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Hangzhou X-mag Inc. - How do magnets drive car oil pump motors?

Magnets in car oil pump motors generate magnetic fields that interact with electric currents to produce rotation. This rotation drives the pump mechanism, ensuring oil circulation in the engine. Permanent magnets and electromagnets create efficient, reliable, and compact motor designs essential for automotive applications. (read more)

Hangzhou X-mag Inc. - Magnets: Powering Transportation

Magnets are essential for the operation of maglev trains, providing the critical functions of levitation, propulsion, and stabilization. This technology offers significant advantages in terms of speed, energy efficiency, ride comfort, maintenance, environmental impact, and safety. (read more)

Hangzhou X-mag Inc. - Essential Drone Motors for Precision Agriculture

Essential for precision agriculture, the right motors power drones for crop tasks with responsiveness, efficiency, power, and reliability. Positioned on wings or fuselage, they ensure stable flight for seamless productivity. (read more)

Hangzhou X-mag Inc. - High-field MRI magnets for exact imaging solutions

Magnets transformed medical diagnostics, facilitating precise imaging vital for accurate diagnoses. In Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), magnets are pivotal for generating detailed, high-resolution images non-invasively, providing insights into the intricacies of the human body. (read more)

Hangzhou X-mag Inc. - Precision Molded Magnetic Solutions

Advanced Injection Molded Magnets (read more)

Hangzhou X-mag Inc. - Professional Ferrite Magnets Solutions

Ferrite magnets are popular due to their excellent resistance to corrosion and their ability to operate in high-temperature environments. They are commonly used in applications such as motors, speakers, magnetic separators, and magnetic therapy products. (read more)

Hangzhou X-mag Inc. - Magnetic grate

What are rectangular and round shape magnetic grate features and applications? (read more)

Hangzhou X-mag Inc. - Non-core linear motor

A linear motor is a transmission device that converts electrical energy into linear motion mechanical energy without any intermediate conversion mechanism. It typically comes in a flattened rotating motor shape, such as flat or U-shaped. Linear motors boast advantages like a simple structure, high positional accuracy, fast reaction speed, high sensitivity, and long lifetime. (read more)

Hangzhou X-mag Inc. - The factors on choosing magnets for project.

What factors should be considered when choosing the appropriate magnets for project? (read more)

Hangzhou X-mag Inc. - Why can reactors benefit your circuit systems?

Reactor shields power electronics, ensures system stability, extends equipment life, mitigates harmonics, and voltage variances. It safeguards motors, reduces interference, and features high inductance and rapid response. With low losses, temperature stability, and diverse shapes, amorphous reactors excel in PFC inductors, transformers, and offer versatility across applications. (read more)

Hangzhou X-mag Inc. - Precision VR Resolvers for Advanced Engineering

Unlock high-precision performance with our Variable Reluctance Resolvers (VRRs) from Hangzhou X-mag Inc. Ideal for a variety of industrial applications, these sensors provide accurate measurement of rotation angle, position, speed, and angular velocity. (read more)

Hangzhou X-mag Inc. - Sintered NdFeB Magnet: Powering Engineering

Discover the unparalleled performance of Sintered NdFeB Magnets from Hangzhou X-mag Inc., the leading choice for engineers worldwide. Unlocking new possibilities in various industries, these magnets redefine power and efficiency. (read more)

Hangzhou X-mag Inc. - SmCo Magnets: High-Temperature Strength

Explore SmCo magnets, offering exceptional magnetic strength and high-temperature resistance for various industrial applications. (read more)

Hangzhou X-mag Inc. - Medical Magnets for Dental Correction

With the development of bio-magnetic technology, many clinical studies have shown the benefits of high-performance magnets in orthodontics. (read more)

Hangzhou X-mag Inc. - AlNiCo Button Magnets

What are the specifications and applications of AlNiCo Button Magnets? (read more)

Hangzhou X-mag Inc. - Why Choose Amorphous Inductors?

Explore the multifaceted benefits of amorphous inductors in 5G, electronics, automation, and automotive sectors. (read more)

Hangzhou X-mag Inc. - Precision Micro Magnet Coating Options

Explore a variety of coating options for micro magnets to meet high-end application demands. (read more)

Hangzhou X-mag Inc. - High-Performance AlNiCo Magnets for Speedometers

Elevate your speedometer's precision with our premium AlNiCo magnets. Engineered for exceptional high-temperature resistance, low temperature coefficient, and unmatched corrosion resistance, these magnets are the perfect choice for speedometers, odometers, and dashboards in the motorcycle and automotive industries. (read more)

Hangzhou X-mag Inc. - Power Mirror Motors: Versatile Vehicle Visibility

Driving Safety Enhanced by Remote Mirror Adjustment (read more)

Hangzhou X-mag Inc. - With core linear motor

What is a linear motor and where could it be applied according to its advantages? (read more)

Hangzhou X-mag Inc. - GBD Technology: A whole new level of NdFeB magnets

The traditional non-diffusion manufacturing process for NdFeB magnet often results in coercivity loss at elevated temperatures due to its inherent vulnerability. This is where grain boundary diffusion (GBD) becomes essential. It allows for reduced usage of Dy and Tb, enhances coercivity, and retains remanence. With this method, it's possible to achieve high grades like 50EH and 52UH. (read more)

Hangzhou X-mag Inc. - AlNiCo: The Oldest Family of Permanent Magnets

AlNiCo magnets, as the oldest family of permanent magnets can be produced in both cast and sintered forms with energy products ranging from 1.3 to 10.1 MGOe. (read more)

Hangzhou X-mag Inc. - Why can nanocrystalline core be ultimate?

Nanocrystalline core is a new type of iron core material with high magnetic permeability, low losses, and excellent thermal stability. This material offers superior performance in high-temperature and high-frequency environments, making it ideal for various critical applications. (read more)

Hangzhou X-mag Inc. - High-Temperature AlNiCo Pot Magnets

Discover the power of Hangzhou X-mag Inc.'s Deep AlNiCo Pot Magnets, engineered for extreme temperature applications and versatile use in various industrial settings. (read more)

Hangzhou X-mag Inc. - Lifting Magnets: Powerful and Safe

Efficient NdFeB Magnet Design

Discover the strength of X-Mag permanent lifting magnets, featuring a unique design powered by the strongest NdFeB magnets. Compact yet robust, these magnets redefine lifting capabilities.

Non-Powered Safety Advantage

With a lifting force independent of electrical current, eliminate the risk of load drops during power failu... (read more)

Hangzhou X-mag Inc. - Neo Magnet-Powered VCM: Precision in Motion

Unleash Performance with NdFeB Magnets (read more)

Hangzhou X-mag Inc. - Grain Boundary Diffusion(GBD) NdFeB

Compared to the traditional non-diffusion process, the benefits of GBD are lower usage of Dy and Tb, resulting in lower costs, and achieving very high grades such as 50EH, 52UH. (read more)

Hangzhou X-mag Inc. - Versatile Magnetic Tube

Efficient Ferrous Particle Removal (read more)

Hangzhou X-mag Inc. - Halbach Arrays: Unlocking Magnetic Innovation

Halbach Arrays: Magnet innovation at its best. Generate powerful fields on one side while minimizing leakage. Ideal for diverse applications. (read more)

Hangzhou X-mag Inc. - Over-Molding Magnet

what are over-molding magnets and what are their applications? (read more)

Hangzhou X-mag Inc. - Unveiling the Superiority of SmCo Magnets

Samarium cobalt (SmCo) magnets are a type of rare-earth magnet material that was first developed in the early 1960s. They have since become widely used in various applications. SmCo magnets are known for their high field strength, temperature tolerance, and resistance to corrosion. (read more)

Hangzhou X-mag Inc. - Unleash the power of NdFeB Magnets

As the most widely used rare-earth magnet, NdFeB Magnets have a wide range of industrial and technological applications due to their exceptional magnetic properties. (read more)

Hangzhou X-mag Inc. - Power mirror motors

How permanent-magnet motors work on a power side-view mirror. (read more)

Hangzhou X-mag Inc. - AlNiCo Magnets for Guitar Pickups

Enhance Your Instrument's Sound (read more)

Hangzhou X-mag Inc. - Rubber magnets: exploring the potential of magnets

Rubber magnets are flexible magnets made by mixing ferrite powders with synthetic rubber or plastic binders. This blend allows them to be easily molded into different shapes, suitable for applications where traditional magnets don't work well. Commonly used in advertising, labeling, signage, displays, automotive, industrial, and educational settings due to their flexibility and versatili... (read more)

Hangzhou X-mag Inc. - Why do AlNiCo magnets enhance guitar's tone?

AlNiCo is one of the most important components for magnetic guitar pickup, shaping the sound's character. The vibrating strings cut magnetic induction lines as you pluck the guitar strings to convert these magnetic induction changes into electrical output signals, which are amplified and send out sounds through the speaker. (read more)

Hangzhou X-mag Inc. - Ferrite Magnets

What are Ferrite Magnets and what are they used for? (read more)

Hangzhou X-mag Inc. - Rubber Magnets

Flexible rubber magnets are manufactured by mixing magnet powder with a flexible polymer material to create magnetic profiles, tapes and sheets. (read more)

Hangzhou X-mag Inc. - Common Mode Inductors: Power and Signal Integrity

Common mode inductors suppress common mode noise in power supplies, signal transmission lines, and high-speed communications to improve signal quality, reduce electromagnetic interference, and enhance circuit safety and reliability. They are essential in various applications like power filters, 5G technology, and new energy vehicles. (read more)

Hangzhou X-mag Inc. - NdFeB Magnet Surface Coating

Advanced Coating Solutions for Compression Molded Magnets (read more)

Hangzhou X-mag Inc. - Automation service

Automation can streamline our production processes, in-plant material transport, and inspection, resulting in greater efficiency. (read more)

Hangzhou X-mag Inc. - Manufacturing service

Magnet manufacturing requires special processes due to the brittle nature of materials used to create magnet ingots. (read more)

Hangzhou X-mag Inc. - X-MAG focuses on innovation with our engineer team

Today, we're thrilled to highlight a true cornerstone of our company: Q.F.Wei, a Senior Engineer. (read more)

Hangzhou X-mag Inc. - Engineering design services before mass production

Complete and full-service magnetic product design is one of X-Mag’s relentless pursuits. (read more)

Hangzhou X-mag Inc. - Injection services

The services X-mag could provide from materials to products. (read more)

Hangzhou X-mag Inc. - Prototyping service

X-mag has prototyping facilities and our engineers are supported by our sophisticated manufacturing team to prototype many types of magnetic materials. (read more)

Hangzhou X-mag Inc. - Why should magnets be coated?

Why is surface treatment necessary for magnets and what factors should be considered when correctly choosing the surface treatment/coating for a magnet? (read more)