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Hubbard-Hall Inc. - Industrial WasteWater Treatment - AquaPure

AquaPure, our complete line of industrial wastewater treatment chemistry, is specifically formulated to enhance liquid/solid separation.

The continued health of your wastewater treatment system relies on two factors – first, the performance of your wastewater treatment (WWT) chemistry, and second, recommendations provided by a skilled professional that you can rely on, every... (read more)

Hubbard-Hall Inc. - Commodity and Specialty Chemicals

As one of the nation's most experienced chemical distributors and manufacturers, Hubbard-Hall reliably handles over 5,000 commodity and specialty chemicals for a wide variety of industrial applications. (read more)

Hubbard-Hall Inc. - Industrial Paint Stripper - Aquastrip ACB

Economical and Effective Industrial Paint StripperAquastrip ACB

Aquastrip ACB is an aqueous industrial paint stripper designed to save time and money as well as improve paint stripping efficiency. This mildly acidic liquid concentrate can be used to remove a powder coat, wet paint and CARC coatings from ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Aquastrip ACB is formulated without methylene... (read more)

Hubbard-Hall Inc. - Organic Acid Cleaners

Clean, Deoxidize & Brighten In One StepEliminate stages and increase productivity by 60% with our new organic acid cleaners.

Switch to Hubbard-Hall’s newest line of organic acid cleaners to eliminate the stages in your process by cleaning, deoxidizing and brightening in one step. Applications include soak, ultrasonic and spray on aluminum and copper alloys.

Op (read more)

Hubbard-Hall Inc. - Lab Analysis and Process Audits

Hubbard-Hall's analytical services and chemical testing labs can provide you with accurate measures of your cleaning process. We monitor for temperature, concentration, pH and oil contamination to ensure that you get consistent results and the level of cleanliness required in your facility. (read more)

News articles and press releases for Hubbard-Hall Inc.:


Hubbard-Hall Inc. is pleased to welcome Rob Augello as Manager of Corporate Procurement. Rob will be based in Waterbury, CT and will be responsible for corporate product sourcing, negotiations and maintaining supplier relationships.


Hubbard-Hall’s latest product, Emerald SG 1, is an all-purpose, eco-friendly cleaner that’s simple AND affordable.


Hubbard-Hall Inc., a Waterbury based chemical supplier, is pleased to announce that it has been selected as one of The Hearst Connecticut Workplaces.


Seven short clips cover several application areas including metal soak, spray and barrel cleaning, de-foaming, general wastewater treatment, antiquing and polishing.


Gem Manufacturing, a family-owned business and Hubbard-Hall customer, uses the SAFECHEM SAFECARE system and service provided by Hubbard-Hall in the production of precision deep-draw metal products, stampings and mechanical assemblies.


The new safety training class, Hazard Communication 2012, is now available through Hubbard-Hall as part of the online class offerings


Hubbard-Hall hosts the annual You Be The Chemist Challenge in Connecticut