Gorbel Inc. has promoted these products:

Gorbel Inc. - Work Station Cranes

Gorbel® Work Station Cranes are a proven way to improve productivity, increase quality, and provide a safer work environment. (read more)

Gorbel Inc. - G-Force Intelligent Lifting Device

G-Force Lifting Devices are a smart alternative to traditional hoists and air balancers. (read more)

Gorbel Inc. - Ceiling Mounted Monorail Fall Protection Systems

When floor space is at a premium, ceiling mounted monorails can provide unparalleled fall protection while maintaining an open floor plan for material handling, production, or related activities. (read more)

Gorbel Inc. - New Ranger Mobile Anchor Fall Protection Device

The Ranger Mobile Anchor represents complete flexibility in fall arrest anchors.
Used in conjunction with a full body harness and retractable lanyard, the Ranger Mobile Anchor provides complete fall arrest "on the go." (read more)

Gorbel Inc. - Q/iQ Easy Arm™ Intelligent Lifting Device

Forget hoists and air balancers! For unparalleled precision at speeds up to 180 fpm, consider Gorbel's Easy Arm™. This all-in-one turnkey lifting solution combines the brains of our G-Force® Intelligent Assist Device with the ease of an articulating jib crane. Available in 150, 330 and 660 lb. capacities. Pivots in two places for easy access to hard-to-reach places. (read more)

Gorbel Inc. - Remain Current on Latest Trends

Learn how Gorbel overhead cranes and lifting devices can help your bottom line and safety culture through increased productivity, fewer operator injuries, and decreased product damage. (read more)

Gorbel Inc. - Aluminum Gantry Cranes

Gorbel Aluminum Gantry Cranes are a lightweight lifting solution for easy lifting in areas that require infrequent lifts. (read more)

Gorbel Inc. - Cleveland Tramrail® Underhung Cranes

Need to move loads up to 40 tons? We can help! Cleveland Tramrail® by Gorbel line of patented track cranes can handle loads up to 40 tons. (read more)

Gorbel Inc. - Engineered Fall Arrest Anchorage Selection

Gorbel's Tether Track™ Rigid Rail Fall Arrest Anchor Systems are a cost effective way to reduce the risk of injury in elevated work environments. Standard systems are designed to support multiple workers, each weighing up to 310 lbs with tools. Tether Track™ is designed to exceed the OSHA 1926 Subpart M Construction standard as well as ANSI Z359 Fall Protection... (read more)

Gorbel Inc. - Ceiling Mounted Work Station Cranes

Gorbel's Ceiling Mounted Work Station Cranes are great for lifting in areas with limited floor space for supporting columns. (read more)

News articles and press releases for Gorbel Inc.:


Gorbel's Pivot Pro Articulating Jib Crane is helping a manufacturer of flooring materials make their packaging process safer.


G-Force® helps company go from environmentally friendly to ergonomically friendly


Gorbel work station crane helps granite shop handle huge stone slabs with no injuries and no product damage caused by lifting.


Gorbel's G-Force® stands up to the heat during a heat treat process for a leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment.


A custom crane configuration from Gorbel helped a small machine shop maximize their space.


Gorbel's Easy Arm is helping a castings company reduce injuries and increase productivity.


A Gorbel Articulating Jib Crane is helping keep the Chesapeake Bay Bridge in top condition.


Workers at a transmission assembly plant now prefer their new Gorbel Work Station Cranes to the I-Beam cranes they had been using.


The switch to "green" buses has created a fall hazard for employees doing bus maintenance for the Transportation Authority.


Gorbel's Easy Arm is helping eliminate injuries and reduce fatigue for employees of a company that makes sewage pumps.


Gorbel's Easy Arm is helping a manufacturer increase production in one work cell by 500%.


“This crane is a lifesaver,” said the operator. “I’ve been here for 30 years, and without the crane, I’m sure I wouldn’t be doing this now.”


Renegade Custom Coaches uses Gorbel Tether Track Fall Arrest Anchor Systems to keep their employees safe when working in elevated environments.


A hydraulic cylinder maker is using Gorbel's new higher capacity G-Force Intelligent Lifting Device to help employees avoid shoulder and back injuries.


Gorbel has now added a 1320 lb G-Force Intelligent Lifting Device, making the capacity range of the unit from 165 to 1320 lbs.


Twin G-Force units from Gorbel are helping a US manufacturer reduce worker injury and fatigue.


Pet Food Company Takes Pain Out Of Processing with Gorbel Crane


Gorbel Work Station Cranes helped a fabrication shop double their productivity.


A Cleveland Tramrail® by Gorbel crane system is helping a Wisconsin paper company reduce employee injuries.


Gorbel's Easy Arm is helping a turbine motor overhaul center decrease injuries and increase productivity.


Gorbel is pleased to announce a new addition to their product line: the Tether Track Rigid Rail Anchor System. Tether Track Anchor Systems are a reliable, cost effective way to reduce the risk of injury in elevated work environments.


Gorbel Inc. is pleased to introduce their new Tool Solutions Product Line, featuring light capacity jib cranes, trolleys, and a festoon saddle for applications that involve suspended tools.


Gorbel is pleased to introduce their newly redesigned Easy Arm® Intelligent Lifting Arm. The new Q and iQ Easy Arm features larger capacities, longer spans, and more intelligence capabilities.


Gorbel's Easy Arms are helping a turbine motor overhaul center reduce back injuries.


Gorbel Work Station Cranes are helping a pulp and paper manufacturer eliminate back injuries and product damage.


The Easy Arm is a surprising change of pace for operators in a recreational vehicle manufacturing plant. It has replaced manual lifting and operators are happy it's making the process easier, unlike their experience with other lift assist devices.


Gorbel's Pivot Pro Articulating Jib Crane is helping a pump manufacturer palletize boxes with more ease for the operator and less stress on the vacuum tube.


The new Pivot Pro™ is a light duty articulating jib crane specially designed for capacities up to 150 lbs. Its smaller capacity allows it to have a lighter, less bulky design, so it’s easy to move even in high repetition applications like palletizing.


Case Study: New Gorbel System allows operators to increase efficiency by 25%


Case Study: Gorbel Aluminum Bridge Crane saves space with a lighter system customized to be able to handle heavier loads.


Case Study: Gorbel Free Standing unit decreases Muscular Skeletal Disorders without restricting floor space.


Case Study: Control and Ability of the G-Force increases efficiency and reduces operator injury


Case Study: G-Force gives customer smooth operation and infinite control needed to reduce injuries & complaints from operators, reducing the overall cost of manufacturing.


Case Study: Gorbel Work Station Bridge Crane replaces fork trucks to free up floor space.


Case Study: Gorbel Free Standing Bridge Crane Reduces Worker Fatigue & Injury.


Case Study: Gorbel Work Station Crane's Track Record of Worker Safety Earns it a place in a Paper Manufacturing Plant.


Case Study: Gorbel Ceiling Mounted Bridge Crane sovles a complicated lifting problem for a fraction of the cost of other alternatives.


Case Study: Gorbel G-Force transforms a dangerous 3 person job into a safer more efficient 2 person job.


Case Study: Gorbel Work Station Jib allows for more safe, efficient environment for maintaining factory machinery.


Case Study: Gorbel G-Force increases worker safety, productivity & job satisfaction.


Case Study: Gorbel I-Beam Jib Crane fills need of the customer without requiring changes to the existing structure.


Case Study: Gorbel Easy Arm Produces Results. Manufacturer & Employees thrilled with increased productivity and decreased product damage.


Case Study: Gorbel Easy Arm improves erganomics for a fraction of the cost of other alternatives.


Gorbel is pleased to announce that Tim Witter has been named their new Vice President of Operations.


Gorbel has expanded their G-Force line of lifting devices to include the 660 lb (300 kg) Q and iQ units.


Gorbel has expanded their manufacturing to Asia with the opening of their new plant in outside Beijing, China.


Free Standing Pre-Engineered Tarca™ Crane Systems Gorbel's Free Standing Pre-Engineered Tarca Crane Systems are now Available in Standard Capacities Up to 5 Tons


New Online Specification Resource Site helps architects and engineers specify overhead cranes


Gorbel celebrates the grand opening of their new sales facility outside Detroit with an Open House on January 19


Gorbel Expands Their Easy Arm Line With the Addition of a Platform Mounted Model


Case Study: Easy Arm™ replaces manual lifting of transmission housings


Gorbel has introduced two new handle options to their product line.