roll Masker Tape Protection Film and Masking Tape

CDNT 1381 Roll Masker Tape

Roll Masker TapeA Protection Film and Masking Tape Product

CDNT 1381 Roll Masker Tape is a new product for use in protecting surfaces from overspray and other temporary surface protection applications for the automotive, aerospace, construction, and other markets. CDNT 1381 Roll Masker provides a protective coating with non-skid, high abrasion and... (read more)

Can-Do National Tape - 3M 356 Scotch Polyester Film Tape, 3 in x 72 yd

Scotch® Label Protection Tape 356 is a transparent, tough film tape made especially for label protection in outdoor applications or where the application demands extra resistance to moisture, chemicals, or abrasion. The long-aging transparent adhesive holds fast to most packages and containers and is water and chemical resistant. (read more)

Can-Do National Tape - Conformable, double-sided, pressure-sensitive
  • High strength and durable
  • 3M VHB Tape adhesive formula bonds and seals on contact with no drying time
  • Virtually invisible fastening helps keep surfaces smooth, with no unsightly rivet heads or weld marks
  • Spreads stress load across length of the joint
  • High dynamic stress absorption reduces vibration and impact stress
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Can-Do National Tape - VHB Adhesive Tapes

3M™ VHB™ tapes are ideal for:

  • Interior bonding applications
  • Exterior bonding applications
  • Replacing rivets
  • Replacing spot welds,
  • Replacing liquid adhesives
  • Permanent fastener
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Can-Do National Tape, a global provider of pressure sensitive adhesive products and related services, announces the implementation of the Epicor ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software platform at the Nashville, Tennessee production site