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HydraForce, Inc. - Control Solutions for Material Handling -Forklifts

HydraForce has a wide range of expertise in material handling applications

We can provide numerous opportunities to improve the control, efficiency and safety of material handling equipment through the use of hydraulic cartridge valves. (read more)

HydraForce, Inc. - High Efficiency Engine Control Solutions

Ongoing fuel efficiency and emissions reduction standards continue to drive the demand for more efficient, reliable engines. Precise, customizable controls are needed. (read more)

HydraForce, Inc. - Compact without Compromise

Multi–function valves reduce manifold size, number of ports, and machining costs,
while increasing flow passage efficiency. The result is more responsive machine performance and efficient use of
available horsepower. (read more)

HydraForce, Inc. - Create Sophisticated Control Logic without Coding

HydraForce Expands Electronic Valve Driver Family with Configurable ECDR Drivers (read more)

HydraForce, Inc. - Configurable ECDR Drivers

Adding electronic control to hydraulic functions on mobile equipment just got easier with ECDR Valve Drivers from HydraForce. The devices can be configured quickly with HF-Impulse software, downloadable from the HydraForce website. Three ECDR models featuring CANbus capability are available now. (read more)

HydraForce, Inc. - Proportional current draw reduced by 30%

G3 offers five compelling advantages for your applications:

  • Precise linear control with low hysteresis
  • Higher on/off force levels for maximum flow capacity
  • Responsive in low-temperature conditions
  • Proportional current draw reduced by 30%
  • Lower pull-in voltage on Solenoid product
(read more)
HydraForce, Inc. - Introducing HydraForce® G3

A new generation of 'drop-in' cartridge valves designed specifically for powertrain, diesel engine and pilot control applications. (read more)

HydraForce, Inc. - Thermistor technology for low cost and reliability

thermistor style heavy-duty analog temperature sensor with a padded resistor for
improved linearity of the input curve. This steady-state sensor is intended for use in
demanding industrial and off-highway equipment applications. (read more)

HydraForce, Inc. - Rugged design for durability in harsh conditions.

A thermistor style heavy-duty analog temperature sensor intended for use as a steady
state temperature sensor for demanding industrial and off-highway equipment. (read more)

HydraForce, Inc. - Efficient, Reliable Hydraulic Control Solutions.

As an industry leader, HydraForce offers a unique series of innovative engineered hydraulic control solutions — INTEGR8. These solutions are designed to save engineering time and maximize efficiency. Specifically, they take the guesswork out for the most common hydraulic functions by providing engineered circuits featuring the best valve configurations. (read more)

News articles and press releases for HydraForce, Inc.:


HydraForce incorporated over 900 valves, components, and options into Automation Studio, an innovative system design, simulation and project documentation solution for the design and support of automation and fluid power systems.


Our website has been redesigned with a fresh new look. The new site features streamlined navigation, a site search, and a News Ticker to keep you informed of the latest changes to HydraForce Products.


The EFDR2 multi-input fan drive controller provides precise, repeatable control of a TSxx-21 or TSxx-27 proportional fan control valve coil and one on/off solenoid valve coil.


PD16-S50 16-size, piloted, 3-way, spool-type. Pressure up to 240 bar/3500 psi. Up to 170 lpm/45 gpm PD42-S50 42-size, piloted, 3-way, spool-type. Pressure up to 345 bar/5000 psi. Up to 265 lpm/70 gpm


HydraForce's new i-Design Hydraulic System Design Software allows you to create custom integrated manifolds from the very beginning design stages all the way through pricing and quoting to your customers.


The MPCV08-20 is a combined Manual Pull Valve with both a double blocking and a reverse flow position.


New SVCV08-20 and SVCV08-21 multi-function valves are a combined Solenoid valve with an Outlet Flow check that can help reduce costs in medium flow applications that require low leakage.


A high-accuracy heavy-duty pressure sensor with 1% total error band accuracy accomplished by marrying a high performance ASIC to a very stable, field-proven polysilicon, thin-film pressure sensor.


The EC08-32 is a pressure compensator with load sense, this compact 08-size cartridge valve has 19 lpm/5 gpm flow capabilities, and 241 bar/3500 psi pressure rating.


The SV08-28 is a solenoid-operated, 2-way, normally closed, direct-acting, poppet-type, bi-directional blocking, screw-in hydraulic cartridge valve, designed for low leakage in load-holding applications.


PD16-S50 is a 16-size, piloted, 3-way, spool-type directional valve. It has a pressure range up to 240 bar/3500 psi with 170 lpm/45 gpm flow capabilities.


The EV58-34 vented directional element is a compact size, high pressure cartridge valve (345 bar/5000 psi)with flows up to 38 lpm/10 gpm.


HydraForce has released the new EHPR98-T35 Proportional Pressure Reducing Valve.


HydraForce has released the SV08-35 3-way Solenoid valve. This valve had previously only been available in the less common 07 size cavity.


HydraForce has released the new 5000 psi, TS58-20 proportional pressure control valve. This valve features 5000 psi/ 345 bar pressure range with up to 2 gpm/ 7.5 lpm of rated flow.


HydraForce has released the new SV98-T40, 4-way, drop-in style Solenoid valve.


The RVD50-20 is rated to 5000 psi /345 bar with 30 gpm/ 113 lpm flow capabilities.


HydraForce has released three new displays for off-highway vehicles.


HydraForce has released the RV56-26 5000 psi/ 345 bar Pressure Relief Valve.