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Flomatic Valves has promoted these products / services:

Flomatic Valves - Solving Wastewater & Modern Roping Challenges

25% of current maintenance issues in wastewater treatment plants are caused by the accumulation of modern debris and trash (read more)

Flomatic Valves - Model 92 – 3? AWWA C508 Swing Check Valve

SIZE RANGE: 2 - 30 inch MAX TEMP: 180°F (80°C) MAX PRESSURE: 200 PSI: 2-12, 150 PSI: 14-30 (read more)

Flomatic Valves - Submersible Check Valves Install: When Where & Why

In a submersible pump application, check valves are critical to stop water from flowing downward in the pipe and returning into the well when the pump is turned off. To reduce the long-term risks and damage of a pump, we understand the critical importance of installing multiple check valves rather than just one check valve in submersible pump applications. (read more)

Flomatic Valves - Preventive Measures For Valve Maintenance

Any type of fluid or air system needs correctly placed valves to regulate flow. Without control, systems are either not functioning to their peak performance or not performing at all. To keep control, every system should undergo valve maintenance. Proper valve care is critical to sustain valve functionality and eliminate disruptions that may be extremely costly down the road. (read more)

Flomatic Valves - Electric vs Pneumatic Actuators & Their Importance

The two most often used types of actuators are pneumatic (air) and electric. These technologies are very different and understanding the benefits and limitations of each one is critical. In general, it’s important to consider the application, location and intended functionality. Throughout this article we explore the benefits of the two most popular actuator types: pneumatic and el... (read more)

Flomatic Valves - Flomatic Announces The 2023 Price List

Flomatic Valves is proud to introduce the '2023 Price List & Product Catalog.' (read more)

Flomatic Valves - Model 302S6 Foot Valve

SIZE RANGE: 2 - 12 inch (50 mm - 300 mm) MAX TEMP: 100°F MAX PRESSURE: 275 PSI at 100°F
Consult factory for pressure rating standards. (read more)

Flomatic Valves - Model 302T Foot Valve

SIZE RANGE: 2 - 24 inch (50 mm - 600 mm) MAX TEMP: 180°F (82°C) MAX PRESSURE: 180 PSI 2-12 / 150 PSI 14-24
Ductile Iron: 2" - 12" & Max Pressure 180 PSI at 180°F
Cast Iron: 14" - 24" & Max Pressure 150 PSI at 180°F (read more)

Flomatic Valves - Model 402BTR2 Globe Style Check Valve

Epoxy coated cast iron silent check globe style, body design for use with class 250 flanges. Bronze resilient seating with stainless steel spring (2"-12"), NITRILE (Buna-N) seal, EPDM seat. (read more)

Flomatic Valves - 402S6/402S6R Globe Style Silent Check Valve

SIZE RANGE: 2 - 12 inch (50 mm -300 mm) MAX TEMP: 200°F (93°C) MAX PRESSURE: 275 PSI at 100°F

402S6R/402S6 - All 316 stainless steel globe style silent check valve, designed for class 150 flanges. Consult factory for pressure rating standards.
Consult factory for additional sizes (read more)

Flomatic Valves - Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coated Model 402

Prevent system surges with our NSF/61 approved model 402 fusion bonded epoxy coated ductile iron globe style check valves. With American Iron and Steel (AIS) compliant options available, Flomatic manufactures valves that meet exact specifications to reduce the potential of water hammer in any system. (read more)

Flomatic Valves - Flomatic's Flo-Trol Automatic Flow Control Valves

Flo-Trol® automatic flow control valves are designed to give constant flow over wide pressure ranges. (read more)


High-quality valves for life, not just the summer. From water drinking fountain needs to groundwater heat pump maintenance, our Flo-Trol® valves are the perfect solution for endless applications. (read more)

Flomatic Valves - The Readily Available AIS Complaint Model 745

American Made. Adaptable. Resilient. Introducing our new American Iron and Steel (AIS) compliant Flo-Flex® Model 745 Swing Check Valve. The same benefits as our original Flo-Flex® Model 745 plus so much more. Consult factory. (read more)

Flomatic Valves - Meet Our Flo-Flex® Model 745 Swing Check Valve

Flomatic’s Flo-Flex® AIS compliant model 745 includes
all the same features as the regular Model 745 with
additional benefits including raised body bosses. (read more)

Flomatic Valves - Our AIS Compliant Model 745 Swing Check Valve

Our new AIS compliant Swing Check Valve Model 745 is manufactured according to ANSI/AWWA C508 standards, it provides the industry one of the broadest lines of flexible rubber disc swing checks available on the market today — ensuring reliability, efficiency, and durability for all needs. (read more)

Flomatic Valves - Meet Our Automatic Hydraulic Control Valves

Our automatic hydraulic control valves reduce high upstream pressure to lower downstream operating pressure regardless of varying upstream pressure and flow rates. (read more)

Flomatic Valves - Main Valve for Water System Applications

The Flomatic Model C000/CA000 Main Valve is a self-contained hydraulically operated, single diaphragm actuated globe or angled body valve with no pilot controls. The valve has three major components: the body with a removable seat, the cover with bushing and the diaphragm assembly. (read more)

Flomatic Valves - Meet Our 408 Ball Check Valves

With short lead times available for our customers worldwide and a variety of valve products in stock, our model 408 ball check valves provide high-performance solutions in the wastewater industry. (read more)

Flomatic Valves - Introducing Our AIS Compliant Ball Check Valves

In stock and on the shelf, our American and Iron Steel (AIS) compliant 6-inch fusion bonded epoxy coated model 408 ball check valves are built to meet AWWA C508 standard and include a nitrile (Buna-N) covered metal sinking ball and stainless steel fasteners. (read more)

Flomatic Valves - AIS Compliant Ball Check Valves

Dependable. Durable. Dedicated. With today’s increased use of non-degradable sanitary products, Flomatic’s American Iron and Steel (AIS) compliant ball check valves are the dependable solution for wastewater treatment applications worldwide. (read more)

Flomatic Valves - Model 48 Drain Back Plug

Model 48 Drain Back - 1" Drain-Back valve in an all stainless steel construction. threads to install into a 1" pipe tee. The reusable spring loaded valve is activated when a weight is dropped, draining the riser pipe automatically. Patented. (read more)

Flomatic Valves - Flomatic Announces AIS Compliant MAXIAIR® Model

Flomatic is pleased to announce the new air and vacuum MAXIAIR model is now available. Built in compliance with the American Iron and Steel (AIS) Act, all components are USA manufactured from USA sourced materials. (read more)

Flomatic Valves - The 8" AIS Compliant Model 408S6 SS Ball Check

“We are proud to support the recently passed Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) and the nationwide investment involving the construction, alteration, maintenance and repair of public water systems” said Nick Farrara, President of Flomatic Valves.

Flomatic is honored to offer the water industry one of the most complete lines of AIS compliant ball check valves on the ma... (read more)

Flomatic Valves - Model 888VFD Wafer Silent Check Valves

Flomatic is excited to announce our Model 888VFD Wafer Silent Check Valves are now available in a size range of 2” thru 10”. The answer to next-generation VFD controlled pump systems, it operates quietly and efficiently across a wide range of flow velocities. (read more)

Flomatic Valves - Flomatic's 5400 Flo-E-Centric Plug Valves

Introducing our fusion bonded epoxy coated ductile iron series 5400 Flo-E-Centric® plug valves built in compliance with ANSI/AWWA C517 standard. (read more)

Flomatic Valves - Swing Check Valves

A swing check valve is a butterfly-style check valve in which the disc, the movable part to block the flow, swings on a hinge or trunnion, either onto the seat to block reverse flow or off the seat to allow forward flow. (read more)

Flomatic Valves - New AIS Compliant Flo-Flex® Foot Valve Model 345

Flomatic Valves is proud to introduce our latest model of American Iron and Steel (AIS) compliant foot valve flapper style swing check valve: the Flo-Flex® Model 345. (read more)

Flomatic Valves - Water Control Valves

Water Control valves can also work with hydraulic actuators (also known as hydraulic pilots). These types of valves are also known as Automatic Control Valves. The hydraulic actuators will respond to changes of pressure or water flow and will open/close the valve. (read more)

Flomatic Valves - Flomatic Announces The Complete Flo-Trol Line

Our most recent additions to our automatic Flo-Trol® line includes ⅜″ through 3″ models and standard flow range offerings from .19 to 120 GPM. Our Flo-Trols offer innovative solutions for endless applications including low-yield water well tanks, tankless water heaters, water softeners, irrigation systems, and UV filters. (read more)

Flomatic Valves - Flo-Trol® Automatic Flow Control Valves

Flomatic is proud to introduce our new 1 1/4″ and 1 1/2″ sizes
and have expanded flow ranges from 0.25 to 30 GPM.
From water drinking fountains to ground water heat pumps, our Flo-Trol valve applications are endless. (read more)

Flomatic Valves - AWWA AIS compliant Model 92 Swing Check Valve

A trusted name since 1933, we manufacture & supply high-quality swing check valves to clients all over the world. (read more)

Flomatic Valves - Tailor-made NSF61 Approved 3-Way Butterfly Valve

Engineering you can trust. We're currently assembling this beautiful tailor-made & NSF61 approved 3-way butterfly valve for our friends in the irrigation industry. We are proud to manufacture custom-made valve products that fit our customer's ever-changing application needs. Interested in learning more?

Contact Flomatic Valves for our custom-made product spec and pricing... (read more)

Flomatic Valves - Flomatic introduces AIS Control Valves 1 ¼” - 36”

Flomatic is pleased to announce full compliance with the American Iron & Steel (AIS) provisions for affected Federal/State Revolving Fund projects on their Automatic Control Valve product family. (read more)

Flomatic Valves - Flomatic® announces new SS Cycle Gard® IV CB152SST

Flomatic is proud to introduce the new Stainless Steel direct acting constant pressure pump control valve with tappings, Model Cycle Gard ® IV CB152SST. This flow efficient globe style, all stainless steel body is equipped with a 1” NPT size female inlet threads and with a 1” NPT union end female outlet connection. (read more)

Flomatic Valves - Ball Check Valve All stainless steel construction

Flomatic® Corporation introduces their new Model 508S6 Ball Check Valve; a simple, yet reliable 316 stainless steel check valve. Among others, it features a full-ported valve seat uniquely designed to allow a strong phenolic ball to seat on a Nitrile (Buna-N) seat. For vacuum or anti-flooding valve applications, an optional "floating" rather than "sinking" ball is used.... (read more)

Flomatic Valves - Flo-Trol® Automatic Flow control valve designed for constant flow

Flo-Trol® automatic flow control valves are designed to give constant flow over a wide pressure range. The internal controlling mechanism has no moving parts and consists only of a flexible orifice that varies with applied pressure maintaining a constant flow rate.

(read more)

Flomatic Valves - Flomatic introduces SS Wafer Silent Check Valve

Flomatic is pleased to announce the release of their new Wafer Style Silent Check Valve compatible with VFD Controlled Pumps in an all 316 stainless steel valve body, stainless steel poppet, seat ring, and spring. (read more)

Flomatic Valves - Introducing Model 888VFD Wafer Style Check Valves

Designed to minimize flow loss and hydraulic shock in pump systems, our NSF/ANSI 61 & 372 certified Model 888VFD’s patented spring-loaded poppet system provides a stable, quiet, efficient operation for industrial applications and municipalities alike. (read more)