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Dart Controls, Inc. - 125DV200E 2HP NEMA 4X Enclosed

Dart Controls continues its investment in the development of rugged and dependable DC drives. The 125DV200E is the latest example. The cast aluminum powder coated enclosure available in both black and white is rated NEMA 4X for wash down, outdoor and food/sanitary applications. (read more)

Dart Controls, Inc. - DP10 Signal Conditioner / Generator

The DP10 is a panel mounted, multi-purpose signal conditioner/signal generator that allows the operator easy access to required system adjustments. The DP10 may be used in OEM equipment designs, plant operation or laboratory applications. (read more)

Dart Controls, Inc. - Modbus RTU Interface for SCR/BLDC Drives

Many factors are driving the need for more information to and from motor drives of all types. While this need has been fulfilled in larger more expensive drives, only now is it available for FHP/SFHP DC drives. And only from Dart Controls, the leader in small DC drive innovation. (read more)

Dart Controls, Inc. - AC or DC Drive-Which is Best for Small Motors?

There is no clear-cut choice of which technology to use for applications <2HP. Many factors should be considered when selecting a variable speed drive, including: Application Requirements, Ease of Installation and Operation, Cost and Availability, and Maintenance and Support.  This article helps the reader decide, based on their situation, which is best.   (read more)

Dart Controls, Inc. - Micro-Drive PLUS DC Drive/ Process Controller

The MD PLUS from Dart Controls is ideal for water / wastewater treatment and chemical metering pump applications. With ability to operate in 4-20mA follower mode and soon serial communications, this drive is the perfect fit for efficient, reliable plant operation (read more)

Dart Controls, Inc. - New NEMA 4 Hall Effect Speed Sensor

Not only used with Dart's exclusive line of Digital DC drives and Accessories, the PU-R Series find application in simple speed sensing applications utilizing PLC/SCADA supervisory control (read more)

Dart Controls, Inc. - Dart 12-48VDC Drive Outperforms the Rest

Dart Controls announces the new 65E10/65E20 Series low voltage PWM drives for fractional HP DC motors. Feature rich and energy efficient, the advances in these models make it a natural choice for your next battery / solar application or application using a low armature voltage motor. (read more)

Dart Controls, Inc. - DC Drive For Master / Follower Applications

The MD Series from Dart Controls has the ability to be operated in both Master and Follower modes, for easy synchronization of multiple motors (read more)

Dart Controls, Inc. - Digital DC Drives - Now With Serial Communication

The Dart MD Plus Series digital DC motor control now offers serial communication for complete access to drive status and parameters (read more)

Dart Controls, Inc. - Digital Speed Pot - Now With Serial Communication

The ASP40 is a universal closed-loop speed pot used with motor controls of any brand or HP rating. The ASP40 provides configurable LED display of set speed in engineering units, with sophisticated algorithms for closed-loop motor control. The ASP40 may be field configured for Master or Follower mode operation, replacing expensive plc systems. (read more)

Dart Controls, Inc. - 253G 2HP DC Speed Control

The 250 Series offers superb flexibility, reliability, and value. A general purpose, economical control rated to 2 horsepower, it provides the ultimate in standard features and versatility including: dual voltage (120/240VAC), adjustable H.P. settings, packaged power bridge, barrier terminal strip, fully rated-no auxiliary heatsink required, and chassis or NEMA 4/12 enclosure. (read more)

Dart Controls, Inc. - BLDC Drives for Medical Equipment Applications

Dart has offered medical equipment OEM's BLDC drives for over 20 years. The 700/730 Series has been expanded to cover 12-48VDC applications to 1/2HP. A long life of quiet operation of blowers and pumps is a must in these applications - Dart delivers backed by ISO quality, competitive price and ability to customize. (read more)

Dart Controls, Inc. - Most Popular NEMA4/4X DC Drive From Dart

The 253G Series from Dart is our #1 best selling wash down drive. A full 2HP rating in chassis or NEMA 4/4X enclosure; popular options include reversing, current or voltage signal follower, torque/tension control, and more... (read more)

Dart Controls, Inc. - MD10 / MD3 Digital DC Drive

A compact, programmable DC speed control with digital closed loop feedback and LED display for DC motors rated to 2 horsepower. An on-board microprocessor with non-volatile memory, coupled with sophisticated internal software, makes Dart's Micro-Drive the ultimate value in accuracy and control. (read more)

Dart Controls, Inc. - Digital DC Drive From Dart Saves Money

Dart Controls pioneered the use of microprocessors in DC drives nearly 30 years ago. Replacing traditional rotary speed pot with a programmable digital display allows OEM designers and equipment operators the benefit of seeing speed settings in direct units of measure: RPM, time, GPM, FPM, % Output and more (read more)

Dart Controls, Inc. - Digital Speedpot Provides Repeatable Settings

The DP4 Digital Speed Pot from Dart Controls provides a fully programmable potentiometer function in a budget friendly package - with the benefit of a repeatable setting unlike traditional potentiometers (read more)

Dart Controls, Inc. - Hall-Effect Speed Sensor Ends Alignment Worries

Detecting the speed of a motor is a common requirement for industrial applications. The PU Series from Dart Controls overcomes installation, sampling rate, environmental and other application challenges. The simplicity of its design delivers rugged dependability - tens of thousands of PU series are in service today in a wide variety of applications - now in a NEMA 4X version! (read more)

Dart Controls, Inc. - Compact Battery Operated DC Motor Speed Control

The 65 Series from Dart Controls is now RoHS compliant. These PWM DC controls are designed for 12, 24, and 36 volt battery powered equipment operating at 10, 20, 40, or 60 amp continuous current. Features include adjustable maximum speed, minimum speed, current limit, IR compensation, and acceleration. (read more)

Dart Controls, Inc. - The Perfect Control For DC Gearmotors

A general purpose, economical variable speed control for small DC and universal motor applications featuring: dual input voltages of 12/24 VAC or 120/240 VAC with DC output current rating of 2 Amps, adjustable trimpot settings, and quick connect terminal pins. The 15 Series is available in two compa... (read more)

Dart Controls, Inc. - 130 Series Reversing DC Speed Control

The 130 Series reversing control outperforms other dynamic braking and reversing controls by utilizing Dart's unique zero-speed detect and solid state dynamic braking circuits. Many DC regen applications will save money using this product. (read more)

Dart Controls, Inc. - 125 Series DC Speed Control from Dart Controls

A compact, cost-efficient, reliable control for PM, Shunt Wound DC motors and Universal motors (RoHS Compliant 125DV-C Model available upon request; Check with factory for availability of other RoHS Compliant models). The 125 Series variable speed control incorporates up-to-date design and engineering into an amazingly small package. (read more)

Dart Controls, Inc. - Variable AC Voltage Supply 55AC

A dependable, economical and compact variable AC voltage supply manufactured especially for the vibratory feeder, fan, pump, heating, and lighting industries. All models feature single-phase AC input and fully variable AC output. The enclosed version comes with a rugged housing, power on/off switch,... (read more)

Dart Controls, Inc. - Voltage Signal Isolator VSI Series

VSI allows control of variable speed DC motor drives from an external DC input signal by assuing that its output is totally isolated from ground. The output is a filtered, pulse width modulated signal directly proportional to the input speed signal, and can be used with virtually any motor speed control with a reference circuit of +5 to +15 VDC and input impedence greater than 47K ohms. (read more)

News articles and press releases for Dart Controls, Inc.:


Dart is again recognized as one of a select few outstanding supplies to W. W. Grainger


Only Dart Controls can offer Digital DC Motor Controls ideally suited for injection, treatment and batching pumps up to 2HP. Dart also offers more traditional drives with isolated signal follower inputs and integral Auto / Manual switch.


Baking, curing, heat-treating and drying ovens use conveyors to move product through the process quickly and efficiently. Dart Controls offers Digital DC Drives & Digital Accessories that provide several unique enhancements for these applications...


Dart Controls is now offering the most economical NEMA 4/4X rated speed sensor on the market. Excellent for outdoor duty / wash down applications, the PU-R Series comes in a variety of outputs from 1 to 20 pulses/revolution.


Dart is recognized as one of Top 20 Suppliers (3000 total) to Grainger, the largest distributor in North America.


It is important to consider source power, drive and motor as a system when designing drive systems using a brushless DC motor


Dart Controls, Inc. has earned Quality Magazine’s Quality Leadership Top 100 Award for 2011. This award is the result of all Dart Associates considering Quality, Innovation and Customer Service as top priority in everything they do.


The BLM700 brushless drive is a 2010 Design News Best New Product finalist


Dart has agreed to market Invertek AC drives to its customers


Dart Controls' commitment to quality has resulted in their ISO 9001:2008 certification of Quality Management Systems


Dart Controls among top four Indiana companies in US Senate productivity award selection.