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Kelco Industries - Engineered Elastomers

Kelco Customers Trust Our Engineering Expertise for Extreme Conditions (read more)






Flex-Weld’s state-of-the-art manufacturing machinery, sheet metal fabrication equipment, in-house machine shop, and precision welding department offer our customers unique metal fabrication solutions for their most demanding needs. (read more)

Kelco Industries - High Pressure Expansion Bellows

High Pressure Expansion Bellows

The Compact Industrial Expansion Joint for pressures up to 150 PSI (read more)

Kelco Industries - Motion and Flow Control

Facility maintenance is crucial to the success of your operation. You can’t afford to have breakdowns, especially during critical times. (read more)

Kelco Industries - Construction Industry Applications

Precision Seals & Sub-Assembly System Components (read more)

Kelco Industries - High-Performance Precision Engineered Components

4 Divisions, 1 Mission: High-Performance Precision Engineered Components (read more)

Kelco Industries - Molded Components for Your Unique Needs

Injection Molded Components for Your Unique Needs (read more)

Kelco Industries - Precision Injection Molding & Insert Molding

Precision Injection Molding & Insert Molding from AMT: a Division of Kelco (read more)

Kelco Industries -  Precision Sealing Systems and Products

When Precision Matters, Kelco Delivers Parts for Safety-Critical Applications (read more)

Kelco Industries - Active Sides Stick- Commercial Flight Control Grip

The latest in the Guardian Electric family of flight control grips. This grip is the state of the art for fly by wire active control for today’s most advanced commercial aircraft.

It is designed to eliminate the need of traditional control columns and allows designers to save space in the cockpit and create better comfort for pilots. It features leather wrapped comfort along... (read more)

Kelco Industries - Precision Formed Metal Components

Metal Expansion Joints, Compensators & Assemblies from Flex-Weld: a Division of Kelco (read more)

Kelco Industries - Engineered Thermoplastics

Kelco Customers Trust Our Engineering Expertise for Extreme Conditions (read more)

Kelco Industries - Injection Molded Components

Injection Molded Components for Your Unique Needs (read more)

Kelco Industries - FDA compliant engineered components

FDA compliant engineered components for the valve and fluid handling industry (read more)

Kelco Industries - CIP (Clean in Place ) Clamp Gaskets

Engineered Plastic CIP (Clean In Place) gaskets for a variety of fluid handling applications. (read more)

Kelco Industries - Quality Seals at Competitive Prices

Western Consolidated Technologies (WCT) a division of Kelco, is a market leader in Fluid Filtration and Pumping applications. Our unique portfolio of materials and manufacturing processes allows us to supply quality seals at competitive prices. (read more)

Kelco Industries - Precision Engineered Components for HVAC

For over 100 years, Flex-Weld, a division of KELCO, has been a leader in the design and fabrication of flexible metal bellows, expansion joints, expansion compensators, metal hose assemblies, expansion loops, and other engineered
components. (read more)

Kelco Industries - Engineered for Success

KELCO Industries is a market leader in cost-effective, high-performance engineered components used across a broad range of industries. (read more)

Kelco Industries - B7 Flight Control Grip

B7 Flight Control Grip Datasheet

The B-7 Grip represents the basic aircraft control grip style.

he single-piece molded design gives the B-7 control grip exceptional strength, while allowing simplified switch replacement over the life of the grip.

This proven grip places up to two switches (shown here as a pushbutton and a 4-way actuation switch) as well as a single o... (read more)

Kelco Industries - Solenoids for Medical Industry

Kelco Industries is a market leader in cost-effective, high-performance engineered Solenoids in the manufacture of Medical Equipment to fight Covid-19. (read more)

Kelco Industries - Kelco Gives You the Control You Need

Guardian Electric, a division of Kelco Industries, has been a leader in high-performance electromechanical components for over 80 years. (read more)

Kelco Industries - Reduce Stress Durability For Product Longer Life

Kelco’s 30MC Series Expansion Joints from Flex-Weld feature multi-ply stainless steel construction and are available in a wide range of sizes or manufactured to order. (read more)

Kelco Industries - Kelco's Engineered Plastic valve components

Engineering Excellence for Your Sealing and Fluid Handling Needs (read more)

Kelco Industries - Expansion Joint Solutions for Wastewater Treatment

Expansion Joint Solutions for Wastewater Treatment.

For over 100 yearsFlex-weld/Keflex has been the name of choice in the most demanding applications, like wastewater treatment facilities. (read more)

Kelco Industries - Spring Energized Seals

Western Consolidated Technologies, a Division of Kelco Industries is a industry leader in the manufacture of high-performance spring energized seals. (read more)

Kelco Industries - Ke-Loops

Flex-weld Inc, a Division of Kelco Industries Ke-Loops are Made in the USA. Our L, U and V Bronze and Stainless Steel Designs are available with an Integral Hanger Bracket and Drain port. (read more)

Kelco Industries - Expansion Joints Low Cost, Maintenance free

Kelco's Single SEP and Dual DEP Externally Pressurized Expansion joints, also known as pressure compensators, provide a high level of safety in a compact design and are an excellent solution for absorbing large amounts of axial movement in piping systems. Common applications include Schools, Apartments, Prisons, Oil Refineries, Liquefied Natural Gas, Steam Plants, and Industrial Heating... (read more)

Kelco Industries - Tubular Solenoids for Security Applications

Tubular solenoids help gain higher efficiencies, lower costs, and reduce risk to employees, facilities, and ultimately—the bottom line. (read more)

Kelco Industries - Solenoid Spring Kits

Guardian Electric Manufacturing Co., a Division of Kelco Industries offers a full range of Spring Kits that includes several color-coded springs to select the best performance for your application (read more)

Kelco Industries - Why Choose Kelco For Your Solenoid Needs?

For over 80 years, Guardian Electric, a division of Kelco Industries has designed and built electro-mechanical Solenoids for a wide variety of industries and applications. We put that experience to work every day to continue to serve our customers’ everchanging needs. (read more)

Kelco Industries - Extreme Operating Conditions Call For Kelco

Extreme heat or frigid cold: Kelco has you covered with seals, rings, and gaskets that will hold up to whatever you throw at them. (read more)

Kelco Industries - Kelco Provides Custom and Off the Shelf Solutions for Construction

Every construction project is unique. Whether you need custom components or an off the shelf solution, Kelco has you covered. (read more)