L.J. Star Incorporated has promoted these products / services:

L.J. Star Incorporated - Strong answer for viewing inside tanks & vessels

New LED Technology Incorporated into METAGLAS® Sight Glass System for Powerful and Compact Tank Illumination (read more)

L.J. Star Incorporated - LumiFlo LED light -innovative hands-free solution

L.J. Star Introduces LumiFlo® LED Light for Inline Sight Glasses (read more)

L.J. Star Incorporated - New concept to visual flow indicator assemblies

New Clamp Technology Minimizes Process Contamination in Visual Flow Indicator Design (read more)

L.J. Star Incorporated - Gauge Glass

Replacement gauge glass, gaskets and mica shields. Our borosilicate-glass offers high visual clarity, greater chemical and thermal shock resistance, and high-pressure safety. (read more)

L.J. Star Incorporated - Magnetic Level Gauges

Our magnetic level gages provide simple and reliable indication of fluid levels in boilers, tanks, and process vessels. (read more)

L.J. Star Incorporated - Process Vessel Cameras

Many applications use cameras to remotely observe the interiors of tanks, vessels, and reactors. L.J. Star video camera systems are easy to install on sight ports. They may also be used to monitor areas at a distance. (read more)

L.J. Star Incorporated - Sanitary Clamps

A sanitary clamp, also called a sanitary fitting, is used to seal two ferrules together quickly, securely and without creating sites where contamination can collect or that can harbor bacteria. (read more)

L.J. Star Incorporated - Sight Glass Lights

Our sight glass light products (also called" luminaires") illuminate process vessel interiors in pharmaceutical, food processing, and chemical plants. (read more)

L.J. Star Incorporated - Visual Flow Indicators

A sight flow indicator is used in process pipelines to observe the flow of liquid, powder or gas.~ (read more)

L.J. Star Incorporated - Sight Glasses

A sight glass, also called a sight window or view port, provides a means of seeing inside a process vessel or tank. (read more)