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Eldridge Products, Inc. - Need Flow Meters that Can Take the Heat? No Sweat!

The EPI Model 8200MPHT series meters are great for high temperature applications where a remote enclosure is required.

All EPI flow meters are equipped with a robust feature set with a wide selection of standard and normalized units of measure and come with field validation at no extra charge. (read more)


EPI Communicator™

EPICommunicator™ (EPICom™) is free proprietary software for use with the purchase of any Master-Touch™ or ValuMass™ flow meter. It consists of four modules — EPITerm, EPIMeter, ELogger and Modbus — which work together to put complete control of the Master-Touch flow meter in the hands of the user. EPICom™ uses the R... (read more)



Inline style flow meters are plumbed directly into the process piping. A variety of installations / mounting options are available for sizes from 1/4 pipe through 4” pipe ( consult factory for larger pipe sizes). The default assembly includes 316SS schedule 40 pipe. Alternate pipe schedules, Hastelloy C-276 wette... (read more)

Eldridge Products, Inc. - Flow Meters with lower cost and high value

Series AL41 AirLine ™ flow meters offer a lower cost option for many air flow applications with the high value associated with all of EPI’s flow measurement instrumentation. (read more)

Eldridge Products, Inc. - EXPLOSION PROOF - Thermal Mass Flow Meters

This series is great for where agency approvals are required for Explosion Proof area locations. See specifications.

Master-Touch™ Series 8600MP–8700MP Flow Meters

MP Series flow meters are approved for use in hazardous locations (see specifications)

Inline style thermal mass flow meters include a flow section that is usually specifie... (read more)

Eldridge Products, Inc. - Measure Your Flow and Treasure Your Dough!

Series 5xx ValuMass™ flow meters offer a lower cost option for many flow applications with the high value associated with all of EPI's flow measurement instrumentation. (read more)

Eldridge Products, Inc. - Measure Large Flow Areas with Multipoint Systems

Multipoint Systems are designed to measure gas flows where two or more sensing points are required due to large cross-sectional areas, such as large air intake ducts or air exhaust and flue stacks. These systems can have up to 5 sensors on each probe. Our System Control Panel (SCP) will average all sensors from all probes. Many probes can be connected to one SCP. (read more)

Eldridge Products, Inc. - Keep It Clean - High Purity Flow Meters

Our Series 800HPX includes a feature set designed for a variety of Ultra High Purity and High Purity applications including Semiconductor & Displays, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Food & Beverage, and other processes that require a clean hygienic flow meter.

This series includes an industrial explosion proof enclosure. (read more)

Eldridge Products, Inc. - 3...2...1...Flow! Inline Flow Switches

Inline flow switches are available in sizes from 1/4″ pipe through 4″ pipe and are provided with threaded male NPT ends as the standard mounting style. Optional end mounting styles may be specified. (read more)