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FUJIKURA COMPOSITES Inc. - Pressure sensor

Piezoresistive pressure sensor in compact size (read more)

FUJIKURA COMPOSITES Inc. - Anti Vibration Table

The passive anti-vibration table with our bellows air spring (read more)

FUJIKURA COMPOSITES Inc. - Pressure Regulators

Our pressure regulators use a specially-designed diaphragm for supreme pressure & temperature characteristics and reproducibility. (read more)

FUJIKURA COMPOSITES Inc. - High Performance Pneumatic Air Cylinder

Zero Friction Zero Abrasion Long Lasting (read more)

FUJIKURA COMPOSITES Inc. - Thin diaphragm air cylinder


-Super thin-type for a small space.
-Little air-leakageby BF diaphragms.
-Excellent responsibilityto minute pressure variations.
-Smooth Starting even after long intervals.


TC series find its best applications in such cases where air leakage is not allowed and/or sensitive response to minute pressure variation... (read more)

FUJIKURA COMPOSITES Inc. - Resin miniature air regulator


■The most compact construction and weight about 33g allows the best installation in saved space and compact design without care about its weight.
■Excellent performance as air precision regulators at a small flow rate of 5L/min(ANR) or less.
■Extremely little leakage.


■Ideal for applications that are compact and... (read more)

FUJIKURA COMPOSITES Inc. - Precision Air regulator

Adopted rolling diaphragm and measuring capsule for pressure control system (read more)

FUJIKURA COMPOSITES Inc. - Precision Air relay (air operated regulator)

RR series are air-operated type of regulators, and can control output pressure by external pilot pressure input from other regulators. (read more)

FUJIKURA COMPOSITES Inc. - Zero-friction Air bearing air cylinder

Fine Control with ZERO Sliding Resistance
Highly Responsive
Excellent Durability
Custom Orders Available (read more)

FUJIKURA COMPOSITES Inc. - Rolling diaphragm air cylinder

Out standing Air Tightness
Low Hysteresis
No lubricant required (read more)

FUJIKURA COMPOSITES Inc. - Low friction cylinder using special resin packing


■Fluoropolymer is adopted as the seal part material.
■Friction resistance is small and it is able to keep stable.
■Long stroke 300 mm[11.81 in.], heat-resistant 200 ℃[392 ?] specifications are also available.
*Please contact us as it will be custom order.


■Precision pressure control not possible with... (read more)

FUJIKURA COMPOSITES Inc. - Check/Relief/Needle Valves

Our valves fit for general machinary, medical equipments, analytical instruments, etc.
Our new lineup includes high-performance check valves, relief valves and needle valves with adjustability of micro flow rates.

  • Check valves
  • Relief valves
  • Needle valves
(read more)
FUJIKURA COMPOSITES Inc. - Proportional valves

Flow rates are controlled by current.
Unit models with built-in pressure regulators are available.

  • Proportional valves
  • Proportional valve with pressure regulator
(read more)

Our air cylinders respond to the slightest pressure fluctuations and work smoothly at a low speed. (read more)

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