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Caterpillar will showcase its targeted power solutions and expertise for data centers at 7×24 Exchange International’s 2019 Spring Conference, June 2-5, 2019, in Boca Raton, FL. Join as we sponsor the Welcome Reception on Sunday evening.


"Transformerless uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems operate ungrounded during power transfer to a backup source, but a grounding design can accommodate the requirement of both grounded and ungrounded systems. "


Electrical engineers should coordinate with mechanical engineers, architects, structural engineers, and others involved in the design of electrical rooms.


"Some key trends have emerged in the energy efficiency market that are changing the priorities and focus of energy efficiency for commercial and municipal entities. "


"Utilities companies are facing some big challenges as customers seek to become more self-reliant through the installation of on-site generation solutions. "


Caterpillar Energy Solutions announces the Cat® G3512 generator set is now EPA Certified for use in Emergency and Non-Emergency Applications at 1 g/bhp-hr NOxemissions with improved power quality.


When designing generator systems, electrical engineers must ensure that generators and the building electrical systems that they support are appropriate for the specific application.


Summa Health, one of the largest healthcare provider systems in Ohio, has selected Ohio Cat to supply standby power solutions for the new 343,000-square-foot, seven-story Patient Tower Addition under construction at its Akron Campus.


"Explore how to implement safe, code-compliant, and cost-effective emergency lighting systems. "


Caterpillar Energy introduces the CG170B 50 Hz series of generator sets with increased power output from 1.3 – 2.3 MW, higher reliability and improved return on investment.


Specifying a single product or system within a facility using a performance-based specification, when the design is subject to performance-based design (PBD), can fundamentally reduce the level of safety achieved.


Despite an economic downturn, the use of renewable energy options has grown over the past few years.


PEORIA, IL – Caterpillar Inc. today announced the release of the new Cat® CG132B, the first natural gas generator set in its class engineered to meet an electrical efficiency of 43.5 percent.


The future of your electrical system’s health rests in maintenance. A pragmatic approach is best to avoid potential shutdowns while ensuring everything runs smoothly.


PEORIA, IL – Caterpillar Inc. is pleased to announce the latest addition to its series of Cat® generator sets designed to deliver the lowest owning and operating costs in the market.


Reliable backup power is critical to nuclear power plants (NPPs).


PEORIA, IL – Caterpillar Inc. today announced the introduction of six new ratings for the Cat® C32 ACERT™ diesel generator set for standby and mission-critical applications.


Planned renovations and construction at High Point Regional Health over the next several years could not have been possible without a complete overhaul of the hospital's power and HVAC systems.


PEORIA, IL - Caterpillar Inc. recently launched a National Accounts VIP Rental Program to better meet the temporary power needs of larger businesses operating in multiple regions.


Life safety codes exist to ensure health care institutions are able to provide the highest quality of care.


PEORIA, IL – Caterpillar Inc. supplied a Cat® CG132-08 gas generator set to power a clean energy plant at Monogram Foods, which was recently recognized as the “Biogas Project of the Year” by the American Biogas Council.


Join us for a free one-hour live webinar to help you understand, apply, and control generator sound. Jim Carroll, Caterpillar Global Sound Solutions Technical Steward, will show you how sound behaves, how to quantify it, and how to control it.


Data centers have become increasingly important under the Industrial Internet of Things revolution. What are the most crucial considerations for the IT infrastructure of a data center?


PEORIA, ILL. – Caterpillar Inc. today announced the introduction of the Cat® 3516E diesel generator set with a new 2,750 kW rating for 60 Hz standby applications.


Cat® equipment has been involved in the construction and maintenance of sports venues for nearly 50 years. What many people don’t know, however, is that Cat Generator Sets also have a long history providing dependable power at sporting events.


PEORIA, IL – Caterpillar Inc. announced the company has purchased the remaining interest in Intelligent Switchgear Organization, a joint venture with Eaton Corporation that develops switchgear, generator set controls, and automatic transfer switches.


Caterpillar Inc. announced the release of the new Cat® CG132B, the first natural gas generator set in its class engineered to meet an electrical efficiency of 43.5 percent.


In response to historic floods and immeasurable damage brought by this year’s Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Jose and Maria, Cat® Rental Power provided over 1,800 gensets to deliver over 1.44 GW of power.


New series of Cat® generator sets designed to deliver the lowest owning and operating costs in the market. The G3512H is the third of the H-Series product line now available for operation on natural gas fuel.


Caterpillar Inc. announced that the company has expanded its capabilities to deliver factory-tested custom enclosures and containerized solutions for diesel and gas electric generator sets produced in North America for the global power generation market.


Caterpillar’s website upgrade enables users to narrow their searches for diesel power solutions to specific emissions and safety regulations within a selected country or region.


Caterpillar Inc. today announced that its Cat® 3512C diesel generator set won Product of the Year from Consulting-Specifying Engineer (CSE) magazine in the Emergency, On-Site and Standby Power category.


POWER magazine awards top performers in power generation. New this year is the Commercial & Industrial Generation category for onsite, self-generation facilities. The Tucson Proving Ground microgrid was featured in the magazine as part of their award.


Five new 50-Hz standby power nodes for the Cat® 3516C diesel generator set that expand Caterpillar’s ability to help customers in Western Europe and other global markets specify solutions that meet power needs and emissions targets with more precision.


Cat® XQ125 mobile diesel generator set is rated at 125 kVA for prime operation. The new product meets Tier 4 Final emission standards while improving fuel efficiency and optimizing productivity for rental operations in the United States and Canada.