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Cobham Antennas Systems - L-band and S-band antennas for space applications

Cobham Antennas Systems has developed and manufactured several L-band and S-band antennas for space applications.

We work closely with our customers to provide a cost-effective service where the customer provides expertise on materials for space applications and we provide a bespoke product that meets the demanding electrical and mechanical requirements.

Antenna structures... (read more)

Cobham Antennas Systems - Electronic Warfare (EW) Antennas

Cobham Antenna Systems have a proven portfolio of ultra wideband omni antennas in the range of 150MHz to 40GHz covering all bands in which high-power amplifiers operate.
Effective countermeasures for field operations are becoming mandatory, as commercially available RF products continue to be used for IED triggers. Denying enemy operators their use of the RF spectrum is of critica... (read more)

Cobham Antennas Systems - Link16 Antennas for Tactical Comms (0.96-1.275GHz)

Model XVO7-960-1215/1120 is a high gain omni antenna for Link16, MIDS, JTRS and JTIDS high data rate transmission systems. (read more)

Cobham Antennas Systems - QUICK FIND ANTENNA SEARCH

The Cobham Antenna Systems facility in Cheveley, Newmarket, is a centre of excellence for the design and manufacture of our range of microwave antennas.

This facility is designed to manufacture high volume commercial products, while smaller, individual manufacturing cells provide specialist, highly technical facilities for military and security products.

We have the flexibi... (read more)

Cobham Antennas Systems - Unmanned Systems Antennas

Unmanned Systems provide many operational functions including airborne surveillance, video transmission, border patrol and tactical systems. In all cases uninterrupted communication to the control centre is vital. (read more)

Cobham Antennas Systems - Ultra-Wideband Gooseneck Antennas

Cobham Introduces Two Ultra-Wideband Gooseneck Antennas.

The OA2-2.1-5.9-GN-ST/9625 and OA2-2.1-5.9-GN-SRT/9626 are the latest additions range of spring and gooseneck mount antenna range. These ultra-wideband antennas cover the frequency range 2.00 – 6.00GHz and offer almost 5dBi gain in the higher frequencies.

These antennas have been primarily... (read more)

Cobham Antennas Systems - Link16, High Gain, Sector Antennas

Sector antennas have been developed for Link16 ground-to-air applications providing longer range of operation when compared to traditional omni antennas. Model SA9-180-0.96-1.22V/1814 (NATO Stock No 5985-99-476-6387) is also qualified for maritime applications. (read more)

Cobham Antennas Systems - The First in a Range of High Power Spiral Antennas

Cobham Antenna Systems is pleased to announce the FPA-0.7-2.7R/2319 which is the first in a new range of high power directional spiral antennas. (read more)

Cobham Antennas Systems - Security and Surveillance Antennas

Antennas for remote monitoring of CCTV, video and network security, motion and perimeter protection, PIR, RF intruder detection, remote monitoring, covert systems. Light weight antennas are required at the front line and base station antennas at control office. (read more)

Cobham Antennas Systems - Space | Satellite Antennas

Cobham Antennas Systems has developed and manufactured several L-band and S-band antennas for space applications. We work closely with our customers to provide a cost effective service where the customer provides expertise on materials for space applications and Cobham provide a bespoke product which meets the demanding electrical and mechanical requirements. (read more)

Cobham Antennas Systems - Broadcast Antennas

A range of antennas is available for COFDM, ENG (Electronic News Gathering) News Distribution, Video Camera to Outside Broadcast van or via 3G, 4G and future networks. (read more)

Cobham Antennas Systems - Dual-Polar Base Station MIMO Sector Antenna Range

A range of dual-polar MIMO sector antennas covering the UHF, 2GHz, 3GHz, 4GHz and 5GHz bands. (read more)

Cobham Antennas Systems - C-Band Omni Antennas - Circular Polarised

Vehicle-to-vehicle, high data rate mesh tactical communications (read more)

Cobham Antennas Systems - Dual-Polar MIMO C-Band Antenna Range

Customisable C-Band antennas covering 4.40 - 5.00GHz (read more)

News articles and press releases for Cobham Antennas Systems:


Cobham Antenna Systems is pleased to announce the FPA-0.7-2.7R/2319, which is the first in a new range of high power, directional spiral antennas.


SWISSto12 has been awarded funding from the European Space Agency’s ARTES program to develop and test additive manufactured satellite user antennas (i.e. user terminal front ends). Cobham Antenna Systems joins the project with in kind contributions.


Cobham Antenna Systems, a market-leading supplier of antennas, is proud to announce the sponsorship of the Liverpool University Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) team taking part in IMechE’s UAS Challenge 2015.


A range of dual-polar MIMO sector antennas covering the UHF, 2GHz, 3GHz, 4GHz and 5GHz bands. The range offers excellent coverage (azimuth beamwidths 60°, 90° and 120°) with peak gains of 14 - 17dBi.


A range of compact and rugged C-Band antennas with interleaved elements coveringthe 4.40 - 5.00GHz frequency band.


Cobham's range of DAS antennas can now be downloaded from iBwave's online database


A new range of almost 100 MIMO antennas for various uses and applications.


Cobham Antenna Systems, Microwave Antennas (Cobham), a leading antenna producer, has developed a dual-polar UHF sector antenna for use in the ‘White Space’ frequency bands.


Not subject to ITAR, this sinuous spiral antenna is suitable for security, surveillance and EW applications.


Low Profile, Ultra Wideband Antenna for DAS, with new DAS brochure listing other antennas suitable for this application


A new Link16 Antenna catalogue with technical information and new products is available in digital-pages format for quick and easy viewing.


In partnership with Jenkins Engineering Defence Systems and BAE Systems Australia, Cobham Antenna Systems has developed and built a new antenna solution for the Royal Australian Navy's ship borne, ship-to-air NATO Link16 data link systems


A new Multi-beam antenna has been developed to enable MIMO radio system operators to meet their goal of 1 Gbps/km2 within a cell. New brochure available.


A new, fully illustrated 104-page antenna catalogue is available in PDF format to download and printed.


Cobham Antenna Systems, Microwave Antennas are pleased to have supplied the London Fire Brigade with antennas that have been mounted on the mobile Command Unit vehicles.


Ensure communications links are maintained between UAV and ground control station by 'Avoiding Polarisation Mismatch'


Covering the C-band in two parts, 4.40 to 4.80 GHz and 5.70 to 5.90GHz, each antennas has left-hand circular polarization, 5dBiC gain, and beamwidth of 360 degrees azimuth by 22 degrees elevation


This new antenna is designed for rail, bus and other demanding applications. Includes active GPS antenna for asset tracking.


Cobham Antenna Systems, Microwave Antennas has designed a miniature Multi Sector antenna in the 2.0-2.7GHz band for use with COFDM radios.


The Boeing X-48B scale prototype that includes aerodynamic blade antennas has now had 80 test flights.

The BuNGee Project 04/30/2010

This is a new Consortium funded by the European Commission. We are rsponsible for the design of appropriate individual radiating elements.


MARK Resources has mounted a set of antennas developed by Cobham Antenna Systems, Microwave Antennas in an array on a specially designed frame to meet the requirements for their new radar system.


The antenna was mounted beneath their balloon gondola. The successfully achieved objective was to measure trace gases and cloud properties in the upper troposphere and stratosphere.

New C-Band Brochure 01/14/2010

New leaflet available as a PDF download featuring C-band Antennas (4.0 to 5.0GHz)


As of 1st March 2009, European Antennas Ltd. began trading as Cobham Antenna Systems, Microwave Antennas. Name change follows the announcement by Cobham that all their companies will adopt the refreshed Cobham image and trade under the Cobham brand.


European Antennas Ltd has supplied Domo Ltd and Reveal Media with antennas for their Body Worn Video System trialed by Kent Police in a full scale public order training exercise.


European Antennas has developed a range of Thuraya satellite antennas with integrated GPS, low profile and hemi omni, that can be used with all Thuraya satellite telephone docking units and the Thuraya moduel SM2500.


European Antennas have designed and supplied flat panel antennas to BAE Systems for a CW Doppler radar system operated by QinetiQ


European Antennas has designed and manufactured antennas for Thales communication systems for GSM-R and CSR coverage in Channel Tunnel Rail Link and St Pancras International Station