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Instrumented Sensor Technology - VibTimer Plus 3Dv2 Shock Logger for Transportation

VibTimer-Plus™ 3Dv2 is a new, low cost 3-axis g-rms and peak shock logger for transportation and other industrial monitoring applications. The device attaches to your shipment or machine and records g-rms vibration level information over long time periods along with exact date/time of all measurements. (read more)

Instrumented Sensor Technology - ShockTimer-Plus 3Dv2 Low Cost Shock Recorder

Instrumented Sensor Technology's new ShockTimer-Plus 3Dv2 low cost shock recorder for transportation monitoring measures and records 3-axis (x,y,z) shocks up to +/-16g that exceed preset thresholds, with date & time. The unit also logs temperature and humidity. (read more)

Instrumented Sensor Technology - DynaMax Suite Software for Field Data Collection

Instrumented Sensor Technology's DynaMax Suite makes a giant leap forward in field-data collection. This software is by far the most advanced, feature packed package of its kind in the industry. Not only are there more analysis tools than ever before, but the use of these tools couldn't be simplier! (read more)

Instrumented Sensor Technology - Compact Helmet Impact Recording System

IST's Helmet Impact Recording System (HIRTS-1) is a compact, self-contained recording device which measures and records shock and impact to helmets or other space constrained fixtures. The device is planted or installed to an inside surface of the helmet. (read more)

Instrumented Sensor Technology - Shock Recorder For Shipment & Vehicular Monitoring

ShockTimer-Plus 3Dv2tm, (STP3Dv2) is a new, low cost Shock Recorder for transportation monitoring. The device can be attached to your shipment or vehicle and will record the exact time it was abused in transport and even tell the level of shock it was subjected to. (read more)

Instrumented Sensor Technology - Shock, Vibration & Environmental Recorders

The EDR-3C Series is a portable, impact, shock and vibration logger, recorder and detector combo unit and has a built-in triaxial accelerometer that's designed to measure shock, vibration, temperature and (as an option) humidity, pressure, or resistance-bridge devices. (read more)

Instrumented Sensor Technology - Series Acceleration Recorders

The SnapShock Plus (SSP) series data recorders are compact, battery powered acceleration event recorders. The new generation devices offer several improved capabilities over the standard Snap Shock model. (read more)

Instrumented Sensor Technology - Multi-Channel Shock & Vibration Data Recorder

The MSR-3C is a self-contained low cost portable accelerometer data logger unit with a multi-channel, digital acceleration waveform recording system. Our portable acceleration data logger system is battery powered, designed for field applications requiring multi-channel, extended time, unattended acceleration monitoring and recording. (read more)

Instrumented Sensor Technology - SnapShock Plus Acceleration Vibration Recorders

The SnapShock Plus (SSP) accelerometer, serves as a impact indicator and transportation data recorder, logger, and detector, are compact, battery powered acceleration event recorders that records peak acceleration including impact, vibration and shock. (read more)

Instrumented Sensor Technology - Shock & Vibration Sensor/Recorder

The PANTHER Model EDR -4 series shock & vibration data loggers, monitors and recorders are self-contained, user-programmable acceleration sensor/recorders. The compact, 5lb. Package is designed for remote, stand-alone shock and vibration measurement and recording over extended time periods ranging from several hours to several weeks. (read more)