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Jewell Instruments, LLC - Jewell's New Ultra-Low Range Accelerometer

Jewell Instruments is proud to introduce the RoHS-compliant LSLR Ultra-Low Range Accelerometer. This single-axis accelerometer combines the high accuracy and ruggedness of force-balanced technology with the capacity to record very low inertial outputs. (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - The MEMS Inclinometer You’ve Been Waiting For

The super-sensitive JDI series now includes additional output and connector options, including wired, 8-pin, and dual Deutsch connectors. In addition to ASCII RS-485, the JDI now offers ASCII RS-232 and MODBUS RS-485 digital outputs. This positions Jewell’s flagship product as the most versatile digital tilt sensor for numerous applications. (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - How to Minimize Temperature Errors in Tiltmeters

Many electrolytic sensors are placed in areas with extreme environmental conditions. These can be extreme cold when tracking a glacier or extreme heat when measuring the smallest vibration of a volcano. These temperature changes will alter the characteristics of your sensor as the metals expand and contract, ultimately affecting the output and accuracy of the sensor. (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - Overcoming environmental noise in Tilting Sensing

Users of force balance inclinometers and tilt sensors can often see high noise in the field. Understanding the device is critical to solving the problem. A force balance inclinometer, or tilt sensor, is a high resolution, extremely accurate force balance accelerometer which is responding to the acceleration of Earth’s gravity to determine the angle of tilt. (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - Sensor Wiring & Connection Problems: SOLVED!

Many problems encountered when using sensors such as Jewell’s products are often a result of the way the sensors are connected. The wiring and connections of each product and model will vary, so it is very important to review the documentation for the specific model being used. It’s also important to make the distinction between electrical common and Earth or chassis ground w... (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - Navigation Components for Unmanned Subsea Vehicles

GPS signals cannot travel through water. For subsea navigation, unmanned vehicles must rely on a number of sensors, including electronic compasses. Here is how electronic compasses are critical components for the navigation of unmanned, subsea vehicles. (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - Submersible tilt sensing at 200m depth

The 820 Shallow Water Series is the most recent addition to Jewell Instruments’ electrolytic tiltmeter line for geophysical and geotechnical applications. This is a waterproof tilt solution that provides civil engineers a cost-effective and practical alternative to tiltmeters rated for extreme depths. (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - 3 Factors that Change Electronic Compass Accuracy

Military, marine navigation, unmanned vehicles and more depend on the accuracy of an electronic compass. There are several factors that can greatly influence how a compass takes its readings. Here are three of these factors and how to be aware of them. (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - Reduce Noise Interference in Sensor Readings

Precision inertial sensors are so sensitive that even noise waves can be detected as vibration. For many applications, noise is inevitable, but noise interference in the sensor’s readings is unacceptable. Here is what causes this disruption and what can be done to prevent it. (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - Measuring Vibration? Know Which Sensor to Use

Every object that moves is experiencing acceleration, but not every movement requires one type of accelerometer to measure it. For applications that involve vibration, the type of accelerometer you need depends on the requirements of your project. (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - 2 Sensor Types for Extreme Temperatures

Engineers often need sensors that can make crucial, minuscule measurements within some of the harshest environments. Many projects expose sensors to temperatures as high as +180° C and as low as -55° C. There’s not much you can do about the weather and temperature of your application’s environment, but you can find the right sensor to hold up to the elements. (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - How to Avoid Vibration in Structural Tilt Readings

Vibration can be the enemy for precision tilt sensors and in many cases, it is inevitable. For environments that can make the line on a datalogger go haywire, you may need a nontraditional tiltmeter. (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - Why Solar Trackers Depend on Inclinometers

The demand for renewable energy has grown as we seek to preserve our planet while harnessing its resources. To ensure the largest return on their investment, these panels must be designed and controlled with reliable components. (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - How to Adapt to Single-ended Input Power

In recent years, engineers have been migrating from a dual-ended power input to single in order to save on costs and maximize efficiency. If you need to start buying sensors with single-ended input power, but are not sure how accommodate for them, this process is easier than you think. (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - Digital MEMS tilt sensing with temp compensation

Introducing the JDI-100/200 inclinometer series, the latest addition to Jewell Instruments’ group of MEMS sensors. Made in-house, this ruggedized inclinometer includes digital output and full temperature compensation across all measuring ranges which enables the unit to perform to 0.015° accuracy. (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - Platform tiltmeter for extreme geophysical studies

Jewell Instruments is proud to present the A601-2 tiltmeter series as the latest installment to its electrolytic sensor family for geophysical and geotechnical applications. This new model replaces the 520M geodetic platform tiltmeter as a more cost effective option, but without sacrificing much precision. (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - Ethernet inclinometer, 0.001° resolution

The eDXI-100/200 inclinometer series is a precision single or dual axis tilt sensor that includes Ethernet connection. With an IP67, RJ45 connector, it is easy to connect to computers and other devices to run automation and networking. (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - RoHs Inclinometer for Space Constraints

The RMI Emerald inclinometer series is one of the newest members of Jewell Instruments' force balanced tilt line. The single axis sensor presents the advantage of several mounting and electrical output options in addition to a round compact footprint. It is also a low-cost solution with high quality force balanced technology giving it higher precision than comparable MEMS... (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - 1 µrad tilt sensing & three analog output options

This single axis sensor family combines the high accuracy of force balanced technology with the ruggedness to withstand the demanding conditions of a multitude of markets.

Units are available with a 6-pin connector (including a CE marked option), pin-terminals or flying leads. It also offers the flexibility of +/-5V, 0-5V or 4-20mA outputs and is RoHS compliant. (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - RoHS MEMS Tilt Sensing, 0.002° resolution

The JMI-100/200 inclinometer series is one of the latest additions to Jewell Instruments' MEMS sensor line. This versatile, lightweight and robust sensor is a low-cost alternative to most traditional inclinometers. (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - Why Electrolytic Tiltmeters Must Remain Static

Electrolytic tiltmeters are excellent solutions to constantly monitor the structural health of large, important infrastructure or landmasses. They are highly sensitive, low maintenance and have long lifespans. However, they are temperamental to linear motion which is why they should avoid environments where excessive vibration and motion are present. (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - Dual Axis Inclinometer for Structural Analysis

The LCF-2330 inclinometer series now includes a 4-20mA output signal option for applications that require long cable runs. This dual axis tilt sensor is fluid damped to minimize noise and vibration interference while also offering a sharp 1 µradian resolution (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - Affordable Acceleration Sensing

Introducing the JMA-100/200/300 accelerometer series, the latest addition to Jewell Instruments’ MEMS sensor line. This is a versatile, rugged and robust sensor that is a low-cost alternative to most traditional accelerometers. (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - 3 Ways In Which Tiltmeters Keep You Safe

You drive over bridges everyday and marvel at famous volcanoes like Mt. St. Helens, but have you ever thought about the engineering that goes into monitoring them? Learn how high precision sensors keep you safe even when you don't realize it. (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - Lower cost, high precision acceleration control

Jewell Instruments is proud to add the SMA Emerald Series accelerometer to its precision sensor line. This single-axis, dual-ended power supply accelerometer offers the high precision of force balanced technology, but at a lower cost than other models. (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - Low-cost MEMS Inclinometers for commercial use

Jewell Instruments is proud to introduce nine new families of low-cost MEMS inclinometers. Models span from 0.05° to temperature compensated 0.0005° resolution, allowing customers to match price to performance across a broad range of applications. (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - In-place inclinometer for slope stability studies

Installed as a string of vertical or horizontal sensors inside inclinometer casing, or by direct burial, this instrument provides a continuous record of ground displacement. Fiberglass rods connect the sensors inside the casing, and fins or universal pivots couple the sensors to the casing walls. (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - Angular accelerometer for general testing

The Jewell ASB Series Angular Accelerometer is a general-purpose ±200 radian/second² to ±1000 radian/second² device for industrial, commercial and sensing requirements. (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - Stackable precision tilt sensing for tight spaces

The Jewell LSRP Series meets the needs of applications with space constraints. The compact, cylindrical shape and the stacking feature of the LSRP facilitate the use of several inclinometers when multi-axis measurement is required. The LSRP offers precise readings with high outputs at lower range frequencies. (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - Detect ground movement with a Lily tiltmeter

The LILY Self-Leveling Borehole Tiltmeter is designed for volcanic and tectonic research and for the monitoring of hydraulic fracturing and other subsurface processes in the oil and gas industry. (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - Dual or single axis digital acceleration sensing

The DXA-100/200 Series features a digital output with a resolution of 8 µG.
Available in a single or dual axis package, this sensor will provide both
high precision and performance for any of your tilt sensing or acceleration
requirements. (read more)

Jewell Instruments, LLC - Vacuum-rated Tilt Sensing for Research & Testing

The high-precision sensors in our 500- and 700-Series tiltmeters are available as standalone modules for applications with size or weight constraints. These small uniaxial and biaxial modules attach directly to the elements you want to measure, without unbalancing them or affecting their performance. (read more)