Daco Hand Controllers has promoted these products / services:

Daco Hand Controllers - Control Grips

Control grips act as the direct interface between Man and machine allowing control of essential machine functions. The design of the grip often defines the usability, success and perception of quality of the overall system (read more). (read more)

Daco Hand Controllers - Trackballs

We have designed our trackballs to deliver the highest performance under the most difficult conditions. In many trackballs the encoder shafts used to sense rotation are also used to support the ball. This design leaves the device vulnerable to damage because any shock applied to the ball is transmitted to the encoders. (read more)

Daco Hand Controllers - Displacement Joystick

Our modular displacement joystick range has been developed specifically for applications that require robustness and reliability combined with optimum accuracy and a user-friendly feel (read more)

Daco Hand Controllers - Force Joystick

Force-operated - also known as stiff stick - joysticks have no moving parts, and are therefore extremely reliable. They are an obvious choice for applications that require careful control of movement within a small control space, such as vehicle-mounted or airborne equipment. We are proud to be one of the few specialist companies to engineer our own miniature force-operated joysticks. (read more)

Daco Hand Controllers - A step forward with 3D printing

As its current and potential uses are constantly expanded, 3D Printing has more and more practical uses through increased adaptability - our new Tiertime UP300 comes with 3 specialist print heads and interchangeable build plates. Importantly for us and our customers, it can print in materials that are flexible and strong enough to produce parts for testing new rubber boot designs. This i... (read more)

Daco Hand Controllers - Design changes – fixed control grip - Case Study

A European customer recently installed a new system on board an aircraft. Following airborne trials, the end customer requested ergonomic changes to the fixed control grip.

We delivered design proposal iterations over a 2-week period. Once the new configuration was agreed and the old grip was returned, we delivered the new grip to our customer within a... (read more)