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ITW Paxton Products - Machining Oil Blow Off

Paxton blower systems replace compressed air to blow off oil. (read more)

ITW Paxton Products - Wire Blow off

A wire manufacturer located in India is having issues with a cleaning solution adhering to the wire and ending up on the final rolled product.

Not only does this cause quality issues, but the cost of the lost cleaning solution is expensive. They have improvised a crude system of crimped pipes and compressed air along with mechanical wipers to reduce the “carry over” of... (read more)

ITW Paxton Products - Okra Drying

Read more to learn about Paxton's Okra Drying Solution (read more)

ITW Paxton Products - Drying Bottles of Varied Sizes

Paxton dries various types of bottles. (read more)

ITW Paxton Products - Drier Days Ahead When Using A Paxton Blower

A shrink sleeving company contacts Paxton to remove liquid from bottles. (read more)

ITW Paxton Products - Bring Home The Bacon!

Paxton’s custom-designed air delivery device solution blows grease off bacon strips. (read more)

ITW Paxton Products - Paxton PX Proves Plenty For Pharma Pouches

Paxton custom-designed air knife system dries water in hard to reach spots on pouches to ease the process of packaging. (read more)

ITW Paxton Products - Worry Less Paddle More

Paxton’s custom-designed air delivery device system removes debris from paddles to ease the labeling process. (read more)

ITW Paxton Products - Eliminate oversaturated pouches

Pouch Dryer System

The Pouch Dryer effectively and efficiently removes water trapped on the top, bottom and gusset of pouches using maximum efficient stainless-steel air knives and nozzle manifolds. The Pouch Dryer eliminate oversaturated pouches and damaged boxes, adapts to conveyor line speeds, and provides more accurate weighing. (read more)

ITW Paxton Products - Packaging Issue? Not A Match For Paxton’s Solution

An international packaging company contacts Paxton to remove liquid from packaged meat. (read more)

ITW Paxton Products - Paxton’s Air Solution Outpowers Bakery Debris

Paxton’s custom-designed air solution blows off grease-infused debris from baking pans. (read more)

ITW Paxton Products - Choose a Paxton Belt-Driven Blower System

Paxton Products receives many questions as to why we offer a belt-driven blower, rather than a direct drive system. (read more)

ITW Paxton Products - Perfect Date Coding With 80% Less Energy Usage

A leading U.S. cola bottler replaces a compressed air drying system with a high efficiency centrifugal blower system. (read more)

ITW Paxton Products - All Air Knives Are Not Created Equal

Paxton Air Knives Deliver Targeted Drying to Ensure Label Adhesion at Beverage Bottling Plant (read more)

ITW Paxton Products - Paxton Blower Improves Meat Crate Drying Process

Better quality of drying ensures label adhesion and sanitation. (read more)

ITW Paxton Products - Tire Production Rolls Faster With Paxton Solution

A Tire Plants Convert from Old Drying Technology to Paxton’s Centrifugal Blowers. (read more)

ITW Paxton Products - Improving Powder Coating Quality And Efficiency

Improving Powder Coating Quality And Efficiency with Paxton System. (read more)

ITW Paxton Products - Eliminating A Powdery Mess During Packaging

The Paxton Ionized Air System removes sports nutrition powder adhering to bottles
to improve production efficiency and labeling quality. (read more)

ITW Paxton Products - An Ionized Air Solution For Beer Bottles

California brewery escapes expensive state water usage fines by switching to Paxton’s air rinsing. Paxton’s Ionizing Bottle Rinser (IBR) is adapted for the unique needs of craft beer facilities. (read more)

ITW Paxton Products - Brewery Reduces Water Usage With Ionizing Rinser

Historic Craft Brewery Reduces Water Usage With Paxton’s Ionizing Can Rinser (read more)

ITW Paxton Products - Craft Brewery Upgrades To Paxton's Ionizing Rinser

"Above & beyond the call" customer service helps Paxton outshine the competition. (read more)

ITW Paxton Products - Global Leader Pipes In Savings

A pipe manufacturer replaces manually applied compressed air for a Paxton system and achieves huge savings. (read more)

ITW Paxton Products - Paxton’s CanDryer Removes Residual Beer & Dry Cans

A Contract Packager uses Paxton’s CanDryer in a new canning line to remove residual beer and dry cans. (read more)

ITW Paxton Products - Drilled Pipes For Drying? No More!

An International food manufacturer replaces drilled pipes used for compressed air for a Paxton Drying System. (read more)

ITW Paxton Products - Racks And Racks Of Medical Devices

Elimination of manual drying of racks for medical device components improved throughput and increased safety, due to mitigation of ergonomic issues, with the help of Paxton air knives providing faster and more complete drying. (read more)

ITW Paxton Products - TOO Much H2O? Not A Problem!

Paxton’s innovative products eliminate excessive moisture and labeling machine downtime (read more)

ITW Paxton Products - Paxton Blower Gives Dairy Mix Company A Sweet ROI

A small food manufacturing company gets it just desserts of $30,000/year annual savings after upgrading to paxton products to dry their crates. (read more)

ITW Paxton Products - Paxton's PX-Series Reigns Superior In Drying

A Privately-Owned Food Manufacturer replaces a competitive blower for a more efficient Paxton solution (read more)

ITW Paxton Products - Paxton’s Drying System Wheels in Savings

An automotive manufacturer is using a Paxton Products Air System to dry trouble spots on their steel wheels. (read more)

ITW Paxton Products - Paxton Blower Setting The Standard For Longevity

A 23-year old Paxton Blower still in good condition working at maximum capacity drying PCBs boards. (read more)

ITW Paxton Products - Improve quality of coding, labeling and packaging


The Paxton CanDryer provides complete drying of 8 oz and 24 oz cans to improve quality of coding, labeling and packaging. It is easily adjustable to allow for varying can heights.

The CanDryer system replaces conventional air knives and nozzles with an all-in-one manifold to improve drying while enhancing usability and production floor safety. (read more)

ITW Paxton Products - Reduce Vision System Rejection Rates


The Paxton CapDryer provides complete drying of the bottle neck and lid to improve quality of coding, tamper banding, labeling and vision system results. It is available in 2 sizes, to fit most bottle types & conveyor configurations. (read more)

ITW Paxton Products - Efficiently remove particulates and contaminants


The Ionized Air Systems by Paxton Products efficiently removes particulates, dust and contaminants using powerful ionization coupled with Paxton’s industry-leading centrifugal blowers and air delivery systems. Ionizing air systems provide static control and elimination, so that dirt and dust do not adhere to surfaces. Paxton’s patent p... (read more)

ITW Paxton Products - Clean containers effectively without inversion


The Ionized Air Rinser Vac by Paxton Products efficiently removes dust, particulates and debris using powerful ionization and vacuum coupled with Paxton’s industry-leading centrifugal blower, air system and industrial fan. The Ionized Air System is a total solution for removing, capturing and disposing of dust and debris from your product. (read more)

ITW Paxton Products - Complete drying & blow off Air System


The PowerDry System sets the standard for a complete drying & blow off Air System that can be used for drying and blow off for a wide variety of cans, bottles and jars, often using for Date Coding and Labeling applications. The In-line Manifold is ideal for drying the tops of cans and other containers thoroughly, prior to date coding or ot... (read more)

ITW Paxton Products - Highly efficient solutions for drying applications


Paxton Centrifugal Blowers offer highly efficient solutions for drying, blow off, air rinsing, process air and vacuum applications, replacing compressed air blow off, as well as other, less efficient blowers such as squirrel cage or regenerative blowers. When coupled with a properly designed air delivery device, centrifugal air blowers p... (read more)

ITW Paxton Products - Paxton Blowers "Sharpening Up" Manufacturing Lines

In recent years, the food industry has seen a huge increase in the demand for cheese ranging from string cheese to blocks of cheese. (read more)

ITW Paxton Products - Air Delivery Device and Blower Enclosures


Air Delivery Device Enclosures provide water, air and sound containment in your drying process. These enclosures keep the water contained inside the enclosure, then drained, eliminating mess on your factory floor – and eliminating any safety issues due to wet, slippery floors.

Blower Enclosures protect the blower from water, dirt and other environmen... (read more)

ITW Paxton Products - Replace a compressed air knife with a Paxton Air System

Due to low initial cost of compressed air knives, many facilities opt for compressed air knives when just starting out, for low line speeds, or for intermittent blow off and drying. (read more)