DCM Tech Corp has promoted these products / services:

DCM Tech Corp - Free DCM Sample Grind

At DCM Tech we know that purchasing a machine like a precision grinder is a big decision. This is why we offer a free, no obligation, sample grind of your parts to show you proven results on a DCM rotary surface grinder. (read more)

DCM Tech Corp - New Video: Updating PLC Battery (FX3U-32MR)

Quickly learn how to update the battery in the FX3U-32MR PLC featured on many DCM grinders. (read more)

DCM Tech Corp - IG 480 SD Surface Grinder

The IG 480 SD is our largest capacity and most powerful DCM style rotary surface grinder. It features a 48” diameter electromagnetic chuck with configuration features of through table vacuum, air or hydraulic clamping. (read more)

DCM Tech Corp - MPI 4562 AC/DC Magnetic Particle Inspection (NDT)

A comprehensive selection of Magnetic Particle Inspection machines for non destructive testing ( NDT ) are available from DCM Tech. The MPI 4562 has AC/DC current capabilities for testing aircraft components, performance crankshafts and critical parts where subsurface flaw detection is required. (read more)

DCM Tech Corp - SG 7000 Flywheel Grinder

The DCM Tech SG7000 Flywheel Grinder is the automotive contingent of the DCM Tech rotary table surface grinder family. The wide array of optional and standard tooling, heavy duty construction features, and industrial heritage provide the best value in the industry. (read more)

DCM Tech Corp - PDG Punch and Die Grinder

The Punch and Die Grinder (PDG), a Rotary Table Surface Grinder, is primarily dedicated to the sharpening of turret press tooling, but also includes the sharpening of rooftop punches and small progressive die details. (read more)

DCM Tech Corp - SG5100 Brake Rotor Grinder

DCM Tech’s SG 5100 Brake Rotor resurfaces light truck and automotive rotors to OEM or better finish and accuracy in minutes. Crosshatch ground finish provides a precision friction surface assuring optimum braking performance and brake pad life. (read more)

DCM Tech Corp - Grinders Available With Touchscreen HMI Controls

As we reach a time where many of our seasoned machinists are starting their migrations to their retirement homes in the South, it is more important than ever to have machines that are easy to operate. DCM Tech has developed new HMI controls with an easy to use, conversational touchscreen interface. (read more)

DCM Tech Corp - Decrease Lapping & Polishing Time

DCM style rotary surface grinders have the power to quickly remove large amounts of stock but also feature a servo driven Z-axis for precision finishing on materials such as glass, sapphire, quartz, aluminum, steel, and more. Variable speed tables and spindle motors allow the operator to dial in different perameters for up to three sequential grinds. (read more)

DCM Tech Corp - Precision Z and X Axis Grinding Now Available

The IG 282 SD is packed with innovative features making it more powerful, precise, and most importantly, even easier to use. The touchscreen HMI controls feature a bright and easy to read display with new features such as automatic maintenance reminders, pre-loaded instruction manuals and PDFs, and an internal memory for repeatable process automation. (read more)

DCM Tech Corp - Big Power. Small Footprint. The DCM IG 080 M.

The Model IG 080 M has all the benefits of a BIG rotary surface grinder but with a small shop footprint. The 18" rotary table and 10HP grinding spindle motor provide strong straight forward grinding performance for rough grinding as well as mid-tolerance work. (read more)

DCM Tech Corp - New: HD Air Disc Brake Rotor Tooling

New stopping distance laws for tractor trailers have caused a changeover to new air disc brake systems in many big rigs. While this change increases the safety of these trucks it also drastically increase the price of maintaince as the brake rotors alone can cost as much over $1,000 per axel. DCM Tech can help. (read more)

DCM Tech Corp - HB3810: Reciprocating Table Milling Machine

The DCM HB 3810 is specially designed for cylinder head and block and engine component resurfacing on aluminum or iron. This powerful and precise machine allows you to offer this service in your shop instead of waiting for these kinds of parts to be resurfaced elsewhere. (read more)