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G. Bopp USA Inc. - Perfect sound and optimum protection with G. Bopp

Perfect sound can only be achieved when all components in an assembly are of the highest quality. One of the most relevant specialist fields in this respect is materials science. Working in close cooperation with renowned acoustics specialists, BOPP has developed the versatile AM product range, which due to its acoustic dampening properties contributes to high performance sound technology. (read more)

G. Bopp USA Inc. - Twilled dutch mesh weave produces smallest pores


For monofilaments, a twilled dutch mesh weave produces the smallest pores and a smooth mesh surface, whilst the larger mate­rial cross section gives higher levels of mesh stability. When passing through a twilled dutch mesh, the particles must negotiate five offset pore levels. This means that ob­long, thin, rod-shaped and fibrous particles are s... (read more)

G. Bopp USA Inc. - Betamesh for high flow rates & great dirt removal


Betamesh is a further development from plain weave mesh. In comparison to the standard plain weave, it has a greater pore count, and the pores on the surface are smaller than the inner pores. The mesh therefore achieves higher flow rates and greater dirt removal capabilities, and also features exceptional backwashing performance. These meshes are generally used for... (read more)


Wafer metallisation is a vital element in the production process. This is achieved through the application of specialised screen printing techniques, generally using high precision stainless steel meshes. MESH PROPERTIES

  • Application-specific meshes
  • Exact control of thickness using precision calendaring processes and the narrowest thickness tolerances<.../li>
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G. Bopp USA Inc. - Equipment for both wet and dry screening


BOPP SI steel meshes are recommended and used across the globe by leading screening machine manufacturers, in equipment for both wet and dry screening, in vibration and eddy current screening, in the production of:

  • Chemical products
  • Foodstuffs and spices
  • Stone and soil preparation (minerals, diamond sizing, ores, al...
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G. Bopp USA Inc. - Meshes developed for energy generation & storage

ENERGY MANAGEMENT - BOPP offers a range of specialist meshes developed for specific applications in energy generation and storage, with the focus primarily on the production of fuel cells and the manufacture of high performance batteries.

Areas of Application

  • Generation of alternative energy for commercial and domestic use

Mesh spe... (read more)

G. Bopp USA Inc. - Woven mesh - common in the field of acoustics

In recent years, the use of premium woven mesh has become far more common in the field of acoustics. Alongside other potential applications, we differentiate between two fundamentally different forms of use, namely applications in the entertainment industry and industrial applications such as the aircraft industry.


  • Loudspeakers, bass boxes
  • Hea...
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For challenging applications in filtration, sintered steel meshes are now increasingly used instead of filter meshes. Here, a selected range of meshes are bonded together using heat and pressure. This effectively combines the performance advantages of each individual mesh layer and results in optimisation of the filtration process. The resultant bonded mesh enables the finest filtration... (read more)

G. Bopp USA Inc. - Chromatography Frits

G Bopp USA offers custom fabricated components and services for chromatography Frits in 316L, 904L, and C22 used for purification and synthesis applications in the biopharmaceutical industry. (read more)

G. Bopp USA Inc. - Bopp FI Precision Woven Filter Mesh

For 130 years, Bopp has been the recognized leader in the production of precision woven wire mesh. In alloys ranging from 304 and 316 Stainless to Hastelloy C-22 and Inconel 625, Bopp is known for holding the tightest tolerances on woven wire mesh. (read more)

G. Bopp USA Inc. - BOPP Engineering, Fabrication and Logistics

For over 130 years, Bopp has been recognized as the leader in precision woven wire mesh. From concept to final production, our team of engineers will help you along, selecting the correct alloy and opening based on the requirements at hand. Value-added services include welding, calendaring, speciality coatings, heat treating, slitting, and stamping. (read more)

G. Bopp USA Inc. - High Performance Acoustic Mesh

BOPP has developed the versatile AM product range, which due to its acoustic dampening properties contributes to high performance sound technology.

The AM LR range has expanded this product portfolio. Low Rayl meshes are acoustically transparent and therefore provide optimum protection against external influences, preventing damage to sensitive acoustic components. (read more)

G. Bopp USA Inc. - BOPP SI Wire cloth for sieving and sizing

BOPP SI is the name behind our comprehensive range of wire cloth developed specifically for sieving and sizing applications. We recognize the responsibility we bear and the important role our wire cloth plays in terms of the quality of our customers' products. We are proud to manufacture BOPP SI wire cloth as a precision tool for sieving and sizing. (read more)

G. Bopp USA Inc. - Precision Woven Screen Printing Mesh

G. Bopp USA offers a wide variety of precision-woven wire mesh options for printing on solar cells, sensors, capacitors, and other applications where fine lines are required. The Bopp SD range offers a comprehensive selection of stainless steel items down to a 15 micron wire diameter, and designed specifically for screen printing applications. Post-weaving fabrication includes calendarin... (read more)

G. Bopp USA Inc. - Custom Filter Plates for Nutsche Filters

G Bopp USA offers custom fabricated components and services for Nutsche filters used predominantly in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. (read more)

G. Bopp USA Inc. - Value-added Services for Slitting & Custom Meshes

The value-added services of slitting and custom-sized, cut pieces are now being offered for Bopp's comprehensive line of precision woven wire mesh (read more)

G. Bopp USA Inc. - Sintered Mesh - Fluid Bed Granulation

Bopp is the leading manufacturer of woven and sintered laminates for pharmaceutical applications throughout the world. From wire drawing to final inspection, Bopp manufactures precision wire mesh in 316L and C-22 for the most challenging applications. Bopp is recognized around the world for quality, responsiveness, and customer service in all areas related to filtration and separation. (read more)

G. Bopp USA Inc. - Bopp Mesh Counter

Compact, yet powerfully precise. Bopp USA offers a practical solution to quality and process control. (read more)

G. Bopp USA Inc. - Extruder Screen Packs

Extruder Screen packs from BOPP USA are manufactured utilizing state of the art equipment and processes, ensuring optimum consistent performance in use. They are robust, stable and demonstrate the highest levels of accuracy. (read more)