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HG Optronics, Inc. - High Nonlinearity BBO Crystal

Explore HGO's BBO crystals with unmatched UV nonlinearity and broad transparency range. (read more)

HG Optronics, Inc. - Discover LBO and BBO Nonlinear Crystals

Unleash the Power of Laser Performance (read more)

HG Optronics, Inc. - High-Efficiency Nd:YVO4 Laser Crystals

Explore the diverse application prospects of high-efficiency Nd:YVO4 laser crystals. (read more)

HG Optronics, Inc. - Plano-Convex Rectangular Cylindrical Lenses

Plano-convex rectangular cylindrical lenses are useful for line imaging or uni-axial magnification in a wide range of applications. These lenses may be combined with other lenses to form complex imaging systems.

4.1. Why are Plano-conves Retangular Cylindrical lenses used?

Plano-convex rectangular cylindrical lenses are available with positive or negative focal lengt... (read more)

HG Optronics, Inc. - Advanced Nd:YLF Laser Crystals

Precision Performance, Enhanced Efficiency (read more)

HG Optronics, Inc. - YVO4 crystal Yttrium Orthovanadate

Main applications:

  • 1) Fiber-optic isolators
  • 2) Beam displacers.
  • 3) optical circulators
(read more)
HG Optronics, Inc. - Rod Lenses for Optimal Optical Performance

Elevate Your Optical Systems with HG OPTRONICS' Rod Lenses (read more)

HG Optronics, Inc. - LBO Crystal: Ideal Choice for Laser Applications

Discover the perfect nonlinear crystal solution: HGO's LBO crystal meets your laser needs. (read more)

HG Optronics, Inc. - Advanced Ho:YLF Laser Crystals

Explore the exceptional capabilities of Ho:YLF laser crystals for advanced laser applications. (read more)

HG Optronics, Inc. - Co2+:MgAl2O4 Laser Passive Q-Switch

High-performance Passive Q-Switch for Multi-purpose Applications (read more)

HG Optronics, Inc. - Cr4+:YAG crystals

Cr4+:YAG (Y3Al5O12) crystal is ideal for passive Q-switch operation of Nd:YAG and other Nd3+ or Yb3+ doped laser crystals in the wavelength range of 900 nm to 1200 nm. Passive Q-switches or saturable absorbers provide high power laser pulses without electro-optic Q-switches, thereby reducing the package size and eliminatin... (read more)

HG Optronics, Inc. - Pr:YLF laser crystals

HGO grows Pr:YLF laser crystals using Czochralski technology. Pr3+:YLF has been found as promising laser material for producing visible lasers directly and UV lasers through intracavity second-harmonic generation. Very few laser materials have the necessary properties for the realization of lasing in the visible spectral range. Trivalent praseodymium (Pr3+) is known to be an i... (read more)

HG Optronics, Inc. - Premium Co2+:MgAl2O4 Q-Switch Crystals

Advanced Solution for Eye-Safe Er:Glass Lasers (read more)

HG Optronics, Inc. - High-Quality LiF Crystal Lithium Fluoride

Exceptional Transmittance in VUV Region and Versatile Optical Material (read more)

HG Optronics, Inc. - Premium LiNbO3 Crystals for Optoelectronics

Exceptional Performance for Photonics Applications (read more)

HG Optronics, Inc. - Crystals and Optics Coating Service

HGO have advanced coating machines which can meet endusers’ different application requirement. (read more)

HG Optronics, Inc. - Unleash the Visible Laser Magic of Pr:YLF Crystals

Explore the potential of Pr:YLF crystals and unleash the magic of visible lasers. These crystals boast high absorption and emission cross-sections, precise wavefront distortion, and exceptional damage thresholds. (read more)

HG Optronics, Inc. - Laser Precision: Neodymium-Doped YAG Crystals

Advanced Nd:YAG Crystals for High-Power Lasers (read more)

HG Optronics, Inc. - High Damage Threshold Diffusion Bonded Crystals

HGO's Diffusion Bonded Crystals reduce thermal lens effects in high-power lasers, offering customization for varied applications. Ideal for solid-state, high-power, and compact laser systems. Elevate laser performance with us. (read more)

HG Optronics, Inc. - Optical Crystals from HG Optronics, Inc

Nd:YVO4 (Neodymium Doped Yttrium Orthovanadate) crystals is one of the most promising commercially available diode pumped solid state laser materials, especially, for low to middle power density. This is mainly for its higher absorption and emission features than Nd:YAG crystal. Pumped by laser diodes, Nd:YVO4 crystal has been incorporated with high NLO coefficient crystals (... (read more)

HG Optronics, Inc. - KDP & DKDP Crystal for Laser frequency conversion

Main applications:

1. Laser frequency conversion — harmonic generation for high pulse energy;

2.Electro-optical modulation;

3. Q-switching crystal for Pockels cells;


1) Good UV transmission;

2) High birefringence

3) High optical damage threshold;

4) High nonlinear coefficients;

5) Non-hygroscopic, chemically... (read more)

HG Optronics, Inc. - Coated Double-Concave Lenses

Double Concave Lenses are used in beam expansion, image reduction, or light projection applications. These lenses are also ideal for expanding the focal length of an optical system. Double Concave Lenses, which have two concave surfaces, are Optical Lenses with negative focal lengths. HG OPTRONICS offers Double Concave lenses with a variety of coating options.

4.1.What is B... (read more)

HG Optronics, Inc. - Yb:YAG crystals

YbYAG crystal is more suitable for diode-pumping than the traditional Nd-doped systems. It can be pumped at 0.94 μm laser output. Compared with the commonly used Nd:YAG crystal, Yb:YAG crystal has a much larger absorption bandwidth to reduce thermal management requirements for diode lasers, a longer upper-state lifetime, three to four times lower thermal loading per unit pump power. Y... (read more)

HG Optronics, Inc. - MgF2 crystal for for UV and IR optics

MgF2 or Magnesium Fluoride is positive uni-axial crystal with a very high optical transmittance from the vacuum UV to IR. It is regularly used for optical elements where extreme ruggedness and durability is required. It also has a large resistance to mechanical and thermal shock, to optical radiation, and is chemically stable, making it a very useful materials for UV and IR op... (read more)

HG Optronics, Inc. - LBO Nonlinear Optical crystal

HGO grows LBO Nonlinear crystals using flux technology. LBO crystals is an excellent nonlinear crystal.For frequency doubling(SHG),tripling(THG) of Nd:YAG,Nd:YLF,Nd:YVO4 lasers, it is one of the most useful nonlinear optical materials in ultraviolet and visible laser applications.


HGO grows Lithium Triborate (LiB3O5, LBO) Non... (read more)

HG Optronics, Inc. - KDP & DKDP Crystal

KDP Potassium Dihydrogen Phosphate and KD*P or DKDP Potassium Dideuterium Phosphate are among the most widely-used commercial NLO materials, characterized by good UV transmission, high damage threshold, and high birefringence, though their NLO coefficients are relatively low. They are usually used for doubling, tripling and quadrupling of a Nd:YAG laser under the room temperature. In add... (read more)

HG Optronics, Inc. - Broadband AR Coated Achromatic Lenses

Achromatic Lenses are used to minimize or eliminate chromatic aberration. The achromatic design also helps minimize spherical aberrations. Achromatic Lenses are ideal for a range of applications, including fluorescence microscopy, image relay, inspection, or spectroscopy. Achromatic Lenses, which are often designed by either cementing two elements together or mounting the two elements in... (read more)

HG Optronics, Inc. - CaF2 Crystal: Versatile Optics

Exceptional Optical Medium for Diverse Applications (read more)

HG Optronics, Inc. - High-Quality Nd:YLF Laser Crystals

A Crystal Choice for Outstanding Laser Performance (read more)

HG Optronics, Inc. - a-BBO Crystal alpha -Barium Borate

α-BBO (α-BaB2O4) is a negative uniaxial crystal which has large birefringence over a broad transparent range of 190nm to 3500nm. α-BBO is an excellent crystal especially in UV and high power applications.

The physical, chemical, thermal, and optical properties of alpha-BBO crystal are similar to those of Beta-BBO. However, there is no second... (read more)

HG Optronics, Inc. - High-Quality BBO Nonlinear Crystals

Precision Grown by HGO using Flux Technology (read more)

HG Optronics, Inc. - Laser Optics

C-lens are specifically designed for fiber optics applications such as collimator, isolator, switch, collimator array and laser assembly. Compare to other gradient index lens, C-lens have several advantages including low cost, low insertion loss in long working distance, and wide working distance range. With our experienced optical design engineers, HG OPTRONICS can also provide custom d... (read more)

HG Optronics, Inc. - KTiOPO4 or KTP/Large nonlinear optical coefficient

Potassium Titanyl Phosphate (KTiOPO4 or KTP) is widely used in both commercial and military lasers including laboratory and medical systems, range-finders, lidar, optical communication and industrial systems.


KTP Nonlinear crystal Potassium Titanyl Phosphate is the most commonly used material for frequency doubling of Nd-doped lasers, particularl... (read more)

HG Optronics, Inc. - TGG crystal Terbium Gallium Garnet

TGG is an excellent magneto-optical crystal used in various Faraday devices(Polarizer and Isolator) in the range of 400nm-1100nm, excluding 475-500nm.


TGG crystal Terbium Gallium Garnet is an essential magneto-optical crystal l for faraday polarizer. Faraday polarizer is composed of the TGG crystal rod and a specially designed magnet. The polarization o... (read more)

HG Optronics, Inc. -  Negative Meniscus Lenses

The Positive Meniscus Lenses are a convex-concave lens, but it is thicker at the center than at the edges. They are felt polished and are used universally in the ophthalmic industry where convention dictates that lens power be specified in Diopters.

The Negative Meniscus Lenses are a convex-concave lens, but it is thinner at the center than at the edges. Otherwise description is s... (read more)

HG Optronics, Inc. - Optical Domes

Optical domes are lenses with two concentric spherical surfaces. Sometimes they are being referred to as bent plan parallel plates. Consequently it is customary to define parallelism between two surfaces as the maximum thickness variation between the two surfaces.

In perfect domes the convex radius is equal to the sum of the dome thickness and concave radius. Slight departures fro... (read more)

HG Optronics, Inc. - Er:Yb:glass crystal

Er3+, Yb3+ co-doped phosphate glass is a well-known and commonly used active medium for lasers emitting in the “eye-safe” spectral range of 1,5-1,6 µm.

As an eye-safe wavelength laser, 1540um ,Er3+/Yb3+ co-doped phosphate glass lasers have attracted much attention for their compactness and low cost, such as laser generation and signal amplif... (read more)

HG Optronics, Inc. - Positive Meniscus Lenses

The Positive Meniscus Lenses are a convex-concave lens, but it is thicker at the center than at the edges. They are felt polished and are used universally in the ophthalmic industry where convention dictates that lens power be specified in Diopters.

The Negative Meniscus Lenses are a convex-concave lens, but it is thinner at the center than at the edges. Otherwise description is s... (read more)

HG Optronics, Inc. - YAG window crystals Yttrium Aluminum Garnet

Pure YAG Yttrium Aluminum Garnet is a new substrate and window material that can be used for both UV and IR optics. It is particularly useful for high-temperature and high-energy applications. The mechanical and chemical stability of YAG is comparable to sapphire crystal, but YAG is unique with no birefringence which is extremely important for some optical applications.

Des... (read more)

HG Optronics, Inc. - Tm:YLF crystal

HGO grows Tm:YLF laser crystals using Czochralski technology. Tm:YLF is an important middle infrared laser crystal. Because Tm:YLF is negative uniaxial crystal, whose thermal refractive index coefficient is negative, some thermal distortion may be counteracted and high-quality light can be output. Conveniently pumped at 792nm, 1.9μm linearly polarized beam is output in a axis, and non... (read more)

HG Optronics, Inc. - Ti:Sapphire Crystal Titanium Doped Sapphire

Ti:Sapphire crystal is the most widely used tunable solid-state laser material combining the supreme physical and optical properties with the extremely broad lasing range. Its lasing bandwidth can support pulses < 10fs making it the crystal of choice for femtosecond mode-locked oscillators and amplifiers. The absorption band of Ti:Sapphire centers at ~ 490 nm so it may be conveniently... (read more)

HG Optronics, Inc. - Nd:YAG crystals

Nd:YAG is the earliest and most famous laser host crystal. Since it combines great advantages in many basic properties,Nd:YAG is the ubiquitous presence for near-infrared solid-state lasers and their frequency-doubler, tripler, and higher order multiplier.

It is widely used in industrial, medical, military and scientific fields.. Nd:YAG crystals are wildly used in all types of sol... (read more)

HG Optronics, Inc. - Nd:GdVO4 Crystal

Nd:GdVO4, is a promising material for diode pumped lasers. Similar to the more well-known Nd:YVO4 crystal, Nd:GdVO4 crystal also exhibits high gain, low threshold, and high absorption coefficients at pumping wavelengths. Nd:GdVO4 has the additional advantage over Nd:YVO4 of a much higher thermal conductivity. For CW lasing at 1.06 um and 1.34 um and intracavity doubling with KTP and LBO,... (read more)