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Davies Molding, LLC - Functional Handles & Components

Davies Molding's handles with switch housing and functional elements for machinery and installation doors are suitable for applications where locks with interlocks are used. Allows user to carry out switching functions as required. Elements are not connected. Individual control functions can be implemented. (read more)

Davies Molding, LLC - Thermoset Rubber Ball Knobs

Davies ball knobs come in a wide selection of diameters, materials, and molded-in inserts. There are thousands of uses for ball knobs: lawn mowers, exercise equipment, machinery, valves, spigots, levers and much more. (read more)

Davies Molding, LLC - Cable Glands Enclosure and Panel Accessories

Davies Cable Glands are designed to create a complete seal in enclosures or panel cut-outs where cabling, wiring or tubing passes through. They also protect cables from abrasion. Our cable glands are designed and manufactured to world class standards out of Polyamide (Nylon) with a thermoplastic rubber seal. (read more)

Davies Molding, LLC - Davies Molding is an Authorized Rohde Distributor

Davies Molding is an Authorized Rohde Distributor. View our full offering of Rohde products. (read more)

Davies Molding, LLC - Metric Mountings Now Available!

The most popular lines of standard Davies knobs are now available in metric threads, bushings, and mountings. Please contact us to learn more about all available options. (read more)

Davies Molding, LLC - Control Knobs

Control Knobs are available in Instrument, Pointer and Skirted and Two-Shot Instrument and Skirted.

Distinctive control knobs for special applications with a wide range of sizes and styles to suit your needs. Available in both phenolic and thermoplastic materials, and can be customized to your specification. (read more)

Davies Molding, LLC - Round Fluted Clamping Knobs Series

Davies Molding is pleased to introduce our series of soft touch knobs and handles. Our soft touch parts are molded with a soft thermoplastic overmolded "rubber" top with a tough thermoplastic body underneath. The soft feel of the knob provides a comfortable touch with a sure grip. (read more)

Davies Molding, LLC - Two Point Pull Handles Series #4570

The best economy in plastic handles available in phenolic, thermoplastic and thermoplastic overmold materials. (read more)

Davies Molding, LLC - Hex Hybrid Standoffs

Hex Hybrid Spacer Standoffs are commonly used for mounting electronic hardware (PCBs). The standoff provides support, spacing and insulation for components in a wide variety of applications like electronic enclosures, circuit board assemblies, panels, etc. (read more)

Davies Molding, LLC - Electronic Enclosures

ABS Thermoplastic Electronic Enclosure Cases and Covers are perfect for nearly every hard use for industrial and electronic applications. Easily machined and will not chip or crack during fabrication. (read more)

Davies Molding, LLC - Thermoplastic Custom Molding

For 80 years Davies’ has been molding custom plastic components for all industries, including lighting, lawn & garden, industrial machinery, medical, oil & gas, and many more. Our compression, injection, and transfer molding capabilities provide tremendous flexibility in part design and production. (read more)