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Heatizon Systems - Heatizon Custom Radiant Heating Panels

Heatizon is one of the few radiant heating manufacturers that can customize control panels for various applications. As an UL 508A panel shop, we can engineer custom radiant heating panels to project specifications. With over 20 years of experience in the electric radiant heating industry, we have the knowledge to design panels that exceed expectations for performance and timeliness. (read more)

Heatizon Systems - Invizimelt Invisible Roof & Deck De-icing System

Heatizon Systems' Invizimelt is a invisible roof and deck deicing system that uses the Tuff Cable, low-voltage heating element, and a aluminum panel system that disperses heat efficiently across the whole installation area. (read more)

Heatizon Systems - Radiant Heat Options with Tuff Cable

Tuff Cable is used for interior floor and space heating, exterior roof and deck deicing, ice dam prevention, and snow melting on concrete, asphalt or under pavers. Tuff Cable is a durable 10 guage coated copper heating element that is chemical and gasoline resistant. Tuff Cable is designed to always be embedded into a heatsink such as asphalt, concrete, mortar, pavers, ston... (read more)

Heatizon Systems - Radiant Floor Heating

When heated floors are the objective, Heatizon Systems radiant floor heating systems can be used to make those surfaces warm and inviting. Small and large areas can be heated very easily with ZMesh, Tuff Cable, or Cozy Heat (read more)

Heatizon Systems - Hott-Wire Snow Melt Systems Warm up the Cold Spots

Hott-Wire snow melting systems are designed to melt snow only when necessary and can be programmed to turn on automatically when snow is falling using advanced temperature and snow sensing controls. All systems are designed to ASHRAE standards using snow load data by region to give our customers the most efficient snow melting system available. Heatizon... (read more)

Heatizon Systems - GutterMelt Heat Tracing and Freeze Protection

GutterMelt Self Regulating Cables are built for the toughest freeze protection tasks. GutterMelt comes in 5, 9, 12, and up to 24 watts/ft heat outputs in our self regulating cables. GutterMelt can also be designed for freeze protection using our MI Cable constant wattage line both boasting a 10 year warranty.

Perfect for pipe freeze protection, pipe temperature maintenance, valve... (read more)

Heatizon Systems - Floorizwarm--Small Area Floor & Space Heating

Floorizwarm systems are designed for providing floor or total space heating in small areas. Each Floorizwarm system contains a predetermined length of Tuff Cable, a power unit including a stepdown transformer, a programmable thermostat with a floor sensor, and accessories for the installation. Kits are designed to heat areas ranging from 15-110 square feet. This makes the system well sui... (read more)

Heatizon Systems - Pedestal Paver Snow Melting System

Many roofs and decks use a pedestal and paver system now have a solution to quickly remove ice and snow. Heatizon’s system uses a custom insulated pan system in conjunction with Hott-Wire to heat the pavers and quickly remove ice and snow. The pans are designed in such a way that the profile of the paver system is not elevated noticeably. Heat is efficiently transferred to the pave... (read more)

Heatizon Systems - Deicing Non-Metal Roofs

ZMesh has been a popular solution for non-metal roof deicing, preventing heavy snow loads, minimizing icicles on roof edges, and ice dams prevention for cabins, lodges, banks, and other industrial and residential projects without the appearance of uninviting, visible wires on the roof that may compromise the aesthetics of an expensive building and require routine replacement every other... (read more)

Heatizon Systems - Radiant Floor Heating - Electric

What can Heatizon's radiant floor heating products do?

Enjoy the warmth of electric radiant floor heating systems to compliment your elegant floor coverings. Often times wood, stone, marble and tile appear inviting but are, as we all know, can be uncomfortably cold. Heatizon Systems radiant floor heating products can add luxurious and comfortable warmth to you... (read more)

News articles and press releases for Heatizon Systems:


. Designed for use in interior floor and space heating systems, as well as roof deicing and snow melting systems, the Radiant 8 gives the user increased control over their system.


Going green isn't the wave of the has become a prime focus of today’s building practices.


One of the many selling points of Heatizon’s Hott-Wire MI cable is that it can be installed in hot asphalt with minimal accommodations. This durable cable is capable of withstanding the heat as well as pressure from the tools and equipment used.


From our industrial grade GutterMelt Self-Regulating cable to our DIY Heatwave floor warming mats, Heatizon has a system for any radiant heating project.


Heatizon Systems is pleased to announce the newest addition to its product line, the Heatizon Monitor Station. The Monitor Station is designed to activate and monitor up to twelve zones or circuits.


Heatizon Systems has changed the color of the Cold Lead Component, used with its CBX6/23, CBX7, and Radiant 8 Control Units, from “Black” to the color “Blue”