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CoorsTek - Translucent Ceramic Tubes and Rods

Translucent Tubes and Rods Offer Sapphire-Like Properties at a Lower Cost. CoorsTek polycrystalline tubes and rods are crafted from 99.9% alumina. Sintered at very high temperatures (~1850°C) under reducing conditions, CoorsTek high-purity translucent alumina offers properties nearly identical to sapphire at considerably lower cost. (read more)

CoorsTek - Ceramic Mirrors, Optics & Structures for Aerospace

CoorsTek silicon carbides (SiC) are engineered and optimized specifically for optics and imaging applications which demand high stiffness, low mass, and thermal stability. Our silicon carbides are ideally suited for mirrors, focal plane array components, and structural supports used in aerospace and specialized ground-based optical systems. (read more)

CoorsTek - Ceramic Components for Household Durables

CoorsTek applies our ceramic expertise to design custom components and assemblies for consumer and household use. Each product is designed to last longer while improving efficiency and quality. (read more)

CoorsTek - Advanced Ceramic Components for Sensors

CoorsTek leads the market in ceramic sensor components - delivering over 100,000,000 advanced ceramic sensor components every year. For over three decades, CoorsTek has helped OEMs and their suppliers select the best design, material, process, and secondary services to ensure exceptional quality and high-performance sensor components. (read more)

CoorsTek - Technical Ceramic Components for Microelectronics

Ceramic microelectronic components are used in active and passive devices that enable high-performance electronics to be used in all kinds of environments and applications — in aerospace, automotive, communications, computers, medical, and a large variety of electronic instruments, industrial equipment, and consumer appliances. (read more)

CoorsTek - Technical Ceramic Component Manufacturing

At its core, CoorsTek provides custom ceramic and advanced material manufacturing solutions. Our engineers excel at working with you to find the optimal materials and manufacturing methods for your specific application. From aircraft armor to zirconia tubes, we make it. . .or doubtlessly can. Contact CoorsTek today to discuss your engineering challenge. (read more)

CoorsTek - CeraPure Custom Ceramic Medical Device Components

CoorsTek is a world leader in medical ceramics manufacturing. Our innovative CeraPure™ medical-grade engineered ceramics are designed specifically to meet the stringent demands of medical device applications. (read more)

CoorsTek - Fluid Control and Pulsation Equipment

CoorsTek offers a wide variety of standard and custom fluid control products available with various options to resolve most fluid control and power needs. If you are replacing components in an existing application or designing a new system, there are viable options to choose from. (read more)

CoorsTek - CeraSurf® Ceramic for Total Hip Arthroplasty

CoorsTek CeraSurf®-p is a state of the art material used for ceramic bearing surfaces in total hip arthroplasty. Comprised of an alumina matrix composite, CeraSurf®-p incorporates advanced toughening mechanisms to improve the performance of the material. (read more)

CoorsTek - Technical Ceramic Components for Power & Utilities

CoorsTek manufactures tailored components that take advantage of the advanced material properties of engineered ceramics. Every product is produced by CoorsTek from the raw material to the finished technical ceramic, improving the life and reliability of the component. (read more)

CoorsTek - Orthopaedic and Implantable Ceramics

CoorsTek Bioceramics manufactures a variety of technical ceramic components for medical implant applications, including femoral heads and acetabular liners for total hip arthroplasty, brachytherapy device components, neuro/cardio implant device components, cervical and spinal implant components and NeoBone™ ceramic bone filler*. (read more)

CoorsTek - Technical Ceramic Valves and Valve Components

CoorsTek provides industrial-grade valves and valve components that excel in even the most punishing conditions. Made to outperform conventional plastic, metal, carbide-coated, and diffusion alloy materials in corrosive, high-temperature, and high-pressure applications our components are made-to-fit your specific requirements. (read more)

CoorsTek - Technical Ceramic Pumps and Plungers

Ceramic plungers work exceptionally well for most saltwater, chemical, and metering applications. CoorsTek specially-formulated grades of ceramic allow a standard 8 RMS surface finish - dramatically extending packing life. (read more)

CoorsTek - Ceramic Hard Face Seal Components

CoorsTek mechanical hard face seal components are engineered specifically for the individual applications. By controlling the manufacturing of seals from the raw material composition to the high-precision finish, CoorsTek maximizes product quality for long-lasting performance in demanding environments. (read more)

CoorsTek - Ceramics for Semiconductor Wafer Handling

CoorsTek is your partner for custom advanced ceramic components and assemblies to support higher throughput and better yields in your semiconductor processing equipment, Our materials experts are ready to work with you to develop the optimal right solution for your wafer handling, heating, and processing requirements. (read more)

CoorsTek - Ceramics for Lithography & Wafer Inspection

Perfect for next-generation lithography and wafer-handling applications, our ultra-pure ceramic components ensure minimal contamination and provide exceptionally long life performance. (read more)

CoorsTek - Ceramic Components for Ion Implant Equipment

From precision air bearing components and beams to ultra-flat vacuum chucks and thermally stable pins, screws, and frames, advanced ceramic components are engineered for the demanding requirements and delicate nature of ion implant processes. CoorsTek provides advanced, RF-transparent ceramic components for high-performance ion implant equipment. (read more)

CoorsTek - Ceramics for High-Temp Semiconductor Processing

Technical ceramics are a natural choice for semiconductor thermal processing applications including RTP (Rapid Thermal Processing), Epi (Epitaxial), diffusion, oxidation, and annealing. CoorsTek provides advanced material components specifically designed to withstand thermal shocks with high-purity, sturdy, repeatable performance for high-temperature processes (read more)

CoorsTek - Ceramic Components for Dielectric Film Deposition

Semiconductor deposition processes use a combination of volatile precursor gases, plasma, and high temperature to layer high quality thin films onto wafers. Deposition chambers and wafer handling tools need durable ceramic components to stand up to these challenging environments. (read more)

CoorsTek - High-Purity Ceramics for Wafer Processing

CoorsTek engineered technical ceramics are ideal for semiconductor wafer processing applications, including epitaxial growth processing and single crystal pulling. In addition to manufacturing carbon graphite susceptors and quartz crucibles, CoorsTek GaN-on-Si epiwafers provide a lower cost option for developing smaller, faster and cooler power devices. (read more)

CoorsTek - Ceramic Components for Rail Transport Equipment

Robust Ceramic Components for Rail Transport Equipment. Engineered technical ceramics for severe-service, always-on operation of electric and diesel rail transport equipment used for locomotives, high-speed, intercity, commuter, light rail, and people mover transit. (read more)

CoorsTek - Technical Ceramics for Powertrain Components

Extend Powertrain Life & Reliability with Engineered Ceramics. Engine and drivetrain suppliers are using engineered ceramic components to improve the performance, lifetime, and reliability of automobile engines and drivetrains - including balls, bearings, seals, and valves. (read more)

CoorsTek - Advanced Ceramic Components for Automotive Chassis

CoorsTek works with automobile manufacturers and suppliers to provide innovative custom ceramic components for automotive chassis, structural, and body. (read more)

CoorsTek - Ceramic Sensor Components for Automotive Sensing

Using exclusive DuraSense™ hybrid ceramics, CoorsTek provides exceptionally durable oxygen sensors for demanding automotive applications - from bare ceramic parts to platinum metallized, leaded assemblies. DuraSense ceramic components are specifically designed for sensing environments requiring high-performance oxygen ionic conductivity and thermal shock resistance. (read more)

CoorsTek - Technical Ceramics for Ground Vehicle Armor

CoorsTek supplies custom ceramic armor components for use in vehicle protection systems. Our lightweight materials help to increase efficiency while meeting or exceeding the performance of traditional steel-based systems. (read more)

CoorsTek - Ceramic Components for Body Armor

CoorsTek offers lightweight, superior-quality torso plates in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, thicknesses. For over three decades, CoorsTek has worked with top armor integrators to develop the next-generation of advanced ceramic body armor components. (read more)

CoorsTek - CeraShield™ Ceramic Armor Panels for Aircraft

CoorsTek provides some of the lightest armor components by developing specialty materials and processes for superior ballistic performance with minimal weight. Our lightweight technical ceramic tiles employ tight-tolerance manufacturing standards, high-purity formulations, and controlled microstructures to ensure durable performance, and consistently reliable defense to unexpected threats. (read more)

CoorsTek - Antenna, Microwave, & RF Components

Navigation and communication are critical elements when flying. With up to 35 antennas per aircraft in major airliners, reducing weight while ensuring unquestionable reliability are critical factors for aerospace communication. Coortek's ceramic components can be found in many on-board communication systems... (read more)

CoorsTek - Ceramic Substrates for Thick-Film Electronics

CoorsTek developed the standards for thick-film ceramic substrates and continues to provide economical yet durable substrates for hybrid integrated circuits, surface mount devices, sensors, and other thick-film electronics. We help you design a thick-film ceramic substrate tailored to your application. (read more)

CoorsTek - Ceramic Components for Propulsion & Controls

CoorsTek engineered technical ceramic components provide the mission-critical reliability needed for aerospace propulsion and control systems. (read more)

CoorsTek - Automotive-Grade Ceramic Substrates & Components

Alumina and aluminum nitride substrates are used for the demanding critical-duty requirements of hybrid thin-film and thick-film circuitry in today's automobiles. CoorsTek provides a range of automotive-grade options from bare substrates to metallized circuits. (read more)

CoorsTek - Aerospace Components - Technical Ceramic

CoorsTek supplies a variety of critical components for the aerospace and aviation industries. CoorsTek assists the world's foremost aircraft manufacturers by supplying technical ceramics engineered for critical-duty applications. Each component takes advantage of the unique material properties of advanced ceramics. (read more)

CoorsTek - CoorsTek Ceramic Igniters

CoorsTek offers ceramic igniters for hot surface ignition systems in heating applications. These high strength, heat resistant ceramic igniters have become an industry standard in gas heating systems. Their superior materials and rapid heating capabilities provide reliable performance over a long useful life. (read more)

CoorsTek - Ceramic Hollow Fiber Membranes for Filtration

Coorstek ceramic hollow fiber membrane modules offer superior, cost-effective performance for fluid filtration applications. With an innovative design comprised of groupings of hollow fiber tubes, filtered fluids discharge through porous ceramic membranes while waste materials and impurities flow through for disposal. (read more)

CoorsTek - Durable Ceramic Balls for Better Bearings

CoorsTek® Cerbec® silicon nitride ceramic balls are used in high-performance equipment to improve bearing performance. Cerbec balls are lighter, stiffer, smoother, and harder than comparable steel balls. They are also exceptionally durable and have a low thermal expansion, allowing bearings to run at much higher speeds and temperatures with lower torque. (read more)

CoorsTek - CoorsTek Wins the Silver Edison Award for its CeraShield™ Ceramic Armor

CoorsTek, the world’s leading engineered ceramics manufacturer, has received one of the world’s most prestigious international awards for innovation and innovators, the Edison Award. CoorsTek CeraShield™ ceramic armor won the 2017 Silver Edison Award in the category of Applied Technology. (read more)

CoorsTek - Ceramic Components for Upstream Oil Production

CoorsTek offers a wide variety of extremely reliable, heat-stable, and corrosion-resistant components for use in downhole equipment using a range of heavy-duty materials including zirconia, tungsten carbide, silicon carbide, specialty metals, high-performance plastics, and custom material blends. (read more)

CoorsTek - Semiconductor Batch Diffusion & LPCVD Components

CoorsTek provides engineered ceramics components specifically designed for these batch diffusion and LPCVD. (read more)

CoorsTek - Ceramic Components for Plasma Etch Equipment

CoorsTek advanced, high-purity ceramic components are built to withstand the extreme environments in plasma etch (or "dry" etch) chambers - including vapor phase chemical etchants, high voltage RF (radio frequency) and microwave plasma, volatile byproducts, and aggressive cleaning cycles. (read more)

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CoorsTek, the world’s leading engineered ceramics manufacturer, today announced that it has received one of the world’s most prestigious international awards for innovation and innovators, the Edison Award.


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