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Hygenic Corporation (The) - Natural Rubber Latex Sheeting
  • High tensile strength
  • High elongation
  • Excellent tear resistance
  • Excellent flexibility
  • Excellent recovery
  • Available in widths up to 42" (1.07m)
  • Available in a variety of different colors or we can color match
  • Can be slit, die cut, or otherwise manufactured to your unique requirements
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Hygenic Corporation (The) - Synthetic Tubing bonds easily to plastic fittings
  • Resilient
  • High abrasion-resistance
  • Good low-temperature flexibility
  • Non-toxic
  • Wide temperature range tolerance
  • Tight tolerances
  • Manufactured on a custom order basis to meet unique requirements and specifications
  • Can be cut to short lengths
  • Custom printing available
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Hygenic Corporation (The) - Natural Rubber Latex Tubing w/ Superior elongation
  • Superior elongation
  • Excellent gripping characteristics
  • Excellent tear resistance
  • Tight tolerances
  • Thinner walls, as compared to extruded natural rubber
  • Colors available: amber, black, custom colors and fluorescents
  • Custom printing available
  • Can be cut to size
  • Can be packaged to your specifications
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Hygenic Corporation (The) - Thermoplastic Elastomeric Sheeting
  • High elongation
  • Good recovery
  • Better ozone resistance than natural rubber latex
  • Successfully tested to the ISO10993 standard for various medical applications
  • Available in thicknesses from 0.009" to 0.050" (0.23mm to 1.27mm)
  • Available in many different colors - color matching
  • Can be die cut for use in seals, diaphragms, ga...
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Hygenic Corporation (The) - Domino Effect in Rubber Tubing Design

A long standing Hygenic customer, using Hygenic natural rubber tubing as part of their pumping system, began to notice discoloration of the water after use in their system. This discoloration caused user concerns about whether the apparatus was functioning properly. (read more)

Hygenic Corporation (The) - How to Measure Rubber Tubing

There are three main measurements that matter when specifying rubber tubing dimensions– inner diameter (ID), outer diameter (OD), and wall thickness (WT). When you are ordering or requesting a rubber tube to be manufactured, you will need to know at least two out of the three dimensions. (read more)

Hygenic Corporation (The) - What Makes Natural Rubber Latex Products Unique?

A variety of applications utilize natural rubber latex products due to their unique properties. There are very few material alternatives that exhibit properties similar to natural rubber latex and there are no perfect substitutes. Learn what makes natural rubber latex so unique and some of the products it produces. (read more)

Hygenic Corporation (The) - The 4 Most Common Rubber Manufacturing Processes

Multiple manufacturing processes exist when it comes to producing rubber products; each process has particular benefits that may make it the optimal choice for your particular product. Understanding the different processes available before you begin manufacturing can help you understand cost implications and plan for any tradeoffs.
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Hygenic Corporation (The) - HYSYNAL Non-Latex Tourniquets

Many have tried to mimic the proprietary non-slip texture of our blue tourniquets, which helps keep the tourniquet comfortably tied and tight on the patient’s arm. Now, these widely-recognized blue tourniquets can be purchased direct from the manufacturer. (read more)

Hygenic Corporation (The) - Extruded Natural Rubber Profiles

The Hygenic Corporation can provide custom rubber profiles manufactured to your drawing from our natural rubber formulations. (read more)

Hygenic Corporation (The) - Natural Rubber Latex Tubing

HYTONE™ Natural Rubber Latex Tubing is produced using a continuous dipped manufacturing process. Using this process allows us to product a latex rubber tubing product with undetectable levels of latex protein. (read more)

Hygenic Corporation (The) - Synthetic Rubber Tubing

The physical properties of HYSYNAL Synthetic Rubber Tubing more closely match natural rubber latex tubing than a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) or other non-rubber latex tubing products. HYSYNAL Synthetic Rubber Tubing is a thermoset, like natural rubber; therefore it is not subject to deformation when exposed to heat. (read more)

Hygenic Corporation (The) - Ideal as a silicone or latex replacement

HYPERFORM® Elastomeric material resembles natural rubber latex in elongation and recovery. It can be ideal as a silicone or latex replacement in many applications. (read more)

Hygenic Corporation (The) - HYSYNAL Tubing bonds easily to plastic fittings

HYSYNAL® Synthetic Polyisoprene is a thermoset (cured) material that also offers good elongation, recovery, and resistance to set. (read more)

Hygenic Corporation (The) - Tube braiding helps add abrasion resistance

The Hygenic Corporation offers the option for a custom tube braid to be placed over the outside of our tubing. Tube braiding helps add abrasion resistance to the tubing, while still allowing it to stay flexible. Braid materials commonly include nylon, rayon, and Kevlar®. Other materials are also available upon request. (read more)

Hygenic Corporation (The) - Thermoplastic Elastomer tubing

HYPERFORM® Elastomeric Tubing is not made from natural rubber latex and can be a suitable alternative to natural rubber and silicone tubing. It is very flexible and can be provided in custom formulations to suit your application. (read more)

Hygenic Corporation (The) - HYPERFORM® Thermoplastic Elastomer Film

The suitable natural rubber alternative which imitates many properties of natural rubber with its high elasticity and elongation. (read more)

Hygenic Corporation (The) - Rubber Products for Use in Medical Devices

Many non-latex, medical grade rubber products from Hygenic are used as components in medical devices. We currently sell medical rubber products to virtually all major medical manufacturers. (read more)

Hygenic Corporation (The) - Understanding the Limitations of Natural Rubber

How much do you know about the material limitations of natural rubber in product design? (read more)

Hygenic Corporation (The) - Select the rubber best suited for your application

The majority of design engineers have little experience with rubber and aren’t sure how to select the rubber best suited for their applications, especially since there are so many options. This is why many designers turn to companies that specialize in rubber compounding for guidance. Many people consider rubber compounding both an art and a science because the base polymer is high... (read more)

Hygenic Corporation (The) - Hygenic Corporation

Rubber tubing and sheeting for labratory applications (read more)

Hygenic Corporation (The) - HYPERFORM® Elastomeric Tubing

HYPERFORM® Elastomeric Tubing is not made from natural rubber latex and can be a suitable alternative to natural rubber and silicone tubing. It is very flexible and can be provided in custom formulations to suit your application. (read more)

Hygenic Corporation (The) - Custom Packaging

Hygenic offers custom packaging options for the times when standard packaging options do not meet your needs. (read more)

Hygenic Corporation (The) - The Hygenic Corporation Overview

With over 90 years of manufacturing experience in the rubber industry, we have grown into a world-wide leader in developing and manufacturing quality elastomeric products. (read more)

Hygenic Corporation (The) - Hygenic’s International Manufacturing Facility

Hygenic’s Malaysia manufacturing facility is certified with ISO 9001:2008 and are just as focused on meeting customer expectations and delivering satisfaction as the USA facility. (read more)

Hygenic Corporation (The) - Avoid Increased Production Costs by Managing Tolerances

Choosing the proper tolerances from the beginning can help you avoid unnecessary production costs. The Hygenic Corporation knows this and has its engineers work with you from the beginning to help develop the best product. (read more)

Hygenic Corporation (The) - Hygenic’s Tubing in Laboratory Applications

Hygenic’s rubber tubing has been used for multiple applications in a laboratory setting, whether it’s acting as a vacuum tube or assisting with materials transfer. (read more)

Hygenic Corporation (The) - Alternative Rubber Products for Latex Allergies

Latex allergies can limit the use of many rubber products; The Hygenic Corporation realizes the need for latex free products and has developed synthetic rubber and thermoplastic elastomeric material options for most of their products. (read more)

Hygenic Corporation (The) - One of the First Widely Available Synthetic Rubber Tourniquets

With Hygenic’s proprietary technology, they were able to introduce one of the first widely available, non-latex disposable tourniquets to the healthcare industry. (read more)

Hygenic Corporation (The) - Custom Tube Braiding

Hygenic can add abrasion resistance to any rubber tubing with a flexible tube braidingover the outside. We have several braid materials, colors and patterns to choose from. (read more)

Hygenic Corporation (The) - HYSYNAL® Synthetic Rubber Straps

Latex Free, Powder Free, Slip Free Tourniquet help provide a more efficient needle stick due to Hygenic’s proprietary synthetic rubber formulation and manufacturing technology (read more)

Hygenic Corporation (The) - Hygenic® Natural Rubber Latex Straps

Disposable straps designed for a one time use to help prevent the spread of infection and contamination among patients in hospitals and clinics. (read more)

Hygenic Corporation (The) - HYTONE® Natural Rubber Latex Film

Film that is ideal for applications requiring high tensile strength, elongation, and tear resistance. (read more)

Hygenic Corporation (The) - The Hygenic Corporation and Welding

Hygenic has over 30 years of experience developing rubber products for welding applications. (read more)

Hygenic Corporation (The) - Hygenic® Extruded Natural Rubber Cord

Our extruded rubber cord is known for its elongation and recovery properties. Hygenic offers multiple formulations of their extruded natural rubber cord to help meet your company’s specific product requirements. (read more)

Hygenic Corporation (The) - HYSYNAL® Synthetic Rubber Cord

Non-toxic, resilient rubber cord. HYSYNAL Synthetic Rubber Cord is free of latex proteins, making it an ideal product to be used in medical devices. (read more)

Hygenic Corporation (The) - Custom Compounding

Hygenic has over 90 years of experience with custom compounding elastomers. We have in-house capabilities to custom formulate our compounds to create truly unique products. (read more)

Hygenic Corporation (The) - Hygenic® Extruded Natural Rubber Tubing

These tubes won’t shape shift! Extruded Natural Rubber Tubing is a thermoset, so it will retain its shape and strength even when reheated. These tubes are tear resistant, abrasion resistant, and closely matchthe physical properties of natural rubber latex. (read more)

Hygenic Corporation (The) - Custom Printing

Custom printing is a service offered by Hygenic on most of our tubing, cord, sheeting, and film products. (read more)

Hygenic Corporation (The) - The Hygenic Corporation and Dental Applications

Over 90 years of experience with dental products, Hygenic has been manufacturing dental products since 1925 and orthodontic products for over 10 years. (read more)

Hygenic Corporation (The) - The Endless Applications of Hygenic Products

Throughout time, Hygenic rubber products have been utilized in a number of applications, but our product uses are not limited to the applications listed on the website. If you have an application that can utilize rubber tubing, sheeting, cord, profiles, etc., The Hygenic Corporation can help. (read more)

Hygenic Corporation (The) - The Hygenic Corporation’s Quality Policy

The Hygenic Corporation has a zero defects, 100% customer satisfaction quality policy (read more)

Hygenic Corporation (The) - Custom Die Cutting

Custom die cutting for sheeting and film is available to create the custom shapes you need. (read more)

Hygenic Corporation (The) - Custom Rubber Products

The Hygenic Corporation specializes in creating custom rubber products and elastomeric solutions that other manufacturers may not be able to make. Our innovative team of engineers has developed custom rubber solutions for many diverse industries, including manufacturing, medical OEM, and industrial OEM. (read more)

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Learn the truth about latex allergies and what causes it.


The Hygenic Corporation was founded 90 years ago and our committment to innovation continues. Please take a few minutes to watch our short video celebrating our 90th year in business.

Focus On Tubing 08/11/2014

A description of the four types of tubing The Hygenic Corporation offers.


The Hygenic Corporation is pleased to announce the completion of an extensive laboratory renovation and the resulting enhancements to their prototyping, custom formulating and testing processes.


HYPERFORM™ Tubing is a customizable replacement for silicone or an alternative to latex tubing.


Today, it is known in the healthcare industry and beyond for the quality of it natural and synthetic rubber sheeting, extruded rubber tubing, dipped-latex tubing, latex-free tubing, and latex and synthetic tourniquets


Why Dimensional Tolerances of Hygenic®, HYTONE™ and HYSYNAL® Rubber Tubing are Wider than Plastic/Rigid Tubing


Of the many uses for Hygenic’s rubber products, one of the most popular is in the medical industry.


The Hygenic Corporation has been known for its innovative and high-quality custom rubber products used in the medical, dental and welding industries since it was founded in 1925.