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LAPP - Cable Solutions for the Flourishing Smart Factory

Industrial machinery is increasingly expected to do more — deliver more power, process more data and run continuously. And although they operate in some very inhospitable environments, their interconnections must be durable and dependable to support today’s demands. (read more)

LAPP - Harness the Power of Wind

The cables and connectors found in wind turbines have to endure demanding conditions—from excessive flexing to lightning strikes. (read more)

LAPP - Check out EPIC® Connectors for Hot Runner Systems

EPIC® Connectors are used on Hot Runner systems throughout the industry (read more)

LAPP - Cables need to transmit more data than ever before

Get Wired for the Future With ETHERLINE® and UNITRONIC® Industrial Data Cables (read more)

LAPP - Oil Resistant Flexible Control & Power Cable

LAPP offers a wide range of cable ideal for machinery applications. Available in various jacket compounds and insulations. (read more)

LAPP - High Temperature Flexible Control Cable

These cables are ideal for foundries, commercial baking equipment, steel mills, glass factories, furnaces, and other high temperature applications. (read more)

LAPP - Connectors Help IIOT Transform Factory Automation

Rectangular Connectors Help IIOT Transform Factory Automation (read more)

LAPP - A Robust Cable for Factory Environments

The ÖLFLEX® VFD 2XL series is designed for VFD motor connections in both fixed and flexing installations. Able to withstand harsh environments, this cable features an industrial-grade, phthalate-free jacket and resists oil and flames. (read more)

LAPP - Get Wired for the Future

Get Wired for the Future With ETHERLINE® and UNITRONIC® Industrial Data Cables (read more)

LAPP - Selecting cable components with NSF approval.

SKINTOP® Cable Glands Offer NSF Approval for Food Applications (read more)

LAPP - Picking the Best Flex Cable for Your Application

Quickly find the best solution with the correct specification for your needs – with our one-stop ÖLFLEX® Continuous Flex Cable and populated chain educational resource. (read more)

LAPP - Knowing when the cable will break

LAPP futureLab discussces Predictive Maintenance initiative for Ethernet industrial cable (read more)

LAPP - The single-cable solution for servo applications.

· Reduced cable diameter for easier installation.

· Thin-Wall XLPE insulation provides low capacitance

· Twisted pairs minimize inductance and capacitance for improved long cable runs

· FD cable for industrial platform and infrastructure (read more)

LAPP - EPIC® Connectors for Hot Runner Systems

LAPP's EPIC® connectors keep Hot Runner systems moving in extreme conditions (read more)

LAPP - LAPP introduces our new ÖLFLEX® VFD 1XL cable.

The New ÖLFLEX® VFD 1XL - small OD, flexibility, and TC-ER rating in one cable (read more)


As industrial communication requirements grow, so does the number of cables linking machines in a production system – crowding cable cabinets. The ETHERLINE® TRAY CAT.7 cable’s innovative design and construction provide an 8.9mm OD which, combined with a minimum stationary bend radius of 10 x cable diameter, helps ease installation in tight spaces. (read more)

LAPP - Try our new Connector Selector Tool, it's EPIC!

Checkout our new connector online selector tool to find the right industrial connector for your needs. (read more)

LAPP - Automotive Plants: An Inside Look

When it comes to automotive production, nothing is more critical than keeping your operation running at top speed. (read more)

LAPP - Oil and Abrasion-Resistant Cable For Machine Tools

A special interstice filling functional layer on a special PVC base enables more efficient and reliable stripping and ensures improved stripping characteristics, reduction of damage to core insulation, less subsequent manual processing and reduced material waste - compared to common PUR jacketed cables. This results in time and costs savings. (read more)

LAPP - New EPIC Covers and Products Provide Superior Corrosion Resistance

Lapp Group USA has introduced enhancements to its EPIC® ULTRA rectangular connector housings with new covers and models aimed at the food and beverage industry or any other application that requires electrical connectors with high levels of corrosion resistance. (read more)

LAPP - Robotics on Demand Webinar

Understanding New Robotics Trends So You Don't Fall Behind

If you work with robots, you’ve noticed them getting faster, and more advanced in their overall capabilities. At the same time, they have increasingly stringent uptime requirements. (read more)

LAPP - Automation Today

Automation and networking technology continues to play a vital role in the manufacturing industry, especially mechanical and plant engineering. (read more)

LAPP - FREE sample of the 7TCE Cable For Servo Motor Applications

Lapp Group USA has introduced its ÖLFLEX® SERVO 7TCE, a highly flexible, oil-resistant servo cable with TC-ER approval. Because it is suitable for use directly on industrial machines and in cable trays, this new cable eliminates the need for two different kinds of cable or the use of conduit in run. (read more)

LAPP - SKINTOP® Cable Gland Selection Tool

LAPP GROUP presents a new and innovative way to find the correct SKINTOP® for your needs. (read more)

LAPP - Stainless Steel Gland for Clean Machines

The Lapp Stainless Steel Gland for Hygenically-Critical Areas (read more)

LAPP - Data Cable Solutions for the Flourishing Smart Factory

When it comes to Automation it's important to know what your options are when choosing data cables for your factory. (read more)

LAPP - Hygienic stainless steel cable gland


Featuring FDA approved material for a wide range of food and beverage and pharmaceutical applications, the Lapp Group introduces the new SKINTOP Hygienic stainless steel cable gland. (read more)

LAPP - Don’t Fall Behind! New Wind Turbine Cabling Trends

This webinar is designed to inform our audience of Lapp’s latest cabling and system solutions being provided in today’s wind industry aftermarket. (read more)

LAPP - Challenges of high-acceleration servo motors

Lapp explains the impact of high acceleration on industrial components (read more)

LAPP - Reliable VFD cables Boost Productivity

Learn how VFD cables can boost productivity & minimize downitme. (read more)

LAPP - Wiring your EPIC® HBE connector from Lapp Group

The Lapp Group will show you how simple and quick it is to wire your HBE series connector. (read more)

LAPP - A New Lapp Whitepaper on Pin and Sleeve Connectors

Benefits of Pin and Sleeve Connectors Over Standard Twist Lock

You’re likely familiar with twist lock cable connectors—they’re the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) standard. However, there’s a lesser-known advanced cable connector that’s common in Europe, but has yet to find its place in the United States: the pin and sleeve... (read more)

LAPP - FDA Approved Metallic Cable Gland by LAPP

FDA approved material for a wide range of food and beverage and pharmaceutical applications. (read more)

LAPP - New continuous flex cable with lots of talents and approvals

With the new ÖLFLEX® CHAIN TM series Lapp brings a product to the market that combines the special design for continuous flex applications and the valuable benefits of tray cables for manufacturers. The cable is in the Core Line performance class and is ideally suited for continuous use in power chains with moderate t... (read more)

LAPP - Fundamentals of Wire, Cable, and Connectivity

This Lapp Group eBook provides an engineer’s guide to cable, wire, and connector selection. (read more)

LAPP - Control cables for high temperature applications

ÖLFLEX® HEAT cables are designed using the most reliable and rugged materials
including cross-linked polymers, silicone, fluoropolymers and fiberglass. These components ensure durable performance time and time again-providing optimum
uptime and productivity. (read more)

LAPP - Industrial Ethernet Cables, Connectors, and Tools

LAPP’s ETHERLINE® products are designed to provide secure, fast and reliable solutions for today’s most demanding Ethernet needs. However, they are also crafted to meet developing Ethernet requirements that will be become more prevalent within future automation applications. (read more)

LAPP - Long Lasting Cable Marking System

Make sure your wires, cable, and control cabinets have durable, readable identification that lasts. LAPP's FLEXIMARK® cable and wire marking system can quickly and easily generate simple inscriptions, labels, or markings either manually or using FL-Soft Cable Marking Software. ? (read more)

LAPP - Extreme Environment Rectangular Connectors

EPIC® rectangular connectors offer 11 different contact insert types and 2 housing series sizes to handle application requirements up to 1000 volts, 82 amps, and from 3 to 280 contacts.

  (read more)

LAPP - Hygienic Stainless Steel Strain Relief

Hygienic Stainless Steel Strain Relief with NSF 169 approved materials and metric threads. Over the years, the SKINTOP® cable gland product line has grown and evolved in many ways. With a product offering that spans both polyamide and metallic options suitable for EMI and even explosive environments, it is possible to find a gland for virtually any industrial application. (read more)

LAPP - Flexible Tray Cables

LAPP tray cables have a well-earned reputation for playing critical roles in a wide array of industries and manufacturing applications. Our business partners depend on the quality performance, and durability of our tray cables to help keep their power, control, communications, and data lines performing optimally, even in the most demanding conditions. (read more)

LAPP - Eight brands. One powerful choice

Make the Right Connection.

Eight brands. One clear choice for all your power connection needs. Have ever wonder what Lapp can do for you? (read more)

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Finding the right industrial connector for your application has never been easier whenever and wherever you are. •Access to our full line of circular, rectangular, and pin & sleeve connectors •Quick and easy quote request •Mobile Accessible


This presentation explains how to specify and install the correct cables for your robot to ensure maximum operating efficiency. If you work with robots, you’ve noticed them getting faster and more advanced in their overall capabilities.


The Lapp Group is now offering its new ÖLFLEX® VFD 2XL SYMMETRICAL motor and drive cable for high horsepower applications.


The Lapp Group’s new ÖLFLEX® VFD 2XL, UL TC-ER rated motor cable is a robust, oil-resistant shielded design for use with variable frequency drives.


Lapp USA’s new app serves up the latest edition of the Lapp catalog on tablets enabling customers to quickly and easily browse through thousands of automation cables, connectors, assemblies and accessories


The Lapp Group has developed two new hybrid servo cables designed to meet the requirements of the emerging HIPERFACE DSL® control architecture.


The Lapp Group’s new SKINTOP CUBE MULTI cable bushing allows combinations of up to 23 electrical cables or pneumatic lines to pass directly through the enclosure wall.


The Lapp Group’s new SKINTOP® INOX cable connector prevents microorganisms and bacteria form sticking to its surface, making it ideal for food and beverage and pharmaceutical applications.


CAT.6A cables already provide fast data transmission rates in industrial Ethernet systems. Yet these cables could not withstand the continuous flex or torsion requirements associated with moving machine applications.