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CinchSeal - Maximize safety for food processing

How Rotary Shaft Seals Ensure Success in the Infant Formula Industry

The infant formula ingredients industry has been around for many years and only continues to grow. In 2018, the global market size was approximately $15.6 billion, with a projected growth of about 7.3 percent by 2025. With that growth comes an increased need for both safe and efficient food processing solu... (read more)

CinchSeal - Large bakery saves $100,000 a year w/ rotary seal

How CinchSeal Saves One of the Largest Bakery Companies $100,000 Every Year

The CinchSeal 9700 series of rotary shaft seals are designed for mixing and blending equipment in a variety of industries, from foodservice to pharmaceutical, chemical industries, and even pet food. It’s manufactured entirely out of stainless steel, which is often required in these food proces... (read more)

CinchSeal - Video: How CinchSeal Rotary Shaft Seals Work

When it comes to processing operations, it is important to have the right shaft seal. Watch this video about a difference between traditional and modern, ¼” (6.35mm) runout-tolerant shaft seal types and how to reduce maintenance costs by 90% by creating hygienically clean environments and preventing shaft damage, and product recalls. (read more)

CinchSeal - Make Ribbon Blenders More Efficient w/CinchSeal

How CinchSeal Rotary Shaft Seals Can Make Ribbon Blenders More Efficient

When it comes to food processing, a business' operations are only as efficient as the shaft seal on its ribbon blenders. A poor seal can lead to product leaks, halts in production, and even contamination. Through the help of a rotary shaft seal, your ribbon blender can ultimately have a longer lifespan. (read more)

CinchSeal - Rotary Shaft Seals: Increase ROI with CinchSeal!

Why should you choose CinchSeal?

CinchSeal is the best rotary seal for multiple reasons:

  • Allows 0.250” [6.35mm] shaft dynamic run-out
  • Rotates with the shaft
  • Lasts longer, even in the harshest production environments
  • Needs less maintenance
  • Allows for hygienic cleaning
  • Eliminates leaks
  • Maiintains....
(read more)
CinchSeal - CinchSeal’s Modern Shaft Seal Improves ROI

Mechanical-packing effluent costs add an estimated $6,300 to $10,000 annually to the plant's operating budget. Replacing shafts that have been worn down from mechanical packing can cost companies upwards to $10,000 or more per shaft as they suffer from production losses, resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars. (read more)

CinchSeal - Why Sugar Manufacturers Need Rotary Shaft Seals

Processing sugar involves dealing with several challenging conditions. If one part of the system isn’t set up as well as it could be, these challenges quickly become problems. A Florida sugar manufacturer that was using packing seals on its lines, found that several of its problems completely disappeared with one simple upgrade: The installation of the 7520 Air-Purged CinchSeal. (read more)

CinchSeal - The Top 11 Industrial Uses for Rotary Shaft Seals

Because of its innovative design, a CinchSeal rotary shaft seal provides an advantage to companies that rely on high performance to minimize downtime and maximize production in 11 industries, such as: Meat & Poultry, Dairy, Feed & Grain, Cement & Gypsum, Pulp & Paper, Industrial & Bulk Material Handling, Pharmaceutical, Baking, Chocolate, Ethanol, and Beverage manufac... (read more)

CinchSeal - What Are CinchSeal 9700 Series Rotary Shaft Seals?

Rotary shaft seals have a simple job: keep the bad stuff out and the good stuff in. It’s simple, but it’s not easy. A bad seal can be costly in many ways include lost product, contaminated product, frequent maintenance, housekeeping headaches and more. CinchSeal 9700 series seals, developed to seal slurry and blending equipment, are the focus here. (read more)

CinchSeal - How Shaft Seals Help Infant Formula Production

All infant formula types require processing operations to be consistently safe and efficient. Equipment needs to be cost effective and reliable, and products need to be proven safe to prevent the need for costly shutdowns and nationwide recalls.
CinchSeal's industrial sealing solutions use rotary shaft designs to maximize safety and productivity. (read more)

CinchSeal - Video: CinchSeal Rotary Shaft Seal Overview

CinchSeal® self-adjusting and maintenance-free rotary shaft seals are designed for CEMA screw conveyors and bulk solids mixing and blending equipment. They are an upgrade from antiquated ropes and lip seals and prevent shaft wear, product contamination and recalls, provide superior ROI, and are designed to handle ¼” run-out. (read more)

CinchSeal - Video: Learn about CinchSeal rotary shaft seals

CinchSeal unique rotary shaft seals prevent shaft wear, product contamination and recalls, provide superior ROI, and are designed to handle ¼” run-out. (read more)

CinchSeal - New Video: CinchSeal Rotary Shaft Sealing Solution

Learn about CinchSeal self-adjusting and maintenance-free rotary shaft seals, designed for CEMA screw conveyors and bulk solids mixing and blending equipment. (read more)

CinchSeal - How Rotary Shaft Seals Eliminated Leakage Problems

A major brewery facing production issues on their spent grain conveyors needed a solution. The brewery was dealing with extensive water and product leakage due to bearing failure and shaft wear. The issue greatly affected the manufacturing operation, slowing efficiency through frequent unscheduled maintenance and product loss.They turned to CinchSeal and found the right shaft sealing sol... (read more)

CinchSeal - What Does It Mean for Seals to Be USDA Certified?

Just what does being certified organic by the United States Department of Agriculture actually mean?

The goal of going through the USDA certification process is to earn the right to use the USDA certified organic seal and display the certified USDA organic logo on products. This will visibly set businesses apart from the competition. (read more)

CinchSeal - Five Industries That Utilize Rotary Shaft Seals

It’s downright amazing just how widespread the application of rotary shaft seals is, both in terms of the specific equipment they’re incorporated into and the different industries they power.

To demonstrate the sheer breadth of manufacturing and processing settings our state-of-the-art CinchSeal products serve, we thought we’d put the spotlight on five lesser-kno... (read more)

CinchSeal - 4 Reasons To Buy CinchSeal’s Custom Rotary Seals

4 Reasons To Buy CinchSeal’s Rotary Shaft Seals

Whether you’re in food and beverage processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing or any industry that requires keeping product in and contamination out, CinchSeal rotary shaft seals offer four solutions to your cost-saving challenges:

  • Fast return on investment
  • Elimination of material loss....../li>
(read more)
CinchSeal - CinchSeal Rugged Custom 7800 Rotary Shaft Seals

CinchSeal 7800 series: no leaks, no maintenance

How many times do you have to stop production for unplanned maintenance? Here are the reasons that make the 7800 series a solution for food service, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries:

  • 316 stainless steel construction to handle caustic washdowns
  • 30 percent lower power requirement than rope pac...
(read more)
CinchSeal - How Custom Rotary Shaft Seals Keep Explosions Out

One of the most challenging places to get proper sealing is around rotary shafts. If the seal has even the smallest of leaks, dust will get into the room as well as on the shaft. This not only presents an explosion hazard but causes premature wear on the shaft and other moving parts. The solution to this part of the problem is to use rotary shaft seals by CinchSeal. (read more)

CinchSeal - CinchSeal® Saves a Major Bakery Company $100,000


One of the world’s largest commercial baking corporations was experiencing flour leakage through the shaft penetrations on its bakery mixers.


The CinchSeal 9700 eliminated the loss of flour. It also reduced mixer downtime and protected the shaft from damage. These benefits have provided the company with a documented... (read more)

CinchSeal - CinchSeal Saves Largest Food Manufacturer $160,000


The world’s largest food and beverage company was experiencing flour leakage due to shaft penetrations on its tilt-bowl dough mixers.


The CinchSeal 9700 rotary shaft seals eliminated the flour leakage and also reduced downtime for the dough mixers. Their high performance and long life provided a documented... (read more)

CinchSeal - Self-adjusting rotary air lock seals

CinchSeal's Rotary Air Lock Seals (read more)

CinchSeal - Zero maintenance rotary shaft seals

Our 7500 Series CinchSeals are designed for zero maintenance due to the unique self-adjusting design. These are ideal for industrial screw conveyors, bucket elevators, and similar bulk solid applications. (read more)

CinchSeal - Custom ATEX-Certified CinchSeal Prevents Explosion

While ATEX certification is specific to the European Union, it provides a powerful incentive for use around the globe. CinchSeal’s ATEX certification gives users peace of mind that the rotary shaft seal they are using offers the quality and reliability that keep people safe. (read more)

CinchSeal - CinchSeal Custom Rotary Seals for Spice Processing

At any point throughout the manufacturing process, leaks can be a detriment to the entire production line, putting products at risk of waste and contamination. CinchSeal's rotary shaft seals offer a long-term solution that will help improve your productivity and profitability. (read more)

CinchSeal - CinchSeal Keeps The Vitamin Industry Healthy

Keeping The Vitamin Industry Healthy

During a world pandemic, it's more important, now than ever, to take vitamins. Vitamin manufacturers carry a responsibility to ensure the supplements you are taking are safe to ingest and free of contaminants that result from leaks. With the right equipment and sealing solutions, these manufacturers can minimize concerns of contamination... (read more)

CinchSeal - Bakery Dough Flo Seal Prevents Leakange

Designed for bakery customers experiencing product leakage and sanitation issues due to dough/water leaking out the ends of the dual shafts on their dough pump augers. (read more)

CinchSeal - Rotary Shaft Seals Designed for Zero Maintenance

7500 Series CinchSeals are designed for zero maintenance due to the unique self-adjusting design. These are ideal for industrial screw conveyors, bucket elevators, and similar bulk solid applications. (read more)

CinchSeal - CinchSeal Li-ion Battery Seal - 6500 Model

In harsh Lithium Battery Powder applications – sealing powders and coating slurries for making anodes and cathodes - CinchSeal rotary shaft seals eliminate the need to replace processing equipment as they prevent cross-contamination of battery mix, product leakage and loss, bearing failure, shaft damage, frequent cleaning, and unscheduled downtime and maintenance. (read more)

CinchSeal - CinchSeal Products Help Pet Food Industry

How CinchSeal Helps the Pet Food Processing Industry

CinchSeal has been proudly serving pet food equipment manufacturers with the most complete pet food bulk-material processing solutions in the industry. Our shaft sealing solutions helped save one manufacturer $10,400 per year in labor. Learn how CinchSeal rotary shaft seals are helping to keep the pet food safe. (read more)

CinchSeal - Major Differences Between A Lip Seal And CinchSeal

It can be hard to understand what people are talking about when it comes to shaft seals. Not only are there quite of few kinds—O-rings, braided packing, mechanical face seals and so on—but it’s sometimes difficult to know which kind is under discussion. For example, lip seals have been called mechanical seals, which causes them to get confused with mechanical face seals. (read more)

CinchSeal - Help Power Protein Powder Industry with CinchSeal

CinchSeal Helps Power the Protein Industry

Manufacturing in the protein processing industries uses mixers, blenders, agitators, dryers, and boilers to extrude, separate, concentrate, evaporate, and dry the final product. Learn

  • How to make processing as efficient and productive as possible
  • How to make sure high....
(read more)
CinchSeal - 4 Ways CinchSeal Improves Cheese Processing

The global cheese ingredients market is projected to reach $102.14 billion by 2022. The demand for cheese, as a key ingredient, in various cuisines is rising globally – with the production of cheese spreads, shredded cheese, cheese powder, and all kinds of melted and liquid cheese types.

If you’re in the business of processing cheese, you probably know how costly it ca... (read more)

CinchSeal - Extend the Lifespan of a Pug Mill with CinchSeal

How CinchSeal Extends the Lifespan of a Pug Mill

A Pug Mill is a vital piece of equipment in many manufacturing plants. A fully-functional machine is integral for the success of your processing operations. Protecting and maintaining bearings, gears and shafts should be a top priority. CinchSeal's rotary shaft seals offer a long-term solution that will help improve the life... (read more)

CinchSeal - Poly Split CEMA Seal for conveyors, mixing and blending equipment

The model PS CinchSeal® is maintenance free and designed to seal screw conveyors, mixing and blending equipment. It is manufactured out of polypropylene and stainless steel to handle dry powder and slurry products in the food service, pharmaceutical and chemical industries where stainless steel is required. (read more)

CinchSeal - Split SS Seal Meets USDA Standards for Indirect Food Contact

The 9700 split seal is machined out of stainless steel and all internal parts meet USDA standards for indirect food contact. This split seal is recommended for all other industries such as food and cheese processing, spices and flavorings, pharmaceutical and chemical that require stainless steel due to caustic wash downs and sanitary requirements. (read more)