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JINPAT Electronics - JINPAT Large Diameter Through Bore Slip Rings

Large through bore slip rings represent the union of manufacturing processes and technologies. (read more)

JINPAT Electronics - Pancake Slip Ring Integrated Photoelectric Encoder

Recently, JINPAT R & D Center customized a pancake slip ring for a foreign photography turntable equipment company. This slip ring integrates a high-precision photoelectric encoder, which can provide customers with precise positioning with accuracy of ± 0.2 °. The contact of the material fully guarantees the stable and good performance of the slip ring during its life.

(read more)
JINPAT Electronics - Aviation Slip Ring

The slip ring also has a 60% reduction in overall dimensions and a 50% reduction in weight. Based on the technology and experience, JINPAT seeks technological and technological innovation, and strives to effectively improve its manufacturing level of aerospace slip rings.

Technical highlights and advantages:

  • Working environment: suitable for high-cold environme...
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JINPAT Electronics - Slender JINPAT Slip Ring Like A Pencial

The super miniature slip rings have been developed to provide a perfect solution for the transmission of power and signal for devices with limited installation space. (read more)

JINPAT Electronics - Slip Ring with RF Coaxial Connector

The LPC-1C1202-A slip ring is a special unit with RF Coaxial Connector. The frequency range is from DC to 1.5GHz and the insert wastage within 0.1dB. (read more)

JINPAT Electronics - JINPAT Fiber Optic Rotary Joint

Such a slip ring manufactured by JINPAT features optic fiber as the media for data transmission. The fiber connector is designed perfectly for transmitting a large capacity of data and signal from stationary to rotating parts. It has the advantages of extremely low insertion loss, high rotary speed, fast transmission rate, high reliability and long life. (read more)

JINPAT Electronics - Ethernet Slip Ring

Industrial Ethernet slip ring is designed especially by JINAPT for industrial Ethernet transmission, compatible with such protocols as Sercos III, Powerlink, ProfiNet, EtherCAT, Ethernet/IP, Modbus / TCP. The part for Ethernet signal transmission is an integrated unit that routes 1000M Ethernet, USB2.0, HF and electrical signals. It has a reliable performance with a large dielectric stre... (read more)

JINPAT Electronics - Plug-in Type Slip Ring

Plug-type slip ring is also called insert type conductive ring, collector ring, electric rotary joint. (read more)

JINPAT Electronics - Pneumatic Hydraulic & Electrical Rotary Joint

It is an initiated stacked unit in domestic industry, transmitting various signals, such as strong current, Gigabit Ethernet, RS422...... (read more)

JINPAT Electronics - Integrated Ethernet Slip Ring

It is a high precision slip ring that integrates electricity with high frequency by special structure and manufacturing technique, relatively independent, no interruption. (read more)

JINPAT Electronics - High Performance Sub-assembly Slip Ring

JINPAT Electronics is a well-established company in slip ring industry. By far, we have provided satisfactory rotating transmission solutions for numerous clients, some of which are of the Fortune 500. JINPAT Electronics has been exploring for better technology and manufacture techniques and invest our innovation in every piece of product. (read more)

JINPAT Electronics - Pancake Slip Ring Integrated Ethernet Signal

Pancake slip ring, as another form of though hole slip rings, which are designed for somewhere vertical space is limited while horizontal space is less restrictive. (read more)

JINPAT Electronics -  Plug-in Style Slip Ring

The longer the history of the company is, the more slip ring genres does it have. As an established corporation in the field, JINPAT Electronics have developed over 10,000 different slip ring models. Among these, there’s no lack of unique rotary joints. Moreover, in terms of the plug-in structure slip rings, they are rare in the market and exclusive to JINPAT Electronics. (read more)

JINPAT Electronics - Pneumatic Hydraulic Rotary Joints

JINPAT pneumatic hydraulic rotary joint is an integrated unit. The part integrates other rotary joint so that it can provide a solution for simultaneous transmission of signal, and gas/liquid in rotary automation equipment. (read more)

JINPAT Electronics - Gigabit Ethernet Capsule Slip Ring

Medium-sized capsule slip ring LPC-18A-0902-E3-IP65, used in the automotive industry rotary booth. The slip ring can transmit 9 channels*2A, 1 channel*Gigabit Ethernet. (read more)

JINPAT Electronics - HDMI Slip Ring for VR

Catering to the transmission of HDMI/3G-SDI, JINPAT has designed and manufactured a capsule slip ring. It is a high definition signal slip ring developed first by our company, which taking the lead of originality in its area with advanced design idea and manufacturing technology. It is perfectly applied to VR field that transmits HD video signal and other signals in 360° continuous r... (read more)

JINPAT Electronics - JINPAT Capsule Slip Rings

JINPAT medium-sized capsule slip ring LPC series products are installed in the parking lot gates according to customer's requirements, integrated sensor signals...... (read more)

JINPAT Electronics - JINPAT Through Bore Slip Ring for Rotary Platform

JINPAT through bore slip ring can be designed according to special needs. Such a slip ring has 83 circuits, of which one is designed for transmitting industrial Ethernet. Moreover, applied to the equipment like rotary platform, the part is definitely able to keep a smooth running with a reliable performance. Besides of this, it has a large dielectric strength with customized wire length.

(read more)
JINPAT Electronics - Through-Bore Slip Ring with Advanced Design

As to through bore slip ring, JINPAT can meet more challenges with scientific and special design. Such a high-precision unit integrates electricity and high frequency. (read more)

JINPAT Electronics - Slip Rings for Swivelling Solar Panels

JINPAT’s rotary joint provide various solutions for renewable and alternative energy applications. (read more)

JINPAT Electronics - JINPAT LPFO-01E Fiber Optic Slip Ring

Founded in 1996, JINPAT Electronics is an experienced leader among slip ring companies worldwide. JINPAT provides advanced slip rings and fiber optic products for various fields.The high performance JINPAT LPFO-01E slip rings use fiber brush technology to perform over 100 million revolutions with no maintenance. (read more)

JINPAT Electronics - JINPAT Integrated Capsule Slip Ring

JINPAT aviation slip ring not only has the characteristics of strong impact resistance, good anti-electromagnetic interference performance and long lifespan, but also has many advantages such as high manufacturing precision and compact appearance. (read more)

JINPAT Electronics - JINPAT Turntable Slip Ring

JINPAT Electronics is an advanced professional slip ring manufacturer with rich technical solutions. JINPAT can integrate fiber optic, electricity, gas, liquid and signal circuits on the same slip ring, and on this basis, the slip ring can be designed to meet specific vibration, shock and protection levels requirements. (read more)

JINPAT Electronics - High-current Slip Ring

To design a dedicated slip ring for the platform winch, large current-carrying capacity is the main factor, which is considered in electricity transmission. As is required by the customer, JINPAT has recently accomplished a high-current slip ring that is possible to transmit 350A large current in 3 circuits. Furthermore, it can also withstand harsh environment with IP56 high protection l... (read more)

JINPAT Electronics - USB3.0 Capsule Slip Ring

The USB3.0 slip ring is a capsule part that is designed with only one circuit for USB signal transmission. It is actually an improved part based on the structure of a standard capsule slip ring manufactured by JINPAT. It supports quick plug in and out in connection. In compact design, it can be also reconfigured to add circuits so as to transmit current, signal or gas/liquid. Optional wi... (read more)

JINPAT Electronics - New Advantages of JINPAT High Frequency Slip Ring

Based on the JINPAT LPCC-01A, the new high frequency slip ring LPCC-01B has been developed. (read more)

JINPAT Electronics - JINPAT USB Slip Ring with Type-C Connector

JINPAT high-precision USB slip ring is capable of 360-degree unlimited free rotation, stable transmission of various USB signals. (read more)

JINPAT Electronics - USB Through Hole Slip Ring

It is a slip ring for USB signal transmission, which is applied to medical equipment, measuring equipment, coiling machine, robots and intelligent equipment, etc. The flexible design with many options (joint, rotating speed, circuit, and housing) allows it to fit more application easily. With a bore of φ20mm, it is done with USB2.0 A female wires. 5 circuits makes into a main channel... (read more)

JINPAT Electronics - JINPAT Slip Ring with Ethernet and Video Signals

The JINPAT LPC-56A-0305-0403-34S military slip ring with a total of 42 circuits, which integrates video signals, SPI signals, Ethernet, SSI and other signals. (read more)

JINPAT Electronics - Ultra-Long Life Slip Ring with Liquid Metal

The service life of a slip ring is a factor influencing the slip ring selection. To meet the specific requirement, JINPAT has launched an ultra-long life slip ring with a high rotating speed. Specifically, it is a liquid metal slip ring, which is characterized by minor loss and micro fluctuation value. As for signal transmission, it has the capability of transmitting more than 10 kinds o... (read more)

JINPAT Electronics - RF Rotary Joint Transmitting HF Signal

JINPAT LPCC-01A product is a linear RF coaxial connector that transmit HF signal between stationary and rotating parts in a continuously rotary system. Moreover, it can transmit analog signal with a frequency of over 500MHz-30GHz. It is able to process signals, including wave filtering, phase modulation, mixing, attenuation, demodulation and amplitude clipping. Its stationary wave ratio... (read more)

JINPAT Electronics - Coax Rotary Joints

LPHF and LPC-1C series means a group of coax rotary joints. This unit is employed in devices that rotate continuously, and transmit high frequency (up to 50GHz) and high-speed serial digital signal from stationary part to rotating part. (read more)

JINPAT Electronics - High Definition Device Slip Ring

The capsule slip ring is developed especially for equipment where transmission of HD video/audio is required. It is perfectly suitable for camera tripod. Slip rings for three-axis pan-tilt beater manufactured by JINPAT ensure clearer images by stabilizing the camera in shake and wobble. BNC connector can isolate from video input signal, minimizing the interruption between signals. The ba... (read more)

JINPAT Electronics - 3 Channels RF Rotary Joint

The HF rotary joint is a dual channel coax rotary joint that transmit analog and digital signal. It has a working frequency of DC-2.2 GHz. It supports single channel or multiple channel HF signal transmission, and hybrid transmission of HF signal, control signal, communication signal, power supply, and fluid etc. Small and light with compact design, it is easy to install. Coaxial cable a... (read more)

JINPAT Electronics - Single-Channel Multi-mode Fiber Optic Rotary Joint

JINPAT has invented a single-channel optical slip ring with multi-mode fiber, which is proven to have a long life of more than 100 million revolutions. Finishing the final tests, it has been thrown into mass production. Such a fiber optic rotary joint can be used individually or integrated with electrical parts. It has a transmission rate of over 100 Gb/s with 50 channels at most. Essent... (read more)

JINPAT Electronics - LPFO Series Fiber Optic Rotary Joints

LPFO series is a family of fiber optic rotary joints manufactured by JINPAT. Such rotary unions feature optic fiber as the media for data transmission. The fiber connector is designed perfectly for transmitting a large capacity of data and signal from stationary to rotating parts. (read more)

JINPAT Electronics - Marine Slip Ring

The carbon brush slip ring manufactured by JINPAT is a part loading large current with a high working voltage up to 4000VAC. It is an electrical slip ring that integrates 4 channels fiber optic rotary joints. The wavelength of its optical part is 1270/1610nm. The key point lies in its high protection level up to IP66. Such a slip ring is designed especially for marine field use. For more... (read more)

JINPAT Electronics - 8 Circuits USB2.0 Slip Ring

JINPAT USB slip ring is usually especially designed for specific equipment. It is developed and has been applied to infrared sensing equipment. It supports simultaneous transmission of 8 circuits USB signal with a rate up to 480Mbps. With little interference and no connection drop, its BER is possibly down to 10E-11. Entertaining a reliable performance with no data package loss or cross... (read more)

JINPAT Electronics - Rotary Joint Supporting Integrated Transmission

It is a high-precision unit that integrates electrical and HF signals. Adopting special construction and manufacturing technology, the integrated part enjoys a stable transmission with no interruption, holding a leading position with originality in its field. The remarkable point lies in its integration with HF rotary joint, which is certified by in-house tests and acknowledged by custom... (read more)

JINPAT Electronics - Compact Mercury Slip Ring

Mercury Slip Rings manufactured by JINPAT are electrical rotating connectors adopting mercury as the media to transmit electricity or signals. Different from conventional carbon brush slip rings, the connectors, being a kind of industrial parts, can achieve electricity transmission without carbon brush technology. Compared to other slip rings, these slip rings with liquid media make poss... (read more)

JINPAT Electronics - Ethernet and USB2.0 Integrated Slip Ring

The 11 circuits’ slip ring is designed exclusively by JINPAT transmitting Gigabit Ethernet and USB2.0 signal. It is an integrated slip ring routing multiple signals, maintaining the leading position in its field with advanced design idea and manufacturing technique. It has passed in-house tests and been acknowledged by customers. It features integrating various signals into one uni... (read more)

JINPAT Electronics - Through-Hole Slip Ring with 24 Circuits Signals

Today’s slip rings have to meet increasing demands with regard to efficiency and reliability. As the industry leader, JINPAT has been devoted to providing high-quality solutions and units for various intelligent automation fields. (read more)

JINPAT Electronics - Plug-in Slip Ring with Separate Rotor & Stator

In view of complicated structure of rotary joints, installation and maintenance, plug-in slip ring of LPS-0705 model is manufactured exclusively by JINPAT for robots. The part has the characteristics of strong vibration resistance, large current-loading capacity and high rotating precision. Plug-in structure allows it to fit robots which work with multiple functions. Meanwhile, it also s... (read more)

JINPAT Electronics - IP67 Engineering Machinery Slip Ring

It is a slip ring designed exclusively for construction machinery. With a high protection level up to IP67, it can operate bare in harsh environment. Pull-pole design for rotor side allows the part to keep operation regardless of vibration. To meet more challenges, circuit number, working speed, current and voltage are options for customers. Transmission of signal and current can be done... (read more)

JINPAT Electronics - Integrated Slip Ring

The slip ring manufactured by JINPAT is an integrated unit of multiple signals, taking the leading position in its field with advanced design idea and manufacturing technology. It is able to transmit power, common signal and video signal simultaneously. It integrates with RF rotary joints of 5 channels, which is an originated technology in domestic industry. Without validated interruptio... (read more)

JINPAT Electronics - Pancake Slip Ring with Small Dimension

Remarkable in its small size, JINPAT pancake slip ring has challenged a more limited installation space while transferring current and signal. It is a creative unit that adopts surface mounted technology (SMT). Compatible with data bus protocol, it is able to finish 360° rotating transmission of analog/data signal. Additionally, it is specially designed with mounting hole/groove for... (read more)

JINPAT Electronics - IP67 Crane Slip Ring

JINPAT slip rings for construction machinery have experienced incessant improvement for years. Also, with the accumulated experience and technology in design and manufacturing, JINPAT launched an excellent dedicated slip ring for cranes. In comply with the industrial features, the slip ring operates well in its precise location of its angular rings. Moreover, with a large lifting capacit... (read more)

JINPAT Electronics - JINPAT Slip Ring for Packing Machines

For JINPAT LPT000-2410-E2 silp ring, it conducts 24 circuits@10A current and 1*100Mb/s Ethernet signals. (read more)

News articles and press releases for JINPAT Electronics:


Slip rings are widely used in amusement equipment.


The urban sewage treatment system is like the kidney of a city.


The rotating joint plays in important roles in achieving data on the communication system and the camera system transmission.


The slip ring integrated with the HDMI signal and USD signal successfully developed by JINPAT Electronics R & D Center, they can meet the requirements of 1080P @ 60Hz


A variety of JINPAT slip rings can be used in amusement equipment, including traditional carbon brush slip rings, through-hole slip rings, capsule slip rings, and pancake slip rings.


Slip rings are also known as rotary joints, swivel joints, swivel connectors or electric swivel joints. They can be used to transmit power or signals to any electromechanical system that requires rotation.


JINPAT sealed waterproof slip rings are ideal for demanding applications in wet, humid, and harsh industrial environments.


For more information about how JINPAT Ethernet slip ring solutions can be tailored to fit your specific application, please contact our slip ring experts.


How to solve the problem of smooth and fast 360° infinite rotation of the textile machine, which needs to be used slip ring.


JINPAT hosted over 40 university school students from Hunan University’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) program.


With the rapid development of technology, the intelligent application of equipment has been favored by major brand manufacturers.......


JINPAT has developed a special slip ring for several famous three-sided turn-over enterprises in China.


In engineering, a gyroscope is an instrument that can accurately determine the orientation of a moving object.


A CT scanner emits a series of narrow beams through the human body as it moves through an arc.


This slip ring is mainly developed for high-power rotary furnaces. 40 channels of 350A current and signals can be transmitted at the same time.


JINPAT Electronics has served over 4,000 corporations, institutions and individual units. Our products have widely applied in various industries.


JINPAT Electronics has been implementing high standard on every piece of product. To carry out quality inspection, JINPAT Electronics has established several labs like Raw Material Inspection Lab, Electrical Performance Testing Lab......


Among various slip rings, fiber optic rotary joint is one that highly invested with advanced techniques. There are basically two types of fiber optic rotary joint: single-channel and multi-channel.


JINPAT Electronics provides professional and satisfactory solutions for 360 degree rotating electronic conduction, signal transmission and fluid transmission demanded by various industries.


Through-bore Slip Rings presented by JINPAT Electronics, for its hollow-shaft design, can perfectly fit in the servo system of the manipulator.


JINPAT medium-sized cap slip ring LPC series products are installed in the parking lot gates according to customer's requirements, integrated sensor signals......


The slip ring is a 360-degree running platform in the flight simulator system. It can simulate the reversal of flipping in the air.


JINPAT Electronics entered the slip ring industry in 1996, providing solutions of 360 ° rotary transmission.


JINPAT through bore slip rings can be customized with more than 30 signals or up to 600 channels according to different requirements.


UAV is an emerging high-tech industry, favored by professionals and enthusiasts of aerial photography. As a manufacturer of slip rings, JINPAT Electronics has professional solutions for the data transmission of the flying camera.


The slip ring is a key part installed inside all kinds of cranes. It is mainly responsible for the transmission of various special signals, such as power signals, ship control signals, analog signals and digital signals.


Servomotor encoder slip ring is specially developed for servomotor. It is mainly used to supply power to servomotor and transmit encoder signal.


The sweeping robot is a smart home appliance that can automatically vacuum and clean the ground. Pluralities of devices, such as a laser sensor,


As one of the most important technologies in the manufacturing field, the slip ring mainly solves the problem of winding, and transmits power or data signals during the 360° continuous rotation.


INPAT miniature slip ring technology research and development team has developed a variety of “miniature slip rings for laser trackers”, which rotate continuously in 360°.


As a key rotating component in speed dome cameras, the slip ring plays an important role in ensuring the integrity and rapidity of data transmission during 360° rotation.


The 3D scanner captures the world around people with full-colour panoramic images overlaid on a high-accuracy point cloud. What makes it able to achieve 360°capturing?


Radio frequency testing is needed for radio and telecommunications equipment to test that they are using the radio spectrum effectively by not interfering with other users of the radio frequency spectrum.


The slip ring is widely used in security monitoring device. The Model LPM series slip ring is a miniature part for security monitoring device


In response to the rotary conductive needs of the toy robot industry, JINPAT designed the LPKS series of pancake slip rings with ultra-small axial space.


Air-to-air missiles are launched from aircraft to attack objects in the sky. After the launch of the air-to-air missile, it is necessary to rely on the rotation of the seeker to continuously acquire the target information......


As a key unit to solve the 360 degree rotating transmission, the slip ring is used to carry out signal and current transmission between the servo control system and the motor on the electric balance car.


Pipe Crawler is a kind of machine that can automatically walk along the inside or outside of a small pipe.


Cable reels are cable winding devices that provide power and signals for large mobile devices. It is widely used in port cranes, container cranes, ship loaders and other heavy machinery.


A wine press is a device used to extract juice from crushed grapes during wine making. During its working process, the cylinder must rotate continuously to help homogenize the pressure that is placed on the grapes......


Satellites must use high quality slip ring which can provide continuous transmission of signal and power under 360 degree unrestrained rotations so that it can deal with the problem of flexibility and stability.


The mud scraper is one of important equipments for treating industrial wastewater. It is often installed in a large diameter circular sedimentation pond to remove sludge settled at the bottom of the pond and remove scum from the pond surface.


At present, health care is a key development area in the world. Cardiovascular detector, as one of the advanced medical equipment, it plays an important role in treating heart disease.


Lidar (also called LIDAR, LiDAR, and LADAR) is a surveying method that measures distance to a target with pulsed laser light and measuring the reflected pulses with a sensor.


Barrier gate, also known as vehicle blocker, is special access control equipment used to restrict motor vehicles on the road. As to it, a tailor-made slip ring is required when it is applied in a specific area.


Obviously, the slip ring, an electrical connector supporting 360° rotating transmission, is used in X-Ray Baggage Scanner to provide power and signal transmission from the stationary to rotating parts in the equipment.


In the electronic microscope, the focus controller is a requisite control module, which is driven by a stepping motor, while the stepping motor needs an electrical slip ring to provide signal and current transmission.


By adjusting picking robot's finger, palm and thumb shape to that of objects, it can grab the object on the premise of no damage. In this process, electrical slip ring is required to achieve 360° rotating transmission in the robot system.


As the high-end monitoring instruments are used in real-time and all-weather monitoring of agriculture and national defense. It is usual to use slip ring to transmit power and signal in such field.


To meet the demand of the customer, the electrical slip ring developed by JINPAT is a long part with a small outer diameter. Such a high-precision slip ring is completely in conformity with military standard with a length of 425mm.


To meet the demand of the customer, the electrical slip ring developed by JINPAT is a long part with a small outer diameter. Such a high-precision slip ring is completely in conformity with military standard with a length of 425mm.


The slip ring developed by JINPAT for high speed trains is mainly characteristic of high rotating speed and long service life.


The cutting machine found in most of farms, is exactly a power-driven tool to accomplish mowing, harvesting, and other tasks. It also uses slip ring to operate smoothly.


High-precision electrical slip ring is a highly sophisticated and compact-designed part, which is characterized by its small dimension, many tracks, compact structure, high precision, and low electrical noise.


High-precision electrical slip ring is a highly sophisticated and compact-designed part, which is characterized by its small dimension, many tracks, compact structure, high precision, and low electrical noise.


JINPAT’s new unit is called a dedicated capsule slip ring for nonmagnetic military equipment. Exhibiting itself with nonmagnetic property, the nonmagnetic military slip ring fits the equipment, such as nonmagnetic probe, radar, and submarines, etc.


The thermal power station is a power station in which heat energy is converted to electric power. Slip rings, able to be used at any electromechanical rotating system, are also employed in the system of thermal power station.


JINPAT, focusing on the essential characteristics of the steering wheel, has delivered an exclusive slip ring for the equipment.


A new-developed capsule slip ring this week is characterized by its high working speed and high protection grade. It is exclusively designed for the strain gauge and has been used for signal transmission of the equipment.


One of the through bore slip ring manufactured by JINPAT is integrated with a fiber optical rotary joint. As an integrated unit, it features a high working speed up to 2000rpm.


JINPAT has accumulated much experience in the slip ring development for coating machine. The recent coating machine slip ring is a through bore part that supports electricity and K thermocouple signal transmission.


The HTC Vive slip ring manufactured by JINPAT is a capsule part, which transmits electricity, HDMI & USB2.0 signals.


Camera pan and tilt is a supporting platform, whose all-dimensional rotating head requires the slip ring, an electrical connector of 360° rotation, to help it achieve its functional operation.


To meet the requirements of specific customers, JINPAT engineers have developed successfully a unique slip ring for aquaculture industry.


JINPAT Capsule Slip Rings with compact design have an outer diameter ranging from 5.5mm~22mm. The application of the slip rings covering many areas like defense, aviation, military, automation, and marine etc.


Slip ring, as an indispensable part for floating crane, a floating platform, palys a large role in power and signal transmission.


JINPAT oil tank truck slip ring has a mature manufacturing technology that is applied to the equipment. Its electrical performance is conducive to the oil heating.


Slip ring, being a part of the system, is used at the output, to measure the actual position of the mechanical system compared to the control input.


JINPAT, collaborating with SANY Company specializing in construction machinery manufacturing, has designed dozens of slip rings applied to cranes, covering Truck-Mounted Cranes, All Terrain Cranes, Rough-terrain Cranes, and Crawler Cranes.


How to develop a multi-circuit capsule slip ring with a so small size? Special needs of specific customers invariably ignite the desire of JINPAT and push it to seek new breakthroughs.