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Kooltronic, Inc. - Thermal Management for EV Charging Stations

Electric vehicle (EV) charging stations rely on an array of complex electronics and power storage devices. Kooltronic closed-loop cooling solutions protect these heat-sensitive components and prolong their lifespan to provide many years of reliable operation. (read more)

Kooltronic, Inc. - Narrow-Width Enclosure AC Units | SkimKool Series

Kooltronic SlimKool Series compact, NEMA 4/4X rated air conditioners feature a narrow width (under 12") for convenient mounting on shallow electrical enclosures and control cabinets. (read more)

Kooltronic, Inc. - Electrical Enclosure Cooling Calculator

Kooltronic's Enclosure Cooling Calculator helps you quickly calculate your heat load and find the right thermal management product to match your requirements. (read more)

Kooltronic, Inc. - New 1,000 BTU/H AC Joins Access Slim-Depth Line

Kooltronic, Inc. of Pennington, NJ has added a new 1,000 BTU/H DSP 17 model to its Access Series line of Slim-Depth Enclosure Air Conditioners. (read more)

Kooltronic, Inc. - Air-to-Air & Water-to-Air Heat Exchangers

Kooltronic Heat Exchangers combine powerful forced-convection cooling with the advantages of a closed-loop airflow system to satisfy a wide range of enclosure cooling requirements. (read more)

Kooltronic, Inc. - Ultra-Slim, Door-Mount Electrical Panel AC Unit

The new Access Series Ultra-Slim, Door-Mount Air Conditioners from Kooltronic feature a remarkably thin 5-inch depth, a compact footprint, and versatile installation options – ideal for mounting onto standard electrical enclosure doors or panels. (read more)

Kooltronic, Inc. - Top-Mount Air Conditioners for Electrical Cabinets

Kooltronic Horizontal Top-Mounted Air Conditioners provide a full range of cooling capacities where space or other limitations prevent panel or internal rack mounting. (read more)

Kooltronic, Inc. - Advantage Series Filter Fans

Kooltronic has expanded its website e-commerce product offering to include the Advantage Series Filter Fans. These attractive filter fans offer a clean, linear design and flat profile for effective, economical cooling of heat-sensitive electronics. (read more)

Kooltronic, Inc. - Ultra-Slim Depth Enclosure Air Conditioners

The new Access Series Enclosure Air Conditioners from Kooltronic are specially designed for closed-loop cooling in self-service kiosks, ATMs, and electrical cabinets with space constraints that would preclude traditional cooling units. (read more)

Kooltronic, Inc. - Parts & Filters Now Available to Purchase Online!

Kooltronic, Inc. of Pennington, NJ, has rolled out a new self-service e-commerce feature that offers customers the convenience of purchasing spare/replacement parts and filters online. (read more)

Kooltronic, Inc. - GuardianX Series NEMA 4X Cabinet Air Conditioners

The GuardianX Series Air Conditioners are designed specifically for NEMA 4X electrical enclosure applications in harsh, corrosive environments. (read more)

Kooltronic, Inc. - SlimKool Series Narrow Width Air Conditioners

The SlimKool Series compact, all-weather air conditioners feature a narrow width of under 12 inches for convenient mounting on shallow electrical enclosures. (read more)

Kooltronic, Inc. - Enclosure Air Conditioners for Hazardous Locations

Kooltronic's patented HL Series Enclosure Air Conditioners are engineered for electrical cabinet cooling within NEC Class I, Divisions 1 and 2 Hazardous Locations. (read more)

Kooltronic, Inc. - Electrical Cabinet Cooling Fans & Fan Trays

The Kooltronic line of enclosure cooling fans offers the widest selection of airflow capacities, NEMA types, and mounting configurations in the industry. (read more)

Kooltronic, Inc. - Enclosure Cooling for Energy Storage Systems

Closed-loop enclosure cooling can help extend the lifespan of battery energy storage systems and boost the efficiency and reliability of associated electronic components. (read more)

Kooltronic, Inc. - Electrical Cabinet Cooling in Hazardous Locations

Using the right electrical cabinet cooling solution in NEC Class I, Divisions 1 & 2 hazardous locations will help you avoid costly downtime and, more importantly, reduce the risk of a fire or explosion. (read more)

Kooltronic, Inc. - Thermal Management Solutions for Medical Devices

Extending life cycles for technology that supports health and medical care can be accomplished by incorporating thermal management to either process or equipment cooling. (read more)

Kooltronic, Inc. - Enclosure Cooling for Wastewater & Water Treatment

In order to keep pumps and variable-frequency drives (VFDs) running efficiently, special purpose cooling units must withstand the corrosive environments common in water treatment, wastewater, and irrigation applications. (read more)

Kooltronic, Inc. - Solutions for Cooling Electronics in Kiosks & ATMs

Digital, self-service kiosks continue to grow in popularity. Keeping internal components such as CPUs, printers, and display screens within the desired temperature range is paramount for efficient operation (and happy customers). (read more)

Kooltronic, Inc. - Cabinet Cooling Solutions for Mass Transit & EVSE

Electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) and mass transit systems rely on an array of complex electronics to power supplies, display, signaling, and switches. Integrated cooling and airflow are paramount for extending the life and efficiency of these modern transportation systems and preventing lost revenue due to heat-related outages. (read more)

Kooltronic, Inc. - Enclosure Cooling for Industrial Applications

Industrial manufacturing equipment is often located in areas that contain dirt, dust, humidity, oils, and excessive heat. Choosing durable electrical panel cooling products that can perform in these conditions is essential for optimum production. (read more)

Kooltronic, Inc. - Cooling Solutions for the Food & Beverage Industry

Thermal management products used within the food production, processing, and packaging industry must provide the cooling necessary for sensitive electronic components while protecting against harsh industrial cleaning methods. (read more)

Kooltronic, Inc. - Centrifugal Blowers and Packaged Blowers

Kooltronic Centrifugal Blowers and Packaged Blowers are a durable and economical choice to cool electrical enclosures using a steady flow of ambient air against differing static pressures. (read more)

Kooltronic, Inc. -  Air-to-Air Heat Exchangers

Air-to-Air Heat Exchangers are the ideal choice for applications that can tolerate operating temperatures somewhat higher than ambient. (read more)

Kooltronic, Inc. - Get the Most Out of Your Enclosure Cooling Unit

Nothing is more important than a clean filter. Clogged filters restrict airflow and cause motors, compressors, and other components to work harder, which increases the risk of premature failure. Plus, routine filter replacement offers several additional benefits. (read more)

Kooltronic, Inc. - Why Closed Loop Cooling?

An Introduction to Closed Loop Cooling (read more)

Kooltronic, Inc. - Guardian Series NEMA 4 Enclosure Air Conditioners

The all-weather Guardian Series enclosure AC units offer high-performance electrical panel cooling in various BTU capacities, sizes, and voltages. (read more)

Kooltronic, Inc. - Kooltronic Heat Exchangers

Kooltronic Heat Exchangers offer several enclosure cooling benefits including simple reliable performance and operation, low maintenance, and energy efficiency. (read more)

Kooltronic, Inc. - Enclosure Air Conditioners

Kooltronic closed-loop enclosure air conditioners provide greater operating efficiency, lower power consumption, and longer life for heat sensitive electrical components. (read more)

Kooltronic, Inc. - Electrical Enclosure Heaters & Humidity Control

Kooltronic's selection of high-performance heaters and fan heaters helps maintain a consistent temperature, prevent condensation, and prolong the life of sensitive electronics within electrical panels and control cabinets. (read more)

Kooltronic, Inc. - Electrical Enclosure Thermostats & Controls

Both indoor and outdoor enclosures are subject to temperature and humidity changes which, if not properly protected against, can lead to excessive heat load, condensation, and other problems. Kooltronic thermostats and controls can be used in conjunction with air conditioners, heat exchangers, and fans to overcome these challenges and avoid costly system failures. (read more)

Kooltronic, Inc. - Onsite UL Recognized Test Laboratory

Kooltronic, Inc. is proud to announce the renewal of our Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Client Test Data Program Certificate. Having an onsite UL-recognized test lab supports our commitment to delivering the highest quality enclosure cooling products. (read more)

Kooltronic, Inc. - Guardian Series NEMA 4/4X Enclosure Cooling Fans

Rated NEMA 4 or NEMA 4X, the All-Weather Guardian Series Filter Fans are a perfect choice for dissipating electrical enclosure heat loads economically. (read more)